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christelGOOD MORNING08:07
dwatkinsmornin' :)08:07
christelhow are you this fine morning dwatkins ?08:09
dwatkinsI'm very good thanks, christel - just making my way through the latest on lifehacker, how about your good self?08:09
christeli am very well! the boy wonder decided to let me have a lie-in, always a bonus! :D08:10
dwatkinsSundays are for lions, yes.08:11
dwatkinshi nja08:11
njaAnyone here playing around with the Ubuntu Quantal Alpha 3?08:11
christel<3 lions \o/08:12
* nja bump ^08:12
dwatkinsnja: there are lots of people both in this channel and #ubuntu+1, so I imagine so (although they may be sleeping) - not tried it myself, though.08:12
njaI just need someone to confirm this bug for me08:13
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1030452 in linux (Ubuntu) "Mouse goes invisible upon activating any element." [Undecided,New]08:13
njaAlso did I report it correctly?08:13
dwatkinsLooks like you have included plenty of data, yeah - does your report mention the version of X11 and the desktop manager in use, nja?08:15
nja@dwatkins I used apport so I assume so08:15
njaIt may have something to do with not enabling 3D accelleration, I will try with that on08:17
njaNope, no difference08:19
njaI think I may have found another install bug, but I think I've probably just screwed up my VHD08:27
SuperEngineerNow that's just inconsiderate - a power cut on a Sunday morning :(08:31
dwatkinsThat reminds me, I need a UPS.08:31
MartijnVdS\o/ ups08:32
MartijnVdS(pronounced "oops" ;))08:32
SuperEngineerdwatkins: odd - that's exactly what went through my mind08:32
christelMartijnVdS, SuperEngineer \o/08:33
christelGOOD MORNING08:33
MartijnVdS\o christel08:33
christelhow are you wonderful people? :D08:33
MartijnVdStired from running ;)08:34
SuperEngineerchristel: tired from running around resetting clocks after power cut ;)08:34
christelhaha i bet! i hate powercuts!08:34
dwatkinsIt should be fairly easy to put a battery backup into a 12v clock - alternatively, there's always this sort of thing: http://www.galsys.co.uk/network-clocks-displays/radio-controlled-analogue-clock.html08:36
nja:D my bug got confimed08:36
MartijnVdSnja: at least it's not a figment of your imagination then 8-)08:36
nja@MartijnVdS yes always good to know I'm not insane08:37
SuperEngineernja: I find it reassuring to always know I *am* insane ;)08:38
njaI think I've spotted a new bug too08:39
njaI just need to reformat to send it.08:39
brobostigongood morning eveyrone.08:53
njagood morning brobostigon09:00
brobostigongood morning nja09:01
nja@parnisa Why do we hate the Olympics so much. ;)09:02
parnisaIts the biggest losers event the greek ever have invented.09:03
parnisaThousands participate, only very few become immortal.09:03
parnisaThe rest will be forgotten and have to spend the rest of their eternity thinking of those very seconds that seperated them from eternal stardom.09:04
parnisaBesides, any Olympics without carriage racing, the main-event of the original games, isnt real Olympics.09:05
parnisaToday that would probably be considered animal cruelty, but abusing humans is perfectly fine.09:05
christelmorning lovely09:14
brobostigonmorning popey and christel09:14
christelbrobostigon \o/09:15
* christel morning huggles09:15
* brobostigon huggles christel back.09:15
parnisatheres a lot of complains in the media about lack of information from olympic organizers09:16
SuperEngineeranybody here got weather-indicator installed?09:21
Laneyyes and it's stopped being able to update09:22
MartijnVdSparnisa: lack of information?09:22
popeyi uninstalled the weather indicator because it was very crashy09:23
MartijnVdSI just ask my (Jelly Bean) phone now09:23
MartijnVdS\o/ Google Now09:23
brobostigondoes anyone have android 4.1 here, and can tell me where to find the sync and background data settings please.?09:23
popeywhich sync settings?09:24
popeythe accounts you're syncing?09:24
