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Tm_TI will be occupied elsewhere for next hour most likely, unfortunately18:00
meetingologyMeeting started Sun Jul 29 18:00:29 2012 UTC.  The chair is AlanBell. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.18:00
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AlanBellhi all, who is here for the IRC meeting?18:00
funkyHatI will be here, for a change!18:00
* funkyHat 18:00
AlanBellyay, hi funkyHat18:00
funkyHatHi ⢁)18:01
AlanBellI should have sent a reminder to the list probably18:01
LjLoh hello18:02
AlanBellbut I know Pici isn't around18:02
AlanBellhi LjL18:02
PendulumAlanBell: you were a bit busy18:02
AlanBellI was, doing BBQ stuff18:03
AlanBelland watching beach volleyball, important stuff like that18:03
AlanBellok, lets start on the agenda18:03
AlanBell#topic Review last meetings action items18:04
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Review last meetings action items
AlanBellx1k is up for membership but isn't in the channel it seems18:04
AlanBell#progress m4v Pici AlanBell to look into adding ban removal to ubottu cababilities18:05
Tm_TI liked what was posted on the mailinglist18:06
AlanBellm4v has made good progress18:06
topylihi, sorry i'm late18:06
AlanBell"I did like everyone to test the feature with scratDev in #ubuntu-bots-test,18:06
Tm_Ttopyli: academic quarter (:18:06
AlanBelljust go there and set some bans and quiets. Report any bugs you find and ping18:06
AlanBellme for questions."18:06
AlanBellhi topyli18:06
topyliyes m4v is doing great18:07
AlanBellthat does all sound really cool18:08
AlanBellso I think we should get lots of people in #ubuntu-bots-test to try it out18:08
AlanBelland get bug reports filed and suggestions made18:08
IdleOneI tested yesterday with a ban and a quiet, only problems I had were user error.18:09
IdleOnethe bot responses could be a little more informative, m4v said he was aware and going to work on them.18:09
AlanBellok, well I will certainly have a play with it18:09
LjLi didn't test this yet, but i'm all for having ubottu handle this. a bit concerned over duplicated effort, but i guess it's things that happen18:10
AlanBellit is an ubottu clone isn't it?18:10
IdleOneit is18:10
LjLAlanBell: yeah but i mean, niko also had something like this (except it wasn't 100% an ubottu clone etc, yes i know)18:11
AlanBellyes, but there were problems with the test suite etc18:11
AlanBellok, so lets promote the testing of this bot over the next few weeks18:12
AlanBelland also try to break it/do evil things to it18:12
LjLi have dinner now, can't attend any further. don't decide anything i'd approve of!18:13
topyliLjL: did we ever? :)18:13
AlanBellok, so that is great progress, really pleased with that18:13
AlanBell#topic Open items in the IRCC tracker18:14
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Open items in the IRCC tracker
AlanBellright, so we redirected a bunch of launchpad emails to the tracker, somewhat more than we expected to do18:14
AlanBellnow every time someone is added or removed or expires from a team we get a ticket created18:14
topyliit is a bit of a problem. now we have to go close those tickets, and i've failed to do that18:15
AlanBellthe intention was to redirect the "contact this team" link to the ticket tracker, but it had unexpected side effects18:15
IdleOneYou guys are getting all the " This person has extended their membership emails?18:15
AlanBellI wasn't sure at first if this was a bug or a feature, but I am now leaning towards "bug"18:15
funkyHatI think it's a bug too18:16
AlanBellIdleOne: yeah, we get that anyway, but now the tracker hassles us to resolve the "issue"18:16
topyliyes it backfired a bit, it's not really much better than that stuff coming to my inbox18:16
AlanBellok, so lets undo that then and put it back as it was18:16
AlanBell#action AlanBell to revert the IRCC launchpad contact redirect to the tracker18:17
meetingologyACTION: AlanBell to revert the IRCC launchpad contact redirect to the tracker18:17
topylisomeone is free to take the action of taunting me for suggesting this in the first place :)18:17
AlanBellI think there are no "real" tickets18:18
* AlanBell closes the open ones18:19
AlanBell#topic Review Bugs related to the Ubuntu IRC Council18:20
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Review Bugs related to the Ubuntu IRC Council
AlanBell#subtopic bug 892500 eir is still not fit for purpose in #ubuntu18:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 892500 in ubuntu-community "eir is still not fit for purpose in #ubuntu" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89250018:20
AlanBellwell we discussed this one, I will add a note to it linking to that email and the testing we are doing18:21
topylistill in progress18:21
AlanBell#subtopic bug 913541 there are a number of people with Ubuntu IRC cloaks who have expired from the ubuntumembers group - AlanBell18:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 913541 in ubuntu-community "there are a number of people with Ubuntu IRC cloaks who have expired from the ubuntumembers group" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91354118:21
AlanBellpici was having a go at this one, I will check the current progress on this and maybe help with it over the next few days, I want to get this to zero18:21
AlanBellok, that is the bugs18:22
AlanBell#topic alignment of launchpad teams and channel access lists18:22
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: alignment of launchpad teams and channel access lists
AlanBellI haven't done much on this for a bit, but I will pick it up again over the next week or so18:22
AlanBell#topic membership applications18:22
