infinity^-- Seems to suffer some quoting issues in quantal, testing locally and fixing before I reupload. :/02:47
stgraberwell, at least these were spotted before it landed in precise ;)02:49
infinitystgraber: That was why I uploaded it to quantal too. ;)02:53
infinityThis'll teach me to not have a BuildLiveCD setup on my laptop.02:54
infinity(Rectified now, and testing)02:54
infinityI do so appreciate that colin cargo-culted my 0c3.net local mirror setup in livecd-rootfs when he did the live-build switch. :P02:55
ScottKIf any SRU person has a moment, both postfix ^^^ and python SRU's that are waiting for accept are ones that'd be really good to get in soon for
infinitystgraber: Alright, all fixed, and tested in "no headers installed" (ubuntu-core), "one set of headers installed" (ubuntu quantal), and "two sets of headers installed" (ubuntu precise-proposed) cases.05:34
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stgraberinfinity: awesome! do you know the squashfs size of your precise test run?15:50
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infinitystgraber: Filesystem size 685670.83 Kbytes (669.60 Mbytes)19:15
infinitystgraber: It really doesn't save much space, since squashfs already de-dupes all the identical files between the two headers packages (which is nearly all of them).19:16
infinitystgraber: Before and after:19:16
infinityNumber of duplicate files found 2697119:16
infinityNumber of duplicate files found 1045119:16
stgraberinfinity: what architecture was that? (so I can compare to a current one)19:28
* stgraber will need to figure out what to drop or tweak to save that 9MB... (at least we have two langpacks we could drop if needed)19:30
infinitystgraber: amd64.19:32
infinityFilesystem size 687821.18 Kbytes (671.70 Mbytes)19:32
infinityFilesystem size 685670.83 Kbytes (669.60 Mbytes)19:32
infinitystgraber: ^-- It dropped 2MB here.19:32
infinitystgraber: Which is something, I guess, but not huge.  It's mostly about saving (tons of) space on the target installation.19:32
infinitystgraber: What grew by 9MB?  firefox/thunderbird upstream revision aggressiveness?19:33
stgraber2MB is already quite good. I haven't tracked down what caused the live images to go oversize, it's on my list of this week but yeah, libreoffice/firefox/thunderbird are pretty likely the cause of it.19:35
infinityWell, we could buy you a ton of space by cleaning /var/lib/apt/lists/, but it would come with a hefty penalty for people on slow network connections.19:39
stgraberI guess we could clean updates and security without much cost as these are likely to change and require re-download right after install anyway19:41
stgraberbut it's probably not going to save nearly as much space as the release pocket ;)19:41
infinityYeah, cleaning the !release pockets won't buy you much of anything.19:41
infinityLooks to be maybe about 500k compressed.19:43
infinityNot worth the debugging time to make sure it doesn't eff something up, I suspect.19:43
infinitystgraber: You could, however, just start finding large packages to SRU with an s/gz/xz/ no-change upload. ;)19:44
infinityOh, wait.  livefs.19:44
infinityI'm not awake.19:44
infinityLa la la.19:44
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