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: they're in the main settings page09:24
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: let me get my phoen09:24
LaneyA++ would watch again09:24
* popey looks for his passport09:25
brobostigonMartijnVdS: one question, with sync turned off, can apps still get data, like the background data in 2.3 ?09:25
jacobwto whom does one apply to for a visa for the moon?09:25
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: you can disable background data per app09:25
jacobwah, the cheese god, obviously :)09:25
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: you can also turn sync on/off per service09:25
brobostigonMartijnVdS: so i can do that, within the apps menu?09:25
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: No, the main "Settings" interface09:26
MartijnVdSthen scroll down to the "Accounts" bit09:26
MartijnVdSthen inside those09:26
MartijnVdS(I have "Google" and "Twitter" on there)09:26
* jacobw is learning node.js today09:26
MartijnVdSserver-side js, poor computer09:27
jacobwhopefully i'll have a usable pastebin by the end of the day09:27
MartijnVdSeveryone's first web project09:27
jacobwnot blocking the single threaded http server is interesting09:28
MartijnVdSThat's just the result of using event-based model09:28
MartijnVdSPOE, Twisted, also do this :)09:28
jacobwi've done some stuff with twisted as well09:29
brobostigonMartijnVdS: yes, ok, i see google dropbox etc in that list, i have various things like calendar etc set to sync when sync is enabled. however, how do i control what happens, when sync is disabled, i cant see it.09:29
SuperEngineerLaney: thanks - i thought that might be the case [just reinstalled, no different]09:29
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: when sync is disabled, it doesn't sync in the background09:29
MartijnVdSonly when you open the app09:29
brobostigonMartijnVdS: ah, i see. ok, thank you.09:30
MartijnVdSyou can disable data per app in the "Data usage" screen09:30
MartijnVdS(third(?) pref from the top)09:30
brobostigonMartijnVdS: ok, :)09:30
LaneySuperEngineer: bug 103008709:30
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1030087 in indicator-weather (Ubuntu) "Weather Indicator can't refresh" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103008709:30
MartijnVdSI disabled background data for spotify.. it was eating data even when I told it to only use wifi09:30
SuperEngineerLaney: I've a mind to go in and confirm it09:30
Laneyalready is confirmed09:31
SuperEngineercool - saves me09:31
Laneylooks like that site earthtools is awol09:31
Laneynot that i've checked the source09:31
njaReported another bug: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/484112_10151288315461959_661083995_n.jpg09:32
njawrong thig09:32
njaplease don't look at that09:32
njaOK, not so bad, though it was something else09:32
brobostigonMartijnVdS: thinking about it, that is good design.09:33
njaThat's it09:34
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1030472 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Installer opens with different icon to dock launcher icon." [Undecided,New]09:34
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: I heard they're creating new APIs for "metered wifi" as well (wifi where you pay per MB)09:34
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: Not all wifi is free anymore :(09:34
brobostigonMartijnVdS: interesting idea.09:34
nja@lubontu3 do you really have to post that, I made the thread and I know what it says.09:35
nja@lubotu3 ^09:35
Laneyit's a bot.09:35
brobostigonMartijnVdS: it is a bot.09:35
* popey reassigns bug 103047209:35
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1030472 in bamf (Ubuntu) "Installer opens with different icon to dock launcher icon." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103047209:35
Laneyand adds an upstream task? ^o)09:36
* popey will try and confirm it09:37
popeyonce he has eaten his poached eggs on toast brekkie09:38
