darkblue_bhi all - anyone care to advise on a dist-upgrade?00:16
darkblue_bI had an 11.10 on a remote server, and I decided to give it a try00:16
darkblue_bapt-get update;apt-get upgrade;apt-get autoclean;reboot00:16
darkblue_bapt-get update;00:16
darkblue_bno dist-upgrade yet.. now I notice that my /etc/apt/sources.list shows precise.. I dont think that was there before00:17
darkblue_bapt-get update returns a whole bunch of "something wicked" msgs with an obviously defective URL00:17
darkblue_bthough it did do something that worked, and apt-get autoclean works ok00:18
darkblue_bI was about to do the  apt-get dist-upgrade anyway.. but now I got00:18
darkblue_b.. WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!00:18
darkblue_b  linux-image-3.2.0-27-generic linux-headers-3.2.0-27 linux-headers-3.2.0-27-generic linux-headers-server00:18
darkblue_b  linux-server linux-image-server00:18
darkblue_bso the new kernal isnt authenticated.. I am not that great with repo keys and all00:19
pleia2"dist-upgrade" doesn't mean it's upgrading you to the next version, it's just downloading updates to your current version, so at some point you must have told your sources.list to change to precise00:19
darkblue_bshould I be very concerned ?00:19
darkblue_bpleia2: ok, I am listening00:19
pleia2you can use dist-upgrade to go to the next version, but in ubuntu if you're doing a command line upgrade you really want to use "sudo do-release-upgrade" since that catches things that just changing your sources and dist-upgrading may miss00:20
darkblue_bah oh00:20
darkblue_bthat sounds familiar - thx for that00:20
pleia2but if you've already updated a bunch of stuff to precise, it's too late ;)00:20
darkblue_bhah - its actually a very side server.. not essential .. so no panic00:20
darkblue_bso perhaps I will do this   do-release-upgrade00:21
pleia2you probably want to install (or update) the ubuntu-keyring package00:21
darkblue_b"ubuntu-keyring is already the newest version.'00:22
darkblue_bgood thought though00:22
pleia23.2.0-27 is the current kernel in precise, odd that it wouldn't be validating00:22
darkblue_bodd - this is precise already !00:23
darkblue_bI am either forgetting that I did that, or I lost track of something :-)00:23
darkblue_bhmm so actaully I have a 12.04 and I just did the upgrade00:23
darkblue_bjust this linux kernal missing auth00:23
pleia2seems like00:23
darkblue_byeah - thx for your patience00:24
pleia2I need to run to dinner, good luck :)00:24
darkblue_bcheers pleia200:24
darkblue_bsudo apt-get install members ## WARNING the following cannot be authenticated.. argh!00:48
darkblue_bI dont get how to get new keys for this00:48
darkblue_bsudo apt-get source members00:49
darkblue_bERR Something wicked happened resolving 'us.archive.ubuntu.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)00:49
darkblue_bsomething is not right00:49
darkblue_bwhy is there an http at the end00:50
darkblue_bwget: unable to resolve host address `us.archive.ubuntu.com'00:50
darkblue_bugh - that address exists.. http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/m/members00:51
darthrobot[R: us.archive.ubuntu.com] Title: [Index of /ubuntu/pool/universe/m/members]00:51
darkblue_bd d d dang00:51
darkblue_bbad dns00:53
darkblue_b12.04   dns nameservers .. uuurgh00:53
darkblue_badding line.. lalala00:55
* darkblue_b tries to be cheery when faced with annoying minutia00:56
darkblue_bsorry for the noise everyone.. hopefully done soon00:56
dbbhi all - just to share back what I learned from yesterdays update.. it was the lack of dns-nameserver entry in /etc/netwrok/interfaces that caused the apt repo lookups to fail, and after they failed, the "could not authenticate" msgs for individual packages were persistant22:25
dbbso, by adding the dns entry, then apt-get update, then upgrade, then indivudual new packages, things now work as expected22:26
dbbmy last mystery is why this IP address isnt shpwing up from the outside but does from the same IP block, but I dont expect help with that :-)22:26
dbbthe 12.04 upgrade however, thats probably something to have in the back somewhere for random people like me :-)22:27

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