PAPIhow can i acess my ubuntu 12.04 folders in lubuntu 12.0402:39
PAPIusing my home network02:40
taoseekeroh hi papi02:55
guest-F7GlEPI can't login with my username07:42
guest-yerJ0gIs this official lubuntu channel?07:59
kodezgreetings everyone09:12
kodezhow to install Qt in lubuntu 12.04?09:12
can`t-loginok I went out and googled and found out that it is inherent problem with lubuntu10:04
can`t-loginbut it doesn't give me enough information to solve my problem10:05
ridcully1st_hello, my openbox cinfig manager does not react ob keyboard inputs, could somebody help me with that14:15
zleapwhen i double click on a folder on my desktop it doesn't open (lubuntu 11.10)15:21
zleapok it does it just takes a while15:21
tbnorthhi all - does lubuntu support installation to an encrypted LVM system?  I.e. only /boot unencrypted and LVM running on top of an encrypted partition - the installer doesn't seem to be asking for the pass phrase.15:48
psilo23afterwards it will ask you if i am right15:56
psilo23it does ask to encrypt the home dir if that is what you are asking about15:56
tbnorthpsilo23: I have an existing enc. partition with LVM on it, it's not opening that up, and complains I haven't identified / when I try to install.15:57
psilo23ok not sure about that one15:57
devartHi there, I am curious whether its possible to change the lubuntu lxde to a gnome session if any one is available16:35
Unit193Might be better to ask that in #ubuntu, but install ubuntu-desktop to switch to Ubuntu with Unity, or install gnome-shell to use GNome3.16:36
devartwill I lose any information already on disk?16:37
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome16:39
devartokay, gnome-shell is present in my repositories, where would i find ubuntu-desktop?16:39
devarti think i have a pure lxde install...16:40
devartive installed lubuntu 12.04 from iso16:41
devart!Ubuntu system16:41
Unit193It's in the repo as well.16:42
freeroutehi, I think I got a broken upgrade. I wanted to upgrade 12.04, but had to suspend in the moment that it was asking me whether to keep /etc/bashrc or not17:23
bioterrorupgrade your 12.04 to 12.1017:23
bioterroror what17:23
freeroutenext thing I know, I come out of suspend, everything works great until it completely locks up, I have to reboot and the whole desktop seems set to default and deprived of icons17:23
freerouteI think from 11 to 12.0417:24
bioterrorhave you run dist-upgrade?17:24
freerouteyeah but dist-upgrade only upgraded skype17:25
freerouteand now I can't even connect to wifi17:25
freeroute(I did dist-upgrade before upgrading via Update Manager)17:25
freeroutenow, UM is telling me that not all updates can be installed and I have to run a partial upgrade17:26
freeroutebut when I try to do that, I get an error saying "Can not upgrade: An upgrade from 'precise' to 'oneiric' is not supported with this tool."17:26
freerouteso I guess this means complete re-install then?17:27
bioterroroh wells17:27
bioterrorlsb-release -cd17:27
freeroutejust a moment, I have to plug in a usb stick to transfer the output of that :p17:28
freeroute_whoops, guess my wifi burped or something17:31
freeroute_it's actually pretty cool, chromium is all red now lol17:32
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freerouteking is dead, long live the king17:34
freerouteis it possible to install ubuntu minimal from a usb stick actually?17:34
freeroutethen I'll just install lubuntu-desktop or LXDE from there17:35
bioterrordd if=mini.iso of=/dev/sdX17:35
freerouteuh oh17:35
freerouteit kind of sucks that even USB devices are not recognized at the current state17:36
freerouteI guess it's time for little live USB!17:37
freerouteoooh great, I forgot my home folder was encrypted17:48
freeroutecan I unencrypt this knowing my user's password?17:49
freeroutein the README.txt I found in the home folder it said that I had to run encryptfs-mount-private, but when I run that command I get an error saying "ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly"17:50
freerouteok, seems I have to do these steps - http://goshawknest.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/how-to-recover-crypted-home-directory-in-ubuntu/17:58
freerouteI have trouble understanding step 2 thought - Mount your home partition in /home18:01
