stlsaintjohnsp: what is your partition layout scheme03:25
stlsaintjohnsp: ??03:29
johnsphey how do i paste my df -k on to the chat03:29
krytarik!pastebin | johnsp03:30
ubot2johnsp: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:30
johnspurl http://paste.ubuntu.com/1116769/03:33
stlsaintjohnsp: well sda3 and 6 have alot of space. could always split off a separate /home and leave / where its at03:37
johnspplease suggest the instructions03:40
johnspi am new to ubuntu03:40
stlsaintjohnsp: well depends on what you want to do03:41
stlsaintjohnsp: you also could move / to those huge drive spaces on sda3 or 603:41
stlsaintunless they are being used for something?03:41
johnspwell how do i change the path of new software installs03:43
Fyodorovnajohnsp, from what to what?03:44
stlsaintjohnsp: they are going to go into /03:44
stlsaintjohnsp: unless you start specifiying at time of build and install which is just crazy to even think of for every package03:44
johnspok stlsaint03:45
johnspanything i have to keep in mind before i move / to the unused disk03:46
stlsaintjohnsp: uh, what do you plan on doing?03:46
johnspstlsaint i plan to move / to sda303:49
stlsaintjohnsp: using what guide?03:50
johnspstlsaint how do i do this thats my next question03:52
stlsaintone sec03:53
stlsaintjohnsp: hrm, what if you made a second partition on that sda3 for /home?03:57
stlsaintjohnsp: that way you will keep your documents separate from rest of system03:57
stlsaintjohnsp: /home is not only better documented but from my experince safer to move than / (not sure how, just bad works in past with it)03:58
johnspstlsaint thats a good option..btw i dont think i have too many docs that are eating up the space03:59
stlsaintjohnsp: docs, pics, vids, all count towards home. Unless you are just installing an insane amount of applications?04:01
johnspstlsaint i have installed the default apps that comes with ubuntu 11.1004:03
stlsaintjohnsp: how big did you make your /?04:05
stlsaintjohnsp: i gotta go here shortly if you are preoccupied with something else?04:06
johnspstlsant: it is 6.2gb i guess04:07
johnspstlsaint: thats the mistake04:07
stlsaintwell that is problem04:07
stlsaintim not going to inquire as to why you made a 6GB / but your optinons include moving / altogether, or making new partition and marking it as root, if all you have done is install ubuntu i would go as far as to say do new partition scheme for longevity04:08
stlsaintfresh install.04:09
johnspstlsaint if thats the only optioin.i will do that..thanks for your help04:10
stlsaintjohnsp: no its not the only option but its a good one to consider04:11
stlsaintjohnsp: setup a new scheme using some of that extra space as /home and some of the other as /04:12
stlsaintjohnsp: i always make root anywhere from 10-15 (sometimes 20GB)04:12
stlsaintoh goodness04:12
akhilblueGuys i have a problem with font on ubuntu 12.04. few letter appear broken during login and sometimes in the user interface. any idea to what is wrong?07:30
argooooooHi. How can i upgrade from ubuntu-server 6.10 to 10.10?07:42
Fyodorovnaargoooooo, both are end of life07:43
argoooooocan i upgrade to latest somehow?07:43
Fyodorovnaargoooooo, not without a huge amount of time and effort, a fresh install is usually advised.07:44
Fyodorovnayou have to go from 6.10 to 8.04 by each distro then 10.04 then 12.04 I believe07:45
argooooooif i have the image for the latest version can i use that from my current version without uninstalling?07:45
Fyodorovnain a virtual yeah, when you say image is this a install image or cd?07:46
Fyodorovnaargoooooo, you could install alongside07:47
Fyodorovnadualboot it07:47
argooooooI had problems installing latest version in vmware virtual server. I got error message from boot loader "install/vmlinuz file not found" you know what that mean?07:49
argooooooi try to install alonside and dualboot07:49
Fyodorovnanot sure have you checked the md5sum of the cd, and was it burned at the slowest speed.07:49
argoooooousing it as an iso file in vmware and don't need to burning it07:50
Fyodorovnadid you check the sum?07:50
argooooooonly thing i did was to check the "cd" from install menu and got the same message07:51
argoooooook i'l check that out07:52
Fyodorovnasounds like a bad download, if you got that from the cd check at boot.07:52
argoooooook maybe i should download a new file then07:53
Fyodorovnagood luck. ;)07:54
argooooooThank you!07:55
ananHi, just started an Ubuntu server that I wanted to try out php etc. Deal with my ISP is for a dynamic IP - and from some google searching I saw a static one was better for my purpose. Can I still manage with the dynamic IP?15:56
yeehiI need to run the following: for each in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/* do     echo 0 > $each/accept_redirects     echo 0 > $each/send_redirects done21:07
yeehiWhen I try, I get permission denied error21:07
yeehiWhat should I do?21:07
geirhaprobably only root can write to those files21:10
geirhaecho 0 | sudo tee /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/*/send_redirects21:11
yeehithank you geirha - how to i change to root?21:12
geirhaBy using sudo, like I just showed21:13
yeehiI am sorry - i don't follow you21:14
krytarikI would rather run the script -itself- with 'sudo' prepended.21:14
yeehiI can't understand21:14
=== rastamouse is now known as nothingspecial
yeehihow do i prepend sudo? i tried adding sudo before the command but it only did some of the command before prompting me for my password21:14
krytarikyeehi - sudo SCRIPTNAME21:15
yeehiis the command I entered a script? I haven't given it a name or saved it anywhere21:15
krytarikThen you should do that.21:16
yeehii should save the command in a txt file as yeehiscript.sh ?21:16
krytarikYup, and make it executable.21:17
yeehiafter i save the file i right click on it and select properties... and somehow find executatble and click that21:17
yeehiok how do i launch it?21:17
krytarikThen, if you are in the same directory as the script, you would run it like this: sudo ./SCRIPTNAME21:18
yeehiok thank you very much, krytarik21:19
krytarikFrom the Terminal, obviously.21:19
krytarikYou're welcome. :)21:19
argooooooHi. I have problem installing one of the latest version of ubuntu server on my virtual server created in vmware. Tried two different iso files of version 12.04 and 10.10 and when i choose install from boot menu i got an error from boot loader "install/vmlinuz:file not found".21:26
argooooooversion 6.10 works fine to install. Any tips?21:26
holsteinargoooooo: i would start confirming the iso21:29
ubot2To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows21:29
argoooooohow common would it be that 3 iso files downloaded from ubuntu.com are corrupt?21:35
holsteinargoooooo: over the same internet that you are using? likely...21:43
argooooooholstein i got seven files that couldn't be found in the netboot directory with the md5 check21:45
krytarikargoooooo, use torrents for downloading the ISO files, e.g. for Precise 12.04, from here: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/alternative-downloads21:49
argooooooholstein should i download a new iso and hope that i got working one next time or how this work?21:49
argooooooOk i try a torrent21:49
holsteinyeah.. that wont hurt... not sure about "fixing" them... ive never had to do it21:50
krytarikYou're welcome. :)21:51
scootergirl40no body chatting or am i not seeing the chat22:02
BlazemoreNot much chat in this channel22:58

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