* netritious wipes brow01:20
netritiousfinally have arch booting...what a chore :/01:21
binarymutantso you found "The Arch Way"01:28
netritiouswhat's that?01:29
netritiousasked google...no, i followed the new wiki entry for the new media iso01:29
netritiousthe problem is it leaves out a great deal of steps01:30
netritiouslike, it's detailed enough for most of it, but not detailed enough to get it booting with grub201:31
binarymutantyou bootstrapped your own?01:31
netritiousand now I'm up and running ;)01:32
binarymutantyeah I'd say that would be a chore01:32
binarymutantcongrats though01:32
netritiousthx just had to dig more into grub2 config01:32
binarymutantwas there any reason why you wanted to do that? Or just out of fun*01:33
netritiousi couldn't find any other link for downloading media...seems to be the only way01:34
netritiousor it could be I didn't read enough01:34
binarymutantstoopid wifi01:35
netritiouspublic wifi or bad router?01:35
binarymutantjust really far from my home router01:36
netritiouscake song just popped in my head... "he's going the distance, he's going for speed..." lol01:38
binarymutanthey sleeping people, did Google Fiber sign up for the *AA's 6-strike rule?08:29
vychunegood morning guys15:30
RagnarokAngel'morning vychune15:53
vychunehow you doing15:53
RagnarokAngelponied up for a vpn so I'm actually using my internet connection again15:57
altg3k3morning guys15:58
altg3k3RagnarokAngel, you couodn't use it without a VPN? or just wouldn't?15:59
RagnarokAngeltoo much filtering/censorship with campus internet16:00
altg3k3Ahhhhhhhh right.16:00
altg3k3where are you stuck, btw? if I may ask.16:00
altg3k3never heard of it... O_o16:00
RagnarokAngelUp on the border of KY and VA16:01
RagnarokAngelNorth of Tazewell16:01
altg3k3okay.... because google says New YorkShire, England.16:01
RagnarokAngelyeah it likes to default across the pond unless you specify TN16:01
altg3k3sometimes my work really pisses me off.16:01
altg3k3SUNDAY and I am checking sql jobs because one of our client's IT department cannot get it right.16:02
RagnarokAngelthat blows16:03
altg3k3Yes, yes it does.16:03
RagnarokAngelI've really felt like just ripping apart this school's security.16:03
altg3k3I'm supposed to be a helpdesk tech that is moving into template development.16:03
RagnarokAngeldoesn't sound like you should be checking sql jobs16:04
altg3k3no, but guess what? I get to work in 3 depts.16:04
altg3k3I contain the skill, otherwise this client would be SOL. one of our sysadmins was on vacation last week and the other one is useless and was too tied up in other clients anyway.16:06
altg3k3I'm having to move a full DB backup of their devl environment to a different server, their NAS, which would be fine but their network sucks badly enough it'll take about 2 hrs to move 103GB.16:10
* altg3k3 steps off his soapbox16:16
altg3k3vychune,  ?16:29
vychuneall that work when it could be so much easier16:30
altg3k3oh yeah. I know.16:30
altg3k3Not our system to manage, just my job to make sure their prod environment gets a full backup16:30
altg3k3and stays backup itself up16:30
altg3k3sigh. Windows. I long for cron jobs16:31
altg3k3vychune, the kicker? I'm at home...  accessing their VPN from my work laptop.16:32
altg3k3and have the availability to do anything I need to.16:32
vychunehmm well thats good16:33
vychunejust installed WinXP for my mom's optiplex that i found for her16:33
altg3k3We use optiplex' at work. for our clients16:34
altg3k3they hand out latitude laptops for employees.16:35
vychunei love latitude16:36
altg3k3yeah they're pretty awesome.16:37
altg3k3since I'm moving to dev and have been there a year with only a desktop they got me a new one in the fiirst set of replacement16:37
vychunei need a laptop badly myself lol16:37
vychuneyou guys know any laptop grants for students?16:44
altg3k3Your college might have their own 'store' with discounts.16:46
altg3k3and by that I mean a link on their website that takes you to a discounted spot that a laptop vendor has set up for them.16:47
vychuneefollet -_-16:50
altg3k3anybody know much about the UMUC?16:54
