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ChaoPenghi there03:05
ChaoPengI'm a new comer03:05
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_johnnyso, in mysqld, i have InnoDB disabled, because "skip-innodb" is defined. however, i don't have it in what i believe is my.cnf. any way to tell which conf it uses? (i tried putting it in the basedir)09:59
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Bert_2Hi, while doing an upgrade from 8.04 to 10.04 we had a small problem, our boot LVM was slightly to small, we fixed this and had the boot continue but something's missing (probably the kernel modules) which makes it impossible to boot (the root filesystem is an LVM, so it needs that module), now the odd thing is that when we chroot from a live environment with root and boot lvm mounted properly we are not able to run apt-get or dpkg,10:54
Bert_2even though the path is correct and /usr/bin contains other binaries, does anyone know why we cannot use apt-get, aptitude, dpkg, etc. ?10:54
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lunaphytehi.  i'm using 12.04.  i want to not install recommended software by default.  i'm able to do this by passing --no-install-recommends to apt-get install, but how can i set this as the default, so i don't have to pass that option every time?19:26
RoyKlunaphyte: what sort of software do you want to not install?19:28
RoyKbtw, recommended software usually isn't installed during apt-get install - only required bits are installed (AFAIK)19:28
RoyKrecommended bits are listed, but not installed19:29
lunaphyteit's not a specific case, i just want the default to install only depends, not recommended.19:29
RoyKI don't think recommended packages are autoinstalled19:29
lunaphytei'm not so sure of that.  some time ago the policy changed to installing recommends be default.  i've just done a 12.04 installation, and the behavior is still present19:30
lunaphyte*by default19:30
RoyKlemme check19:30
lunaphyteas an example, compare the two operations:19:32
lunaphyteapt-get install qemu-kvm and apt-get install --no-install-recommends qemu-kvm19:32
RoyKno, you're quite right19:33
lunaphytethe former wants to install 31 packages, the latter 2819:33
RoyKI was thinking of "suggested packages"19:33
lunaphytein that particular example, it's not such a huge deal, but unfortunately, because of the brain dead choices some packagers make, there are some packages that are downright absurd.19:33
lunaphyteah, i think i've figured it out.19:33
lunaphytein /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ - create a file [for example 00DisableInstallRecommendsSuggests], and put in it APT::Install-Recommends "0";19:35
lunaphytefor the sake of being thorough, you can also put APT::Install-Suggests "0"; in there as well.19:35
RoyKnow, that's intuitive...19:35
lunaphyteobviously it won't make a difference at the moment, but when those of infinite wisdom decide to make the same change with suggests that they made with recommends, you might avoid some pain.19:36
RoyKwouldn't a config file be a bit better? ;)19:36
lunaphyteheh, well, that's another funny ubuntu-ism/debian-ism.19:36
lunaphytethat *is* the config file.  it actually goes in apt.conf, but because it's chopped up into tiny bits like most config files in ubuntu, you get the config directory instead.19:37
lunaphyteit gets really nasty when things like x or video/audio stuff starts getting dragged in.  the cascading you end up with is devastating.19:41
lunaphytehere's a really illustrative example:  add the virtualbox repository to your sources, and then compare apt-get install virtualbox-4.1 with apt-get install --no-install-recommends virtualbox-4.119:42
lunaphytewithout recommends: 55 packages, 190mb.  with recommends, 398 packages, 701 mb.19:43
Kuggihi, do you want to hear a fun story (well, fun is maybe not the right word.. ) ? :)19:49
KuggiI have a problem :( .. I have installed Ubuntu Server 12.04 and played around with some FTP servers, mostly vsftpd, which i never got to work as i wanted to (due to config problems i think), but i followed a guide on the Internet.. which i never should have read, i should add an ftp user, with the home directory of /var/www/ which i did, and then things got crasy, while working on some user groups and permissions, i dis19:49