Laneywhat is porridge made with water and salt like? as grim as it sounds?09:38
popeyi suspect so09:38
LaneyI feel a strange temptation09:38
popeyi am a savoury rather than sweet person, but savoury porridge just sounds/looks unappealing09:40
popeyhmm, thats hard to test in a vm09:41
jacobwi think it's just scottish porridge09:44
Laneydoes that mean it's nice?09:46
jacobwi'm not sure09:48
Laneyseems like we've decided tomorrow morning's breakfast09:51
Laneyyum yum09:51
alexcockellPorridge with water and salt - quite common really.. how most of the quick-cook and instant ones work09:56
alexcockellSToats Berryfeast is a good line..09:57
Laneysounds like it has berries in it09:57
jacobwwhy verboten?09:58
Laneythen it's not oats + water + salt10:01
alexcockellGo for their basic one then...10:02
LaneyI think I can manage to whip it up on my own10:03
Laneyreally. I was just hoping somebody would tell me that they've had it and it's not that bad.10:03
Myrttiall "grain+liquid cooked slowly to form a gloopy consistency" is called porridge in Finland... I keep confusing D by wanting to eat "rice porridge"10:07
Myrttiand in Finland rice or barley porridge can be a valid meal of it's own10:08
alexcockellThe instant porridge to steer WELL clear of is Ready Brek.10:11
alexcockellAccording to HCAs I know who;ve had to make it - it's bloody terrible to make up.10:11
popeymy kids used to love ready brek10:14
popeyespecially with a dollop of jam in10:14
SuperEngineerpopey: +1 to ready brek every time [best "keep your adult self a child" medicine there is]10:25
SuperEngineerjacobw: HCA = HelpfulAdultCreep10:28
jacobwthat doesn't make sense10:28
SuperEngineerit does to me10:28
* jacobw gnaws on SuperEngineer untils he's dead10:28
SuperEngineerkeep gnawing buddy - only krytonite harms me - not you10:29
Seeker`Laney: its not that bad if you like porridge I guess. But I can only really cope with about 3 spoonfuls of sweet porridge before I get bored of it.10:39
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SuperEngineerooo - wet stuff falling from the sky - yellow sky sphere gone :(11:19
njaNot sure what to do about this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/103047511:20
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1030475 in Ubuntu "Installer keeps saying computer name is already on network" [Undecided,New]11:21
penguin42nja: Should be against ubiquity - that's the installer11:23
nja@penguin42 Will change11:23
njaBEST THING EVER: http://youtu.be/1SbQXvSrVbE11:25
penguin42nja: Can you just clarify it, you mean if it autonames it something like njadesktop, then you change it to  foo, but undo the change to njadesktop  then it complains?11:25
nja@penguin42 yes11:26
njabut I discovered that If I edit another field it shows the true meaning11:26
penguin42nja: OK, can you explain that a bit more in a comment - it's not quite obvious11:26
brobostigondoctor who and the daleks, ch5, 12:35. :)11:26
njae.g. <TICK>11:26
SuperEngineerbrobostigon: thanks [SuperEngineer hums durum-durum, durum-durum...]11:28
* Flashtek burps11:29
zleaphey Flashtek11:30
SuperEngineer[& no need to panic - these Daleks can't climb stairs or fly]11:30
Flashtekhey zleap11:35
zleapyou going hi11:36
brobostigonSuperEngineer: :)11:36
brobostigonSuperEngineer: isnt this the one, where he is a human, not a time lord.?11:37
zleapFlashtek, chatting on dclug too11:38
SuperEngineerbrobostigon: can't remember... but {we are both} about to find out ;)11:39
brobostigonSuperEngineer: i think it might have been the first two films where he was.11:40
Flashtekzleap: so i see...11:40
brobostigonSuperEngineer: yep, it is, :)11:40
SuperEngineerit's also the one with an idiot for a partner [sorry Roy]  ;)11:42
zleapi am trying to download the game from the raspPIthon and can't open the archive zip file11:44
brobostigonthe doors open the wrong way round. :)11:45
jacobwnja: i've noticed that bug as well11:46
nja@jacobw :D not insane11:46