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: membership applications
AlanBellwe have a membership application from x1k in the agenda, however he is not in the channel18:23
topylix1k is not around18:23
IdleOneprobably best18:24
AlanBellyes I think so too18:24
AlanBell#topic Any Other Business18:24
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Any Other Business
AlanBellanyone got any other items to raise today?18:25
topylii noticed that our team reports are lagging18:25
IdleOneBT access? DO all the ops have it?18:25
AlanBelltopyli: that is a very fair point18:25
topylithose in probation don't, but everyone else?18:25
AlanBellthose in probation should have access too18:26
AlanBellI think18:26
topyliAlanBell: i can bring them up to date when i'm bored enough18:26
AlanBellit is only a lack of actually doing it that is the problem18:26
IdleOneit makes it difficult to learn how to use BT without access18:26
topyliIdleOne: yes18:26
AlanBellso how do we give bantracker access, is this a tsimpson question?18:27
IdleOneAlanBell: m4v has the capability to add BT access also18:27
AlanBellok, great18:27
IdleOnesomeone on the IRCC should have it too18:27
IdleOneso :)18:27
AlanBellyeah, that would be handy18:27
topyliyep, but i don't think any of us does18:28
AlanBellok, that is something to sort out18:29
topyliit's legacy from the time when tsimpson was on the ircc, and we forgot to handle it18:29
IdleOneafaik tsimpson jussi and m4v have the owner capability18:30
IdleOnebut it only makes sense that the IRCC has the power to add users.18:30
AlanBellok, we will get that sorted and make sure all the ops have access18:30
AlanBellwe had a training class last week by Myrtti http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/07/26/%23ubuntu-classroom.html18:31
AlanBellwhich was really good, but lightly attended18:31
AlanBellI know some people had timezone issues and wanted to read the logs which is fine18:31
AlanBellwe have another training session on Thursday 2nd18:32
AlanBellat 17:00 UTC with LJL leading it18:32
topyliwe could advertise the log, and maybe my 'helping when you're not an op' class18:32
AlanBella tour of the bots and channels18:32
AlanBelltopyli: yes, that would be great18:33
topylioh, let's wait until that's done too18:33
IdleOnei don't think we should wait on spreading good info18:33
AlanBellwe should try and get more people to participate in the next one, particularly the new operators18:33
IdleOnewe can have multiple blog posts and do just as well18:33
topylitrue, it's not like we're exactly spamming the planet currently :)18:34
IdleOneMyrtti's class was excellent and people should hear about it18:34
AlanBellIdleOne: agreed, the more the merrier18:34
AlanBelltopyli: you have access to the blog, want to post an article about it?18:34
topyliAlanBell: ok18:34
AlanBell#action topyli to blog about the training classes/logs18:34
meetingologyACTION: topyli to blog about the training classes/logs18:34
AlanBellok, any other things to discuss now?18:35
topyliAlanBell: add an action for me also to fix the team reports so i don't forget18:35
pleia2we tossed one up on the classroom blog late last week too (friday I believe)18:35
pleia2so hopefully that'll help too :)18:35
AlanBell#action topyli to sort out team reports18:35
meetingologyACTION: topyli to sort out team reports18:35
AlanBellthanks pleia218:35
IdleOnetopyli: maybe add a blurb about testing the new bot features too? :)18:38
AlanBellgood idea, so if that is everything . . .18:38
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meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Jul 29 18:38:58 2012 UTC.18:38
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-07-29-18.00.moin.txt18:38
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-07-29-18.00.html18:38
AlanBellthanks everyone18:39
topyliIdleOne: would a link to m4v's mail suffice (with a little blurb of course)?18:39
IdleOnetopyli: yeah. also the access list will have to be modified a little in that channel to allow non-ubuntu members to set some bans. it is a testing channel so I don't think much damaga can be done.18:39
topylihow? you're talking to topyli here :)18:41
IdleOnetopyli: by poking one of your fellow ircc members and making them do it :)18:41
topylioh that's something i'm good at18:41
IdleOnetopyli: m4v could probably help with that also18:41
Unit193AlanBell: Wasn't there an idea to have all channels OPs have the same flag template?18:43
AlanBellyes, that is in progress18:44
Unit193What template?18:44
IdleOnetopyli: one thing I don't understand. 20 years on IRC and you still don't know how to set flags :P18:44
AlanBell+Aiotv (with exceptions)18:45
Unit193+r can be quite handy though.18:46
IdleOneif an op is being banned from a channel, they shouldn't be able to unban themselves18:46
topyliIdleOne: i know how to set them, but i never learned what they mean :)18:46
IdleOne/msg chanserv help flags18:47
Unit193IdleOne: And /cs quiet IdleOne  is quite handy, less noise.18:47
topylii know that too. i'm running out of excuses. stop that! :)18:47
IdleOneUnit193: Sorry if my opinions are noisy18:48
Unit193IdleOne: No, as in chanserv quiets and there is no op/deop. :P18:48
IdleOneI thought we were not supposed to hide behind chanserv18:49
Unit193Let me show you in -test channel.18:49
AlanBellprobably best to show who is doing it mostly18:49
AlanBellbut yes, #ubuntu-bots-test is the place to play18:49
LjLAlanBell, my session is at 13:00 UTC, not 17, i think18:50
AlanBellLjL: oops, sorry18:51
AlanBellLjL: I think I got it mixed up in my head with Myrtti's session, I will make sure it is 13:0018:51
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