ShawnRanyone here messed around with cinelerra video editor? i'm having export issues :(03:49
ShawnRanyone know how much diff working in solaris is vs linux?22:39
rmcbrideMainly different in the way shell works, and the complete lack of availability of most FOSS tools22:49
rmcbrideit's been about 4 years since I've done any Solaris.22:49
rmcbrideYears ago, I would have used it at home in some capacity because occasionally work would get rid of perfectly servicable hardware. These days I wouldn't do anything with Solaris unless work requirements called for it22:51
rmcbrideNetwork interface names are somewhat different by default22:51
ShawnRwell, i'm trying to find a job and was wondering how much i'd need to learn to go from linux to solaris22:51
rmcbrideYou could pick the differences up pretty quickly I think22:52
rmcbridemost of the real differences are command line switches and some of the init and networking. It's like learning a new dialect really22:52
rmcbrideNow that Oracle owns Sun, FOSS support is even less than it used to be, but that's probably not a concern if it's for work22:53
ShawnRthanks for the info, i know i don't have to really shy away from solaris jobs23:08
rmcbrideYou're quite welcome. Good luck!23:12
ShawnRthanks.  you don't know of any sites that are good at providing good jobs dealing with unix in NE FL, do ya?23:13
rmcbrideNot really, no. I'm in Central FL and about to relocate to SE florida. I would say the usual, Linkedin/Dice/Monster23:46
rmcbridewould give a good idea anyhow23:46

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