scientesdoes vfpv3u hardware exist?00:45
scientes(user floating point exception traps)?00:45
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daurnimatorI'm trying to use the netinstall method on a beagleboiard09:46
daurnimatorgetting an error: no kernel modules found09:46
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janrinze2anyone running ubuntu on a tegra3 tablet?12:22
marvin24janrinze2: better ask during workdays12:49
janrinze2marvin24: somehow this is ubuntu-arm but most people here talk about old dev boards like the beagleboard12:50
marvin24janrinze2: because that is what ubuntu supports12:50
janrinze2panda is supported too12:51
marvin24unsupported device have normally their own channels12:51
janrinze2hm.. i am typing this from a tablet running ubuntu but it is a tegra 212:51
marvin24janrinze2: you first need a kernel12:52
marvin24I think tegra3 already ships with a 3.1 kernel, so ...12:52
janrinze2true, and asus for example has given sources for that kernel12:52
marvin24... what's the problem?12:53
janrinze2i want to know which tablet to buy, i am not willing to buy 4 and figure out which one suis best ;-)12:53
marvin24well, I woudn't install ubuntu on a tablet at all12:54
marvin24beside that, I wouldn't buy one12:54
marvin24because I fail to see the use of it12:54
janrinze2marvin24: technically the asus tablets are more ike a laptop/tablet combo12:55
marvin24ah, you mean the one with a keyboard dock12:55
marvin24ok, maybe that's something different12:55
janrinze2i have a first generation one, which runs ubuntu and i am typing on it now :-)12:56
marvin24the tf301 is widely used, so there is hope for good support from the community12:56
janrinze2tf301? i thought it was the tf300t12:56
marvin24whatever - I can't remember so many numbers12:57
janrinze2no prob. :-)12:57
marvin24on the other hand, nvidia's support for oss hackers isn't well12:57
janrinze2i want at least quad core and NEON support12:57
marvin24maybe a snapdraggon or omap would be better12:58
marvin24they also have faster cpus/gpus12:58
janrinze2perhaps the omap4 types from archos?12:58
marvin24no idea, I'm fine with my tegra2 netboot ;-)12:59
janrinze2i already have 6 dev boards laying around : exynos, panda, snowball, beagle ..12:59
janrinze2marvin24: ac100 ?12:59
janrinze2quite similar to the tf10013:00
janrinze2no NEON though13:01
marvin24why do you need NEON?13:01
janrinze2it is a lot faster than vfp13:02
janrinze2is can do simd too13:02
marvin24there is not so much fp code that it would make a big difference13:03
marvin24at least for comman apps13:03
janrinze2i do graphical apps, think photo editing13:03
janrinze2that needs a huge amount of fp13:04
marvin24... and memory and cpu power13:04
marvin24both don't exist on ARM yet13:04
janrinze2i have done some tests on both omap 4 , nova A9500 and exynos 4, they all have NEON and do some serious number crunching13:05
janrinze2so going quad core i hope to see usable speed with raw conversion and filters13:07
janrinze2on tegra 2 the results are a lot slower than on omap or exynos13:08
janrinze2most distros build in thumb mode which makes small binaries but slow performance. i usually build with -marm -mfpu=neon to get much more performance13:10
Quintasanjanrinze2, marvin24: TBH Ubuntu on Tegra2 is currently laughable13:29
QuintasanWell, you can easily install it and boot it but it's terribly slow13:30
QuintasanAlso you will not get decent hw acceleration any time soon I believe13:30
QuintasanUh, by the way, if you want any hardware acceleration at all you have to use u-boot which is well, quite unstable now13:31
Quintasani.e. doesn't work for everyone13:31
QuintasanApparently the video drivers for ac100 should work on tf101 too but they don't because the tf101 kernel lack some interfaces as far as I can remember13:31
QuintasanI doubt it will get any better with Tegra3 unless NVidia decides to provide more support13:32
janrinze2Quintasan: so omap 4 or snapdragon then?13:34
Quintasan*shrug* I'm no expert at all.13:35
QuintasanI'd go with omap413:35
Quintasansnapdragon is htc thing?13:35
lilsteviejanrinze2, I am running ubuntu on a tegra313:35
janrinze2lilstevie: which platform?13:35
janrinze2lilstevie: native or in chroot?13:36
lilsteviedoes chroot even count?13:37
Quintasanlilstevie: You have the newer tf?13:37
janrinze2nope not really ;-)13:37
lilstevietbh I would have thought you would have recognised the nickname if you are running ubuntu on the tf101 janrinze213:37
lilstevieQuintasan, yes, I have had for a while13:37
QuintasanIs it just me finding Ubuntu on tf101 unbearably slow or I'm doing something wrong?13:38
janrinze2lilstevie: i thought you ran on the tf101 too13:38
lilsteviejanrinze2, I do13:38
lilstevieI have both13:38
lilstevieQuintasan, yes, main reason my tf101 hasn't been charged in like a month or 313:38
janrinze2ok, and tf300 or tf700?  doable?13:38
Quintasanlilstevie: Is this slowness caused by kernel or lack of hardware acceleration on things?13:39
lilstevieit is just the lacklustre performance of tegra in general13:39
janrinze2lilstevie: and tegra 3 is that a lot better?13:40
lilsteviea lot better would be stretching things13:41
lilstevienvidias driver is balls13:41
QuintasanAs I thought13:41