freeroutewhat is meant by this? mount the source (from where I have to do the backups) directory to live environment /home?18:02
bioterrorfreeroute, godspeed18:50
bioterrorfreeroute, I learned the hardway that encrypting home folder is just completely idiotic18:50
freeroutebioterror: I guess this time my tinfoil hat has covered my data instead of my privacy :(19:06
QuakerHi. I'm having problems with Lubuntu's audio. It was working fine just yesterday after installation, but after installing such packages as Virtualbox and VLC, I come to find today that it refuses to work. There is no output from any device, and when I try to use the volume controls or configure them, it tells me that I must have a mixer installed to configure (I have Alsamixer installed).19:21
zleapis alsamixer still installed,19:21
QuakerNo channels are muted.19:22
zleapsometimes things get removed when you installed something else19:22
QuakerIf VLC removed ALSA then I'm gonna be pissed.19:22
zleapcheck its still installed19:22
QuakerDoes it have a main package?19:23
zleapnot sure19:23
zleapi am trying to figure out how to use dpkg to query the data base19:23
bioterrordpkg -l19:23
Quakeralsa-base is installed, as well as alsa-utils19:23
QuakerPulseAudio is also installed.19:24
QuakerAnd, after an experiment with GNOMEPlayer.19:24
QuakerIs the only one that works.19:24
zleapdpkg -l alsa will tell you if its installed19:24
zleappk dpkg -l fuse - no packages  and yet I can run fuse whic is a speccy emulator19:25
zleappk = ok19:25
QuakerI assume that that isn't good.19:26
zleapwell its not installed19:26
zleapcompare with what you know is installed19:26
zleapdpkg - l vlc19:26
zleapand you see the difference19:27
Quakerso what the hell do I do?19:28
zleapnot sure19:28
bioterrorsudo apt-get install alsa19:28
zleapbut why would it remove alsa in the firstplace19:29
Quakeralsa-base is installed. "alsa" was the wrong package name.19:29
Quakerso alsa is installed.19:29
QuakerSomeone or something has swapped my audio drivers around.19:30
zleapsounds like it19:30
QuakerAnd I can't configure volume control or ANYTHING.19:31
zleapi remember issues with pulse a few years ago19:31
Quakerso. what the hell do I do?19:31
zleaptry installing gnome-alsamixer - ALSA sound mixer for GNOME19:32
zleapbioterror, does that sound right to you19:32
Quakerdoing so.19:32
QuakerThis is rediculous. Nothing like this should shit the bed after a day of use.19:33
zleapi agree19:33
zleapmaybe someone on #ubuntu-uk can help we need a more active chat room19:33
zleapi have asked to see if someone can come in here to help19:35
QuakerGnome-alsamixer fixed the problem.19:35
QuakerWell, of the configuration anyway.19:36
QuakerStill no sound.19:36
zleapcan you run alsamixer19:36
Quakerstill there, as ever.19:37
zleapis anything muted19:37
Quakernothing is off. everything is fine. channels are up.19:37
QuakerI did an experiment earlier with GNOMEAudio.19:37
zleapis there a volume control on the panel19:37
QuakerErr, GNOMEPlayer.19:37
zleapwhat does that do19:37
QuakerPanel of what.19:38
QuakerOn my PC? No, there is no front panel volume control.19:38
zleappanel at the bottom of the lxde screen19:38
QuakerAnd, it does nothing.19:38
QuakerThat does nothing. Volume Control has no effect.19:38
zleapi mean at the bottom of the desktop there is a box thing with icons19:38
zleapthat = panel i think19:38
QuakerI did an experiment earlier with GNOMEPlayer by selecting the PulseAudio driver.19:38
zleapdid that do anything19:39
QuakerAudio played fine.19:39
zleapmaybe try that again19:39
QuakerSo something must've switched my default driver.19:39
QuakerAnd I have no idea how to swap that back.19:39
QuakerMaybe uninstalling ALSA?19:39
zleapnot sure19:40
zleapthere should be a way to configure stuff19:40
AlanBellQuaker: do you still have lubuntu-desktop installed?19:40
zleapin vlc under preferences19:40
zleapunder audio there is enble audio19:41
AlanBellthat is a metapackage that makes sure all the other stuff is there19:41
QuakerAlanBell: lemme check.19:41
zleapthanks AlanBell19:41
QuakerYes, I have it installed.19:41
QuakerAnd, I uninstalled VLC.19:42
AlanBellwhat is it that doesn't play audio?19:42
zleapI think AlanBell can help more than i can19:42
AlanBellyou say that stuff plays through pulse (which is what stuff should be played through)19:43
