BiosElementHowdy folks23:36
Unit193Howdy BiosElement.23:36
BiosElementit goin?23:36
BiosElement(I blame the enter key.)23:36
Unit193Just had BBQ pork chops, and cookies, how about you?23:36
BiosElementJust got back from working at PyOhio, had a long week heh.23:37
Unit193Ah, how'd that go?  One of the others asked if anyone was going.23:37
BiosElementI wish I'd have had a chance to hop in here, it went great.23:38
BiosElementActually ran into a member of the Michigan LoCo which was wondering if we'd like to share a booth for OLF.23:38
Unit193Dang I hope I can go.  Pretty sure we'd be good with that.23:39
BiosElementThat's what I told em, with the disclamer that I hadn't even talked to folks for a month heh23:39
Unit193It's not like I'm anyone though. :P23:40
BiosElementYeah, and I am.23:40
BiosElement...not heh23:40
yanoanyone go to PyOhio?23:45
paultagnot I, said the fly.23:46
yanoaww :-(23:46
paultagI'm also no longer in Ohio (sadsie)23:46
Unit193But you like where you are, just miss the (some) people?23:48

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