altg3k3or anybody attend DeVry or ITT?16:56
altg3k3Trying to find a college with decent name, good tech courses... and minimal BS classes.16:56
vychuneor TCC17:01
altg3k3southwest TN or tennessee tech?17:01
altg3k3I guess I should add that can award a bachelor's degree.17:02
altg3k3yeah. :/17:02
altg3k3would LIKE online...17:02
vychuneid rather go to a full college lol17:02
vychuneim still young17:02
altg3k3I'm only 21.17:02
altg3k3jerk. :P and I'd rather go to a full college, too but with work. meh17:02
vychunethen why do you want to go the quick route?17:03
altg3k3my job. I really don't want to have to stop.17:03
vychunei'm almost 2117:03
altg3k3where are you going now?17:04
binarymutant2 hours for 103GB?17:06
binarymutantmust be over wifi17:06
altg3k3binarymutant, I hope not, or their pipe is getting clobbered.17:06
vychunebinarymutant: lol whats up dude17:06
vychunealtg3k3: Southwest17:07
binarymutantnot much just poppinh in17:07
altg3k3vychune, nice. I have an assoc.. just not sure where to go from here for the B.S., but want to minimize the 'extra' gen ed stuff.17:07
altg3k3I know it is whiny, but with work and everything else I have no motivation to write history papers or english research papers.17:07
vychunei hated english17:11
vychunei failed it the first time17:11
altg3k3I almost failed history.17:12
altg3k3that wonderful woman rounded for me.17:12
vychunei was that close for Project Management17:14
vychunea C at SWTCC17:14
altg3k3i'd have passed with a 79 but it would've brought my GPA lower than I wanted.17:16
vychunei actually liked my GPA lol17:17
vychunei had a 1.517:17
vychuneit went up to a 2.717:17
RagnarokAngelbleh now I feel old as I'm 23 and still working on this damned english major.17:18
vychuneoh f*** that lol17:18
binarymutant<-- didn't go17:23
binarymutant<-- not in the field I want either17:23
vychunebinarymutant: aw thats too bad17:24
vychunebinarymutant: why not?17:24
binarymutantidk no one will hire me17:24
binarymutantalthough I did pass up on a .net job in MI17:24
vychunei meant the school part17:25
binarymutantoh to much money17:25
binarymutanttime/effort little payback17:26
binarymutantFor some reason I think if i got an associates at pellissippi I doubt it would pay off17:26
binarymutantCommunity College17:28
* netritious never expected to see binarymutant, .Net, and job in one sentence XD17:31
binarymutantpass up was the keyword17:31
netritiousI was |----| <--that close to becoming a trained .Net professional back in '0817:32
binarymutantthey're crazy, 3 person IT dept for 6 different manufacturers. They were going to do a CMS from scratch17:32
binarymutantin .net17:32
altg3k3f that17:32
altg3k3no one will use it anyway. >.>17:33
netritiousdotnetnuke sounds like a better option imho17:33
binarymutantikr, I was like you'd cut down on time by just using an already established cms17:33
netritiousyep, and dotnetnuke is even older than WP...been around for a loooong time17:33
binarymutantthey were also all about only using MS products bc they wanted homogenious enviroment17:34
netritioussmells like old school to me17:34
binarymutantwell the entire, 3ppl, team is younger than me17:35
netritiousand fired up about MS apparently lol17:35
binarymutantlol yeah17:35
binarymutantthey were college educated but apparently missed the CS101 lecture about code reuse17:36
binarymutanttheir 1 dev will quit and no one will be able to read that garbage, it would have been a bad choice for me even though it's family owned17:36
netritiousyeah, and MI? to friggin' cold if you ask me17:37
binarymutantMI sounds good to me in the summer though17:37
binarymutanttoo hot here17:37
altg3k3solution: work from home in winter17:37
netritiousyeah it does get hot down here17:37
binarymutantlol yes17:37
netritioushey binarymutant, installed gnome3 in arch. Works ok in a vm.17:38
binarymutantuntil I find that linux job it's cooking for me :D17:38
binarymutantnetritious, I can't believed you bootstrapped that17:39
netritiouslol like I said, couldn't find any other install media to download, and the new install media is all about the bootstrap method17:39
