mneptokhostmask is very different from beanpole.00:01
mneptok"Salman" is not an unusual name.00:01
bazhangthis salman was +q prior to beanpole00:02
bazhangbeanpole was salmann00:02
mneptokright. that's what i thought you meant.00:02
mneptokbut you're digging deeper. :)00:02
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
bazhangI've never timed myself, but using aptoncd in toto surely took me more than 5 minutes08:11
bazhang* [c0mrade__] (~c0mrade.a@ c0made   ruhroh08:59
bazhangyou can lead a PPA to water...16:53
mneptok.. but you can't make them think.16:54
bazhanghehe nice one16:54
bazhangnot understanding simplew. what is he mentioning MINT for19:02
bazhangperhaps I need more coffee19:02
DJonesHe's installed UBuntu using unsqshfs...? Whats that, does that mean he's just taken a livecd & extracted the files and copied them to a hard drive19:04
bazhangthought that was used to safeguard exceeding certain HDD limitations re: size19:05
DJonesIts not something I've heard mentioned before19:06
Venommay i ask why i am banned from #ubuntu? I was able to go on it last night22:20
Venommay i ask why i am banned from #ubuntu? I was able to access it last night at around 12:30AM i think22:21
Venomanyone here?22:38

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