jacobwi haven't seen it happen with autogenerated hostnames that are unique to the network, but if you use a hostname that existed a few hours ago ubiquity will get an ARP response for that hostname and consider it present11:49
penguin42jacobw: I think he's saying if you autogen the hostname, go to a manual name and then back to the autogen one it breaks?11:49
jacobwi think i've seen that too11:50
jacobwbut it doesn't prevent you setting whatever hostname you like :)11:50
zleaphow do i extract a zip file from the command line ?11:50
zleapI can't get it to unzip the raspPIthon game11:51
zleapfrom here11:51
ali1234wow they checked a zipfile into the git repository? wow11:53
ali1234and a Thumbs.db too11:53
ali1234windows users lol11:53
zleap+so why can't i extract it11:53
ali1234how did you download it?11:54
zleapright clickand download11:54
zleaphow are we meant to download it11:54
jacobwbecause it's a HTML document11:54
ali1234heh... what he said ^11:54
zleapwhy does it have a zip extention11:54
ali1234tha's a git repo11:54
ali1234because it's a zip file11:54
zleapso what do I do11:54
jacobw`file RasPiThonFinalDownload.zip`11:54
ali1234but the link is not a download link11:54
zleapso what do I do11:54
ali1234left click on it11:54
ali1234then click view raw11:55
ali1234then it should download properly11:55
ali1234you';re not supposed to check in zipfiles to a git repo like this...11:55
ali1234github has a seperate downloads section which is where they should have put the zip11:56
ali1234github is not dropbox :)11:57
zleaphang on it still isn't working11:57
popeyclicking that link locked up firefox11:57
ali1234it's probably corrupted the file due to mimetypes and/or line ending conversion11:57
popeyzleap, "isn't working" doesn't scribe whats happening11:57
ali1234which link popey?11:57
popey<zleap> https://github.com/ryanteck/RasPiThon/tree/master/Raspberroids11:57
popeyok, finally now got a response11:58
ali1234well, there's no reason for that11:58
ali1234"view raw" works for me. zipfile opens correctly11:58
ali1234be warned, it doesn't have a top level directory, so it will spam whatever directory you unzip in11:59
ali1234windows users lol11:59
zleapok i have extracted to a directory on my hdd now what11:59
ali1234python main.py?11:59
zleapImportError: No module named player_info12:00
zleap  when i do execute in geany12:00
ali1234but it's obviously right there12:00
zleapbut i have a module called that in the list on the side12:00
zleapyeah its there12:01
zleapi know nothing about python or very little12:01
ali1234rm *.pyc12:01
ali1234they incuded pyc files, i suspect for the wrong architecture12:01
zleapwell it still wont' run12:02
zleapdo i need to run make or something first12:03
zleap(using geany)12:03
ali1234python mainmenu.py12:03
popeywell thats unplayable12:04
ali1234no it isn't12:04
zleapopk that works12:04
ali1234it's just very hard12:04
ali1234i like the music12:04
popeyi think they have assumed the timing of an arm device12:04
ali1234but i was expecting a proper asteroids game12:04
ali1234pygame doesn't work like that12:05
ali1234what framerate you get?12:05
zleapok it works noiw12:05
ali1234i get about 70fps12:05
ali1234it's just about playable12:05
zleapwell you got 4people aged 12 - 16 doing this,  so i guess we need to give them some credit,  as it was done over 48 hours12:06
popeyyeah, 70-80fps12:06
ali1234i managed to shoot and simultaneously get hit by a raspberroid12:06
zleapi would kinda of expect an .py file called game or raspbroids12:07
ali1234yeah or at least main.py to be ... the main one12:07
njaAre you making a python game?12:07
zleapwho me12:07
ali1234i made a python game once12:08
zleapno just commenting on the fact you need to run mainmenu,py12:08
ali1234it's even harder to figure out how to run it than this12:08
ali1234this music is really catchy12:09
ali1234"Adding a dude"12:09
jacobwi've just been made aware of the 'sad panda' meme12:10
jacobwmy life is better now :)12:10
ali1234do-do doooooooo, do-do dooooooooo12:13