Kuggiabled the root account (so i could not login as root), changed my administrator accounts primary usergroup to ftp and somehow changed the users shell to /bin/false and LOST any chance to get it back, beside that, i logged out...ooops... and now i have lost ANY contact to the server..19:49
Kuggitime for a reinstall :(19:50
_rubenKuggi: or boot into recovery mode, or use a live cd to fix your group membership20:03
qman__1. Don't use FTP, for anything, ever20:03
qman__2. Everything you've broken can be fixed from recovery mode / live CD20:03
_rubenoh, if life only were that simple (regarding 1.)20:04
_rubenbut yes, it's a nasty protocol20:04
Kuggi_ruben & qman__ i wanted to use ftp to transfer some php files to the /var/ww folder, what else could be used ?, i will try to run the recovery mode from a live cd.. but most guides online is only about how to recover a lost password, well i have the password, but no group access :)20:05
Kuggiqman__ secure ftp ?20:05
qman__it's built into openssh20:06
qman__so, more than likely, you already have it20:06
qman__and it's already set up20:06
Kuggiqman__ but my php editor (Dreamweaver) want an ftp server :(.. i can of cause connect to ssh (openssh-server) but still have no access hehe..20:07
_rubentho i'd still prefer ftp over ftps (with my firewall admin hat on that is)20:07
Kuggi_ruben running local with no inet access on the server the security is not so important for me :) (my ufw firewall blocks everything ecept local network & ubuntu updates )20:09
lunaphytesurely dreamweaver can do sftp...20:10
patdk-lapaccording to dreamweaver, they support sftp20:10
Kuggilunaphyte i have to test if of cause :) when i gets the server back..20:10
patdk-lapatleast if you have a version newer than or equal to 2004 :)20:11
Kuggipatdk-lap running CS6 from adobe cloud :)20:11
patdk-lapin that case, it's already compromised :)20:11
lunaphytegah.  this whole thing just seems like it has bad news written all over it.20:12
patdk-lapbut that defently supports sftp20:12
patdk-lapftp sftp or webdav20:12
Kuggishould i drop using vsftpd and just make a share on the server and add the share to my work pc ? (seens like the best solution)20:13
qman__yeah, I certaily hope you're a better coder than you are a server admin20:13
Kuggiqman__ a lot ;) running ubuntu server for 5 month ... coding for 11 years ;)20:13
Kuggibut my other world has windows on every wall :P20:14
patdk-lapI bricked up mine20:14
qman__you should use SFTP, because it's probably already there, it's extremely simple to set up (apt-get install openssh), and it's more secure than any of the other mentioned options20:14
patdk-lapsunlight is bad20:14
Kuggiqman__ i will then :)20:15
Kuggipatdk-lap i know.. but have not taken the steps to remove windows for Ubuntu desktop jet.. just playing around with my private server.. skipping windows 2008 Web Edition...20:16
Kuggi(i would have been fucked in gentoo :P )20:17
Kuggiwell.. back to the server.. thanks for the talk here :)20:19
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* phantasy -eolwkc20:50
phantasyANOOOOS VISTA ARABIC SP2 part18 rar20:50
* phantasy |20:50
* phantasy computer20:50
* phantasy #define LEVELS0xd50 #define MIBBIM0xd51 #define MUCOOL0xd52 #define REMOTE0xd53 #define SERBAL0xd54 #define SHOTPB0xd55 #define SHOTPR0xd56 #define TESTZY0xd58 #define TEVCAL0xd59 #define TEVCRG0xd5a #define TEVMTN0xd5b #define TEVSKY0xd5c #define TIMEAV0xd5d #define TOR9100xd5e20:51
* phantasy NUM10120:51
* phantasy $0@p20:51
phantasyukpe4lo921 $0@p = x d&d Dr3@m20:51
* phantasy ukp.exe20:52
* phantasy leiw9!.exe20:52
* phantasy computer.exe20:52
* phantasy uklki9ic;, $0@p20:52
* phantasy |ukp347*!k=.c0m;elwo9.exe20:52
* phantasy leko9cl@u$3r20:52
lifelessMyrtti: thanks21:13
patdk-lapwhat the?21:15
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technicsssi'm trying to get two raid1 arrays using a preseed file23:37
technicsssone for /boot and the other for swap and /23:37
technicsssthis is using 2TB drives23:38
technicssscould someone please help me figure out what i'm doing wrong here? http://pastie.org/435557323:38
technicsssi'm trying to get the / partition to use the maximum space left in the volume group23:38
technicsssinstead i end up with a ~200GB partition23:39
patdk-lapset to reserve 10%?23:48

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