Unit193AlanBell: Alsa by default.19:43
Quaker^ This.19:43
AlanBellalsa won't take input from multiple sources though will it19:44
QuakerIt was playing fine through ALSA before I went and installed VLC.19:44
zleaphave you re-booted at any point19:44
QuakerYes. Just a few minutes ago.19:45
AlanBellok, so my guess is that vlc pulled in pulse and now pulse is holding the alsa channel, which means other things can't use it19:45
QuakerIf that were the case, wouldn't Pulse go under autoremove then?19:45
zleapAlanBell, iirc fuser command can help here19:46
AlanBellso they should play through pulse which will mix them all together, or you could remove pulse (and hope that sorts it out - I am not sure)19:46
QuakerI'll just get rid of Pulse.19:46
QuakerGoing to reboot. This is really, really rediculous.19:47
zleapok chat when you get back19:47
bioterrorcan you check from the package manager if VLC depends on pulse?19:49
zleapbioterror, hes rebooting19:49
bioterrorseems so19:49
bioterrorbut you can do it to19:49
zleapi asked if he had rebooted not to suggest he should but to determine if he had,  at some point19:49
Unit193  Recommends: vlc-plugin-pulse19:49
bioterrorit's just a plugin, but does it pull pulse itself too?19:50
zleapso why does all this happen , it seems random19:50
zleapthen again,  i remember windows 98 and below having all sorts of fun installing stuff and breaking something else19:51
bioterror'98 was so long ago, cant remember19:52
AlanBellGnome Ubuntu had pain moving to pulse, Lubuntu hasn't yet, but some applications are packaged in a way that presumes pulse is available19:52
zleapmore recent Xp installed something and fully screwed up, some dodgy security program that got installed along side something else19:52
zleapAlanBell, ah19:53
zleapyou would think that ubuntu 12.10 and lubuntu 12.10 (assuming this is what isbeing used) would have the same underpinning sound sub system19:53
AlanBellyou would19:54
AlanBellpulse adds a tiny bit of latency and a touch more overhead and lubuntu is targeted as a lightweight thing19:54
AlanBellguess that is why it has not yet gone pulse19:54
zleapmakes sense19:54
QuakerDone. Had to remove PulseAudio.19:56
QuakerPlays fine now. Never using PulseAudio again. Damn thing.19:56
AlanBellQuaker: well it works great, if everything uses it19:57
bioterrorQuaker, never say never19:57
AlanBellmultiple things can play at once so you can listen to music while playing a game or whatever19:57
AlanBellthere is just a pain threshold to go through to reach the land of awesomeness19:58
zleaptry to install windows and forget to tell it you are in the UK19:58
bioterrorwith gnome3, I love it :-)19:58
zleaponly with windows you don't end up with the same awsomeness as ubuntu19:59
AlanBelland you can do wacky things like play one thing through headphones and another through speakers, or play sound through another computer on the network19:59
zleapor play videos across the network19:59
Quakerwith Alsa?20:00
zleapvlc i think20:00
QuakerOh, I know VLC.20:00
zleapAlanBell, is it possible to play dvd's across a network to a tv,  we have a panasonic viera tv, that connects to the internet,  so can i play a dvd across the network ?20:01
AlanBellyeah, vlc can do that fine20:02
AlanBellbut it brings in pulse ;)20:02
zleapi have a 2nd pc dual booting windows and ubuntu to experiment with20:02
zleapalso my e-macine does nt have a dvd drive, so i can copy stuff over the network via the apache /var/www folder and then burn to dvd from 2nd pc20:03
Unit193AlanBell: Doesn't have to, else apt would be complaining to me every update.20:03
QuakerWell, PulseAudio fucks my system up.20:03
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zleapi need to er do that actually  so i can burn an iso of star trek new voyages ep 7 to dvd20:04
QuakerExcuse me, *screws20:04
bioterrorI would just stream it over the network20:08
zleapso how do i do that20:08
zleapor what do i need on pc to stream stuff20:08
bioterrorif you have a pc connected to tv20:08
Unit193Well VLC can stream, but you can also setup samba.20:08
bioterrorthen you just run xbmc for example20:08
bioterrorand it works nicely20:09
zleapwell i have pc connected to main router20:09
zleaptv connected to a wifi box thingy, which connects wirelessly to the wireless router20:09
zleaptp link wifi extender or something20:09