zleapyeah the music is good12:13
ali1234here's another game i made in python: http://al.robotfuzz.com/~al/random/th.tar12:15
ali1234i think that took about 3 hours12:15
ali1234i stole the graphics from somewhere though12:15
popeyhmm, that bug you filed about usb performance ali123412:16
popeyi am dding zeroes to a 250GB disk over USB12:16
popeymy browser keeps dimming12:16
ali1234yeah, that's the one12:16
popey~80% iowait12:16
ali1234so, for th, move with arrow keys, collect coins, and if a skeleton attacks you press space12:17
njaI want to test more of Ubuntu Alpha, but I think using broken OSes drives me INSANE!!%!"£!!!!12:19
popeyali1234, whats the bug number again please?12:20
popeynja, broken how?12:20
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 770258 in linux (Ubuntu) "Extremely high latency when writing to USB drives." [Undecided,Incomplete]12:20
nja@popey Well it's alpha, it's full of bugs12:20
popeyyeah, more specifically?12:20
ali1234not reeeaaaally12:20
njaand shut up @lubotu312:20
ali1234the alphas aren't that buggy12:21
ali1234until the day it breaks totally12:21
nja@ali1234 I'm finding pleanty of bugs12:21
ali1234but most the time they're not worse than release12:21
ali1234yeah... i find bugs in release every day :)12:21
popeyali1234, i reckon you could reliably reproduce that bug doing what I'm doing12:22
popeyand see if mainline kernel does it too12:22
ali1234you mentioned the browser dimming12:23
popeyyeah, all my cores are iowait maxed12:23
ali1234what seems to happen is that if no i/o, a process can max a core without dimming12:23
ali1234but as soon as you get i/o, the process will dim if it tries to do a lot of cpu12:23
ali1234i don't really know how to debug io though12:24
ali1234i've looked at iotop but i can't make sense of it12:24
ali1234also i'm right in the middle of a wordpress coding project that needs to be done in the next two weeks12:25
ali1234so i don't really want to start messing with kernels right now12:25
popeyI'll give it a go once this disk finishes, i have another to do12:25
ali1234not until i deliver this thing anyway12:26
njaAnyone here used Eclipse Juno?12:27
njaIt's the new eclipse version, after Indigo12:27
njaIt's now gone stable12:27
njaIt's way too sparkly for me12:29
penguin42nja: I've run it - it's the default on Quantal - or trying to debug my Android app; I didn't notice any differences12:35
nja@penguin42 On Windows the theme is totally different12:35
njaNot sure about Ubuntu12:35
njaI believe ubuntu is still Indigo in the public PPA12:35
penguin42nja: It's 3.8 on Quantal12:36
penguin42nja: Ah, Juno is apparently 4.2 - so not sure what 3.8 is12:38
SuperEngineerooo - yellow shere back in sky [13:16
SuperEngineer[rumour has it that it might even show itself to lesser counties sometime some ;) ]13:22
penguin42If I look carefully I can see some blue sky - a little patch13:23
SuperEngineerpenguin42: ...if you wish hard enough [& tap your heels together three times] it might just..13:24
* brobostigon plays about with face unlock.13:32
SuperEngineerStudy Finds Global Warming Is Real And Man-Made  http://tinyurl.com/warming-real13:36
penguin42SuperEngineer: Having a problem with extremes of weather?13:38
SuperEngineernah - not me - just the rest13:39
SuperEngineer[p.s. current weather is exactly as predicted for this little island of ours - during global warming]13:40
penguin42SuperEngineer: It would be interesting to record something like how often 'records' of coldest/wettest weather are broken; it's not the individual events but if we keep getting coldest winters followed by wettest summers etc then it would be more compelling13:41
SuperEngineerpenguin42: correct... & we are13:42
* SuperEngineer speaks from the place that first went under-water in July a few years back13:43
brobostigonface unlock is fun, but very insecure in real terms.13:43
SuperEngineerpenguin42: btw the prediction is for milder winters & wetter summers13:46
* SuperEngineer calculates the energy required to move the jet stream13:47
