IdleOnectv.ca requires silverlight to view videos :(03:44
IdleOneI mean www.ctvolympics.ca03:47
DarwinSurvivorso they do. Looks like they also have a youtube channel, not sure if all their videos are there as well though (I highly doubt the Olympic stuff is)05:05
DarwinSurvivorMicrosoft pulled the same stunt (all Olympics on silverlight) during the 2010 games as well.05:05
DarwinSurvivorolympicfeedback@bellmedia.ca seems to be the best place to lodge a complaint :)05:10
IdleOneDarwinSurvivor: They already cashed the check from Microsoft, they won't fix it now.06:31
DarwinSurvivorIdleOne: Yeah, kind of figured as much07:35
DarwinSurvivorAlthough my guess is that it's the Olympic Committee that cashed the check, CTV was probably required to use it for the "priviledge" of broadcasting it07:35
DarwinSurvivorotherwise all of CTV would require Silverlight instead of just the Olympics site07:36

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