bioterrorI could sell my HTPC for ya ;-)20:11
zleapits ok i need a project over the summer holidays20:12
zleapesp if it starts to rain20:12
zleap10.5 gb of trash20:15
zleapdeleted most of it,  now its saying no such fileo r directory for the stuff it didn't delete20:15
zleapfile or directory20:16
Jagst3r15hi. does lubuntu have chromium 18 or is it up to date20:37
zleaper hold on20:37
Unit193!info chromium-browser20:38
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 18.0.1025.151~r130497-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 21157 kB, installed size 78055 kB20:38
Jagst3r15that is disappointing20:38
zleapJagst3r15, 18.0.1025.168 (Developer Build 134367 Linux) Ubuntu 11.1020:38
Jagst3r15i thought maybe they would have the most recent one since its default browser20:38
zleapbut that is for lubuntu 11.10 i think20:38
Unit193It has whatever Ubuntu repo has.20:38
zleap12.04 may be more up to date20:38
Jagst3r15ok thanks20:39
IdleOneI'm not sure how wanting to use know stable builds of software is bad20:48
Jagst3r15idleone what20:50
IdleOneJagst3r15: the latest version of an application is not always the best.20:51
Jagst3r15idleone that is true but I think having version 18 is kind of too out of date20:52
Jagst3r15since its at 2120:52
IdleOneit is only out of date if security updates are not applied, which they are.20:52
Jagst3r15well the point is20:52
IdleOnewhat does v21 offer over v18?20:52
Jagst3r15better dev tools20:52
IdleOneA dev wouldn't need it to be in the repos20:53
IdleOnethey would be able to compile it if they needed to.20:53
Jagst3r15IdleOne i know what you're saying, but I think the chromium ppa maintainer just quit20:54
Jagst3r15so its not really that they stopped because its stable20:55
Jagst3r15just because there was no one on the team :p20:55
Jagst3r15or not enough people rather20:55
IdleOneif you are able to, pick it up and keep maintaining.20:55
Jagst3r15I'll see20:56
Jagst3r15I'm just trying to get it up for people who can't or don't know how to do it on their own20:57
kanliotI can get it up20:57
Jagst3r15even though these people probablly dont check the version # anyway :p20:57
Jagst3r15kanliot problem is we need to contact the guy in charge of the chromium ppa and he might not want to update it20:58
jenpcHi.  I was in the middle of upgrading from Lubuntu 11.10 to 12.04 via "sudo do-release-upgrade".  Current situation is instead of showing a prompt and waiting for me to hit carriage return to say "OK" or whatever, it shows the usual terminal "user@host:~$" prompt.  What happened leading up to this was:21:11
jenpcI left the computer while it was doing the download.  When I came back, the LXTerminal was blue background and had a message about the display manager and whether to use the default display manager (lxdm) or chose another one as the default.  I took its suggestion.21:13
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jenpcThe next thing it said was while configuring libc6, "xscreensaver and xlockmore must be restarted before upgrading" and a message about that.21:14
jenpcBefore hitting carriage return for that one, I opened a new LXTerminal and did "ps -ef | grep xscreen" and killed the "xscreensaver -no-splash" process.21:16
jenpcThen I went back to the terminal window in which the upgrade was taking place, and where the "OK" (or whatever) had been, it had my usual prompt.  If I hit enter, it repeats the prompt, but immediately to the right instead of underneath.21:17
jenpcThe upgrade process hasn't released its lock.  (If I try to run again in the 2nd terminal, it's unable to get an exclusive lock.)  And based on the results of "ps -ef | grep upgr" at least parts of it are still running.21:19
jenpcSpecifically 3 processes:21:20
jenpc/usr/bin/perl -w /usr/share/debconf/frontend /var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/preinst upgrade 2.13-20ubuntu5.121:20
jenpc /bin/sh /var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/preinst upgrade 2.13-20ubuntu5.121:20
jenpc whiptail --backtitle Package configuration --title Configuring libc6 --output-fd 11 --nocancel --msgbox xscreensaver and xlockmore must be restarted before upgrading??One or more running instances of xscreensaver or xlockmore have been detected on this system. Because of incompatible library changes, the upgrade?of the GNU libc library will leave you unable to authenticate to these programs. You should arrange for these programs t21:21