penguin42SuperEngineer: We had a pretty nasty winter last year though13:48
* SuperEngineer refers penguin42 to penguin42's own earlier statement re consistant13:49
SuperEngineer[yea gads - I'm sounding like a politician - save me please!!!!]13:50
penguin42SuperEngineer: I just don't know how long a period you have to go for until you can declare it is part of the effect - I mean there have been really cold periods in the past that have had nothing to do with humans, and heck none of us have been around for long enough to get to understand the patterns over a few decades13:51
penguin42(I agree it's happening, I just don't know whether to blame this summer on it!)13:52
SuperEngineerpenguin42: basically two choices:  believe or disbelieve results of polar ice-core samples, call it real or call it coincidence13:57
penguin42SuperEngineer: I believe in climate change and I believe it's probably causing ice melt; I'm just not sure how much it's causing changes in our year-to-year weather13:58
penguin42(*so far)13:59
SuperEngineerpenguin42: not talking about ice melt - talking about core samples showing millenia of weather changes and the "coincidental" difference pre & post industrial age human.  [this might be going a wee bit off topic for this channel btw]14:01
penguin42(There's a topic?)14:01
SuperEngineerjust don't to bore the others14:02
SuperEngineer*want to...14:02
penguin42I'm not sure any of the others are awake14:02
Pendulumdon't worry, we'll get loud if you bore us too much14:03
SuperEngineersomebody say boo & prove you're awake14:03
christeldo continue, tis interesting enough ;)14:03
penguin42SuperEngineer: So yeh that story shows a link between CO2 levels/land temperatures and humans; but what about the quality of summer/winters - I know that in principal there is some possibility to screw up the jet stream and it has misbehaved for us this year - but is that a link?14:04
SuperEngineerno it's not [neccessarily] a link - but the jet jet-stream moved a few years back [and it's just started returning to "home"position actually]14:06
SuperEngineerI was simply in awe of the amount of atmospheric etc energy difference to do that.14:07
SuperEngineer& to all those wondering... yes, SuperEngineer does have a serious side after all [so meh!] ;)14:08
* penguin42 isn't sure how you work that out - I mean it's not actually the energy to move n m^3 of hot air; because that air is moving anyway, it's just changing the path a bit14:08
SuperEngineerdamn - just went back to normal /me14:09
SuperEngineerpenguin42: it's about evaporation rates over water, atmospheric densities, temperature differentials,.....14:10
* SuperEngineer blows mind trying to calculate14:10
penguin42SuperEngineer: Nod, yeh and about the way the borders of the different cells interact14:10
SuperEngineermais oui monsieur14:11
SuperEngineer...& please - nobody mention super-cells14:11
penguin42SuperEngineer: But the question is whether it'll have more impact on sea life than the elevated caffeine levels ( http://io9.com/5928303/human-urine-to-blame-for-elevated-levels-of-caffeine-found-in-coastal-waters )14:25
SuperEngineerpenguin42: wtf... you wanna start on elevated levels of female hormones in drinking water due to excess pee'd  by by those on hrt as well14:33
penguin42caffeine is funnier14:36
SuperEngineerto coin a phrase my own home-blood land "oi moight be daaaft, but oi not be stuuupid"14:36
SuperEngineer*from my14:37
SuperEngineer& btw, my home blood is Devon14:41
penguin42clotted cream blood?14:41
* zleap is in devon14:43
SuperEngineer[the red bits in my blood are jam]14:43
zleapi will send count duckula after you, hes vegetarian14:44
jacobwmy father uses 'clotted cream' to describe his students as 'rich and thick'15:11
zleapnice and non PC greast15:19
jacobwi want to move all messages not sent by me from folder sent to folder received15:49
jacobwthis doesn't seem to be possible with thunderbird :|15:49