Quintasanjanrinze2: Don't tell me you find the performance on tf101 satisfactory13:41
QuintasanFor life of me I couldn't use that for longer than 20 minutes13:42
janrinze2Quintasan: try compiling with -marm and see a 20 - 40 % improvement in speed with a lot of code13:42
QuintasanI'm asking about desktop performance13:43
Quintasanlike dragging windows13:43
janrinze2dragging windows is not a big deal, it depends on the windowmanager. try lxde13:44
janrinze2just don't try to use compiz ;-)13:45
QuintasanI'm not sure I have the nerve to compile all that stuff13:46
QuintasanI have been trying to get Debian running on my imx53 board13:46
QuintasanCan't say I got it working13:46
janrinze2i read that there are ARM SoC boards upcoming with a lot of improved memory bandwidth to fix the speed issues13:47
janrinze2Quintasan: imx53 is cortex A8 right?  1GB or less mem?13:48
Quintasan1GB DDR313:48
janrinze2DDR3 so 16 bit interface to the SoC?13:48
janrinze264 bit DDR3 is upcoming soon for ARM boards, i read13:49
QuintasanI don't recommend this board at all13:49
janrinze2that would increase bandwidth by 4x13:49
marvin24on the ac100, the main limiting issue is the mmc speed13:50
janrinze2Quintasan: imx53 board is in general a bit slower than beagle board13:50
marvin24the cpu idles most of the time13:51
janrinze2marvin24: mmc speed is slow too, indeed13:51
Quintasanjanrinze2: IDC really, I want a bare Debian system with ssh server and rtorrent for now13:51
marvin24and the numbers of ARM SoCs with SATA isn't high ...13:51
janrinze2Quintasan: try panda or exynos, those will do fine as bare Debian13:51
marvin24on fact, tegra has sata and even pcie13:52
QuintasanI don't have the money though13:52
marvin24but no board mfg uses it13:52
marvin24likeley for power consumption reasons13:52
janrinze2marvin24: the only board with sata on tegra 3 is more costly than my PC13:52
marvin24mass production ...13:54
marvin24the target market are tablets (with android) and smartphones13:54
marvin24for them it is enough and a good compromise13:54
marvin24if you want more powerconsumptions, wait for A15 SoCs13:55
janrinze2marvin24: waiting for the next gen is always possible. however in the mean time what will you do? oh, and there will be newer stuff announced by then.. would you then wait again?13:59
janrinze2i have been working on ARM platforms for 20+ years and these new systems are a lot faster than what i used to have.14:01
marvin24janrinze2: but maybe not what you want ...14:01
marvin24a intel core cpu is a lot more efficient (and cheeper) than an arm14:02
marvin24at least when it comes to "photo editing"14:02
janrinze2marvin24: not at all!! remember that efficiency is a function of performance versus energy consumption14:03
janrinze2so intel core is a lot less efficient14:03
janrinze2do the math14:04
marvin24do you have benchmark numbers?14:04
marvin24and atoms are not core i's14:04
marvin24atom is also very bad efficient14:05
janrinze2true, but core eats up a lot of power14:05
lilsteviemarvin24, tegra3 has sata*14:06
janrinze2the 1GB limit for devices is a more restricting issue than the cpu power14:06
lilsteviemarvin24, tegra2 does not and the pcie is in relaxed ordering mode14:06
marvin24lilstevie: right, tegra2 hasn't sata14:07
janrinze2with 2GB or more fast memory quad core ARM systems would be similar to intel core in performance14:07
janrinze2remember that this is on a same speed 1GHz setting14:08
janrinze2due to slow LPDDR many ARM boards perform not so well14:09
janrinze2but it still fits a few watts of power envelope14:10
janrinze2lilstevie: i plan to donate the tf101 to a friend and buy a tf300 or something with a bit more power14:16
janrinze2lilstevie: i want to be able to run ubuntu or debian since i mainly will be using it for testing software14:18
janrinze2lilstevie: any suggestions?14:20
lilsteviehonestly, don't let me influence your decision, but I only have a tf20114:22
lilstevieother than the tf101 ofc14:22
daurnimatorso ubuntu finished the installtion process on my beagleboard14:43
daurnimatornow its not starting14:44
daurnimatoron 'boot' all I see is "60" printed on serial14:44
aaronAny one know why ubuntu for arm on the beagleboard XM I connect it to my TV it says resolution not supported14:44
daurnimatoraaron: what resolution is your BB set to?14:44
aaronI don't know. How would I set it.14:45
aaronI followed the instructions on the web site to install it to a SD card?14:45
daurnimatorhmmm http://markmail.org/message/fi6pzmm3rrzbft7e#query:+page:1+mid:n56r7yppkx4vgrf6+state:results14:46
aaronIs it because I'm using a HDMI -> HDMI cable? Should I really be using a DVI -> HDMI cable?14:53
daurnimatoraaron: hdmi to hdmi is fine14:58
daurnimatorI followed method 2 on the elinux wiki (net install): the sd card after installation doesn't seem to have the geometery normally required....14:59
daurnimatorI assume theres a faault in the partitioning?14:59
aaronI followed the instructions on the Ubuntu web site? using the dd command15:00
janrinze2ubuntu is not yet stale on this device :-(15:49
janrinze2had to reboot15:49
janrinze2hmm stale>stable15:50
RoyKwhat device?16:11
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janrinze2RoyK: tf100t16:48
aaronbeagleboard XM16:50
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