bioterrorso nothing is happening in that terminal21:23
jenpcNothing is happening there, and when I hit "enter" it repeats the prompt again21:23
jenpc(That last process is the display one that I'd like to return to correctly.)  If that's not possible, then perhaps can kill the upgrade processes and restart?  Worst case I can download 12.04 ISO and do a clean install instead of upgrade.21:25
jenpcI haven't come across anything of use in web searches yet.21:25
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bioterrorquite bad situation21:35
bioterrortechnically what I would do: kill the upgrade process21:35
bioterrorand continue with the dist-upgrade :P21:35
jenpcSo you would kill the first process I listed (the one that ends in "upgrade 2.13-20ubuntu5.1" and is the one that spawned the other 2)?21:38
bioterrorI would go frenzy!21:38
jenpcand then try re-issuing the "sudo do-release-upgrade" command and see what happens?21:39
bioterrorif there's already upgrade done half way, I would just apt-get dist-upgrade21:39
TekaylusHello, is this where I go to get help?21:41
bioterrorTekaylus, some people come here for advices21:41
bioterror!ask | Tekaylus21:42
ubottuTekaylus: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:42
TekaylusI am using Lubuntu 12.04 and I am unable to run executables in the gui.  When I try it says Exucute File: This an executable do you want to execute?  I have tried selecting both execute and execute in terminal on several files but it does nothing.  When I run them from the terminal it works just fine.21:45
kanliotTekaylus, are you talking about alt-f2?  what exactly are you typing?21:46
TekaylusI'm just double clicking on executable files.21:47
kanlioti don't understand21:47
TekaylusIn the Gui, I am double clicking on executables, and it does nothing.  But when I run them in the terminal they work.21:48
kanliotahh pcmanfm?21:48
kanliotwhat executable?21:49
TekaylusYeah, or just on the desktop.21:49
TekaylusI am trying MapTool.  It's specifically Launch Maptool.sh21:50
kanliotyah not working here either21:50
kanliotfile a bug?21:50
TekaylusIt works just fine when running it the terminal21:51
kanliotexecute in terminal is broke here, not the other21:51
bioterrorI have no idea what's maptool, but but21:52
bioterrorcould be an issue about path21:53
Tekaylushmm, so i have to have a directory in the path in order to run it's executable from a gui?21:55
Unit193chmod +x ?21:56
kanliotyah that's probably it.  how are you running the script in the command line?21:57
jenpcbioterror, thanks for the suggestion to apt-get dist-upgrade.  I killed the upgrade process, and tried the dist-upgrade, but my system seems to be in an unstable state and it won't allow that.  So I'm downloading the ISO so I can burn it to CD and do a fresh install.21:59
Tekaylusargg, can't start with/.  like this $/home/[user]/Portable\ Apps/MapTool/Launch\ Maptool.sh22:00
bioterrorjenpc, explain unstable state?22:00
jenpcbioterror, when I typed "Y" to continue after it told me how much disk space would be used, it said:22:01
jenpcE: Could not perform immediate configuration on 'util-linux'. Please see man 5 apt.conf under APT::Immediate-Configure for details. (2)22:01
bioterrorjenpc, sudo apt-get -f install22:02
kanliothey before i file a bug against pcmanfm for "run in terminal" anyone know how to fix it?22:04
Tekaylus@kanliot, you should just be able to type $pcmanfm22:06
jenpcbioterror, thanks, it looks like that works.  Now it's got the blue background and is prompting about whether to "Restart services during package upgrades without asking?".  But since this is my main system, I think I'll wait for the ISO to finish downloading before continuing.  (So that if something else goes wrong, I'll have that as a back-up plan.)22:07
Tekaylushave to logout to test out the path, so if i don't return that means it worked22:12
kanlioti just reported bug 103063722:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1030637 in pcmanfm (Ubuntu) ""Execute in Terminal" doesn't work by default" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103063722:13

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