MartijnVdSjacobw: just go to one folder, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, then go to the other folder, Ctrl+V?15:58
jacobwMartijnVdS: how do i only select messages where From != jacob?16:00
MartijnVdSjacobw: by searching for them?16:00
MartijnVdSjacobw: or sorting16:01
MartijnVdS(and then only selecting the ones you want)16:01
Flashtekjacobw: use the quick search dobrie16:02
jacobwi can search for 'from me' and 'to me', but i can't search 'not from me'16:03
MartijnVdSjacobw: use both and a temporary folder :)16:04
MartijnVdSjacobw: both "From me"*16:04
MartijnVdSjacobw: isn't there an 'invert search' or 'invert selection'?16:05
jacobwit's possible with quick search, because i can exclude 'sender = jacob' from 'recipients = jacob' :)16:06
jacobwMartijnVdS: unfortunately not16:06
MartijnVdSjacobw: mutt -f imaps://...16:06
jacobwok, the quick filter doesn't consider being a CC to be being a recipient16:07
njaHi again all16:08
MartijnVdSjacobw: mutt -f ~/mailbox16:08
jacobwi could do that16:08
MartijnVdSit would work, at least ;)16:09
njaWelcome yuso6363!16:24
yuso6363Hi nja :)16:26
nja@Everyone Meet @yuso636316:26
* penguin42 plays with the kdenlive video editor - pleasently surprised16:30
MartijnVdStoo bad you have to install most of KDE as well16:31
MartijnVdSWhich takes up a lot of disk space16:31
* penguin42 uses KDE as my main desktop on that ---> machine16:32
zleapso how many bug reports or help questions do i need to raise my karma rating above 017:53
AlanBellnot many, pretty much any use of launchpad should boost karma, but it does expire17:54
zleapthanks, i did submit a confimation to a bug report17:55
zleapso rather than submitting a new one,  i found a similar problem with a different printer and said my printer has the same issue17:55
AlanBellAlmost everything you do in Launchpad helps you to build karma. For example: registering bugs, translating strings and answering support requests. Different types of work earn different levels of karma. Also, the amount of karma a particular action gives you fades over time.17:56
AlanBellis how it is described17:56
zleapnow that I sort of know what I am doing with launchpad i will see if I can contribute more17:57
Flashteklaunchpad ?18:08
Flashtekzleap: Wheezy has kernel 3.2 :-)18:12
Flashtekzleap: what's launchpad ?18:14
zleapFlashtek, system for ubuntu users to collaboate and report bugs,  answer questions etc18:15
* popey wonders how soon before a LGW -> IOM flight one should arrive18:16
* popey thinks 2 hours is too early18:16
popeymonday morning though :S18:16
dwatkinscontingency is good, popey18:21
dwatkinsbetter to be early and have to do some reading in a quiet spot than rushing to get the plane18:21
czajkowskipoory which airport ?18:46
czajkowskipopey even18:46
AlanBellpopey: is Canonical One not being sent to collect you?18:52
AlanBellczajkowski: LGW is gatwick18:53
penguin42popey: Don't you have to x2 for Olympic delays?18:54
czajkowskialanbell on phone. didnt scroll18:59
popeyczajkowski, gatwick19:04
popeyAlanBell, sadly not19:04
popeyflight is 9am19:04
zleapquest has a program on about star trek at 9pm19:05
zleaptrek nation19:05
* popey makes notes to avoid that channel19:05
zleapi take it you're not a trekkie then19:05
popeythey are somewhat overrated imo19:06
* penguin42 looks at Popey oddly19:06
* zleap likes star trek19:06
* zleap grabs enterprise technical manual19:06
christeli am useless19:06
penguin42zleap: I came across this earlier: http://www.lettersofnote.com/2010/08/star-trekcasting.html19:07
dwatkinsno-one is useless19:07
zleapdenese crosby ended up as tasha yar iirc19:08
zleappenguin42, interesting19:13
penguin42zleap: I got lost in that site for a few hours earlier :-)19:13
zleapi have a signed piccy of robert beltran19:13
zleaplooks an interesting site that19:17
zleapany chance of someone dropping in to #lubuntu please to help with a sound issue19:35
popeyzleap, what's the issue?19:55
zleappulseaudio  and alsa issues19:56
