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Jester86hey all15:03
Jester86any bugs out there with the most recent set of updates?15:03
Jester86haven't updated my mythbuntu 12.04 installation in a few months.. afraid it'll go down if i do15:04
pcluserHello, I installed from scratch 12.04 on a new drive, had 10.xx before and was fine.17:21
pcluserNow having a problem setting up:17:21
pcluserMy HDhomerun tuner works fine on network, shows in mythbuntu gui operation to be ok. But I set for example to record Olympics on NBC, but it says recording failed. tried again and it says "tuning".17:22
pcluserI input same parameters with channel edit as in years past. xmltv number, channel number etc.. Help!17:23
pcluserOn the recordings program gui, it "thinks" it is recording, bar is green, etc, but below it says "tuning"17:24
pcluserI'll keep searching the forums meantime if no one is here.17:25
pclusermythbackend log gets huge immediately with :Jul 29 14:07:57 dragon-mythbu mythbackend[1936]: I Scheduler scheduler.cpp:2010 (HandleReschedule) Reschedule requested for id 0. repeating.18:11
pcluser(Tuning => Recorder Failed)18:11

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