AlanBellpopey: lubuntu doesn't use pulse yet by default, someone installed vlc and it pulled in enough of pulse to break it19:56
popeywhy does lubuntu not use pulse?19:56
zleapAlanBell, suggested it is due to it being large package for a lightweight distro19:56
popeydon't think I'll ever quite understand lubuntu19:59
gordpulse is a bit big compaired to just using alsa, but if your gonna base a distro on ubuntu and not use pulse, you are gonna have a bad time20:00
ali1234yet pulse still causes endless problems...20:02
AlanBellwell in this instance the problem is caused by not using it20:02
AlanBellI think Ubuntu proper is past the pain point with pulse20:03
ali1234yeah as long as you don't use wine or skype20:03
AlanBellI use skype, works fine20:03
AlanBelldon't have any wine applications that make a sound20:03
ali1234sometimes it works fine, sometimes you get buffer underruns and the audio breaks up20:03
ali1234pulseaudio -k usually fixes it, though you do have to restart skype as well20:04
AlanBellok, I don't use skype very much20:05
* AlanBell has no friends20:05
AlanBellviolin plays20:06
* popey installed the "new" skype today20:06
* popey calls wifey in the other room20:06
DJonespopey: Re your comment about an ubuntu sticker for your car, a friend of the family has a business making signs for cars/buses etc20:07
ali1234you should get a whole wrap20:07
ali1234like this: http://www.t444.co.uk/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/vehicle-wrap-1.jpg20:08
DJoneshe does things like this http://shop.signed-by.co.uk/images/uploads/impreza_kit.jpg20:10
popeyright, just called wifey in the other room and i had zero problem on ubuntu, her webcam wouldn't work on osx20:12
popeybecause (I suspect) chrome had stolen the device, despite her never using the webcam in the browser20:13
popeyclosed chrome, webcam worked20:13
AlanBellgoogle hangout on Ubuntu worked *great* yesterday in the garden20:14
christelwhy yes, it had pen *and* babies20:14
AlanBelllove the tripod mount on the webcam20:14
christeland blacked out people typing furiously without saying a word!20:14
bigcalmGood evening peeps :)20:19
Pendulumhiya bigcalm20:20
bigcalmHowdy Pendulum :)20:20
christelheya bigclam20:20
* bigcalm jumps on christel20:20
* christel squeals20:20
* bigcalm gives christel a big hello!20:20
christelhow are you myd ear?20:21
christelmy dear*20:21
bigcalmI am _very_ full20:21
bigcalmJust back from Hayley's parents where there was a bit of a gathering20:21
zleapFlashtek, it still doesn't like me using zleap20:21
Flashtekusing the right username and password etc ?20:22
Flashtekand right port ?20:22
zleapoh uid and password20:22
zleapi got in a real mess with those before20:22
Flashtekuh huh...20:23
* zleap = numpty with znc20:23
ali123429942 al        20   0 2814m 1.9g  61m R  100 11.9 427:12.62 firefox20:32
zleapFlashtek, it won't work20:35
=== rastamouse is now known as nothingspecial
Azelphurdoes anyone have a bash script that will run a program, and keep it running unless it exits cleanly?21:20
Azelphurconky keeps crashing on me, gets boring :(21:20
ali1234use upstart21:22
Azelphursounds nice and complicated21:24
jacobwi've become an op in #node.js by hanging around long enough21:49
jacobwcool :p21:49
jacobwupstart isn't complicated21:49
jacobwthat's a good example21:49
ali1234does node.js replace jquery? or is it usual to use them both at the same time?22:00
cliftontsHi guys, who fancies a challenge?22:00
directhexi fancy a mojito. is that similar enough?22:01
cliftontsI'm stumped with a qemu install though, there doesn't seem to be an executable file at all22:01
cliftontsoh well, no idea what I'm going to do then22:08
dwatkins...and they're gone22:14
ali1234ok so i need a javascript function that takes a string like "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uw7TY-zPaas&feature=related" and returns "Uw7TY-zPaas"22:52
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away

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