binarymutantthat's like doing LFS but adding pacman17:39
netritiousI've thought about tackling LFS but confused by some of the docs17:40
binarymutantI couldn't compile glib on LFS and gave up (years ago)17:40
netritiousif you inspect that page, where do you see anything other than the dual_netinstall media? Am I just completely over looking it?17:41
binarymutantnetinstall works for me :D17:41
netritiousdo you use the Arch Install Scripts?17:42
netritiousso there is an installer akin to say di?17:42
netritiousdebian installer17:42
binarymutantis that the graphical one?17:42
netritiousyes and no...not like a live cd/dvd install, but yes has GUI17:43
binarymutantbasicly the arch iso just gives you busybox17:43
binarymutantbusybox and pacman, you download the rest. No gui17:43
netritioushm....maybe I should read a bit of The Arch Way17:44
binarymutantI've never actually read that wiki page17:44
netritiousI'm over it. It's interesting though. Installed openSUSE in a vm this morning with KDE (default) desktop.17:44
netritiousjust trying different things.17:45
binarymutantthat's cool, it's nice to try different distros I guess17:45
netritiouswith 500GB of RAID1 storage for vm's I thought it was time to put it to use :P17:45
binarymutantI'm a stick to 1 type guy, although I guess it's 2 now since moving to arch17:45
binarymutantI've heard good things about Suse17:46
binarymutantwhat's their package manager?17:46
netritiousme to. A real good friend of mine is a winders admin and thinks Suse is the shiz17:46
netritioussetting up centos next.17:47
binarymutantis yast like apt-get or yum?17:47
binarymutantor is it different?17:47
netritiousmore like yum17:47
binarymutantyum and apt-get are the same to me17:49
altg3k3we used OpenSUSE for an info sec class in college.17:49
altg3k3I was sitting there updating it, and sadly enough.. the teacher was like 'what are you doing?'17:49
netritiousthey are all similar...install and upgrade packages17:49
binarymutantI remember when red hat first did yum I was like so they finally copied apt17:49
altg3k3And for an info sec class he used a HORRIBLE practice...17:50
altg3k3su root...........17:50
netritiouswhat's wrong with su root?17:50
binarymutantsu root?17:50
binarymutantwhy not just su17:50
altg3k3Eh i've had people tell me it's bad practice because it sticks you as root17:50
altg3k3instead of sudo17:50
binarymutantsudo is the new way, pushed by ubuntu17:51
altg3k3binarymutant, well, that's another comment on this guy.17:51
binarymutantit's not a bad practice, could be considered an old practice though17:51
netritiousbinarymutant: I've read that it's bad practice, but for all practicality, it comes in handy being root sometimes17:52
vychunei have a question17:52
binarymutantit's not a bad practice, that's just something Ubuntu has been pushing for years17:52
binarymutantthough, if you have a team of admins a single root is silly17:53
netritiousvychune: we don't tolerate questions17:54
binarymutantjust ask dude17:54
altg3k3I'd just been told, from a sec standpoint, that it's risky since it leaves the terminal as the root user instead of timing out.17:54
* netritious is joking of course17:54
binarymutantaltg3k3, that doesn't make sense to17:54
netritiouswell, for sudo binarymutant, by default you have a session expiry with privielage escalation17:55
netritious*please excuse typos17:55
binarymutantyes but that .lock is there for awhile17:55
binarymutantthat's a user error for not typing `exit`17:56
binarymutantor closing the terminal, etc.17:56
netritious+1,000,000 binarymutant17:56
binarymutantsudo didn't always exist :D17:56
altg3k3binarymutant, I'd agree, but considering he didn't even know how to update OpenSUSE.17:56
altg3k3sudo was apparently made as a babysitter for retards17:57
netritiousupdates? on linux? I thought that was just for winders.17:57
altg3k3at work, it is general policy that you mess with someone's computer if it is left unlocked.17:57
netritioussorta like messing with someones FB account if it's left open in a browser :D17:58
binarymutantrm -rf ~/.*17:58
altg3k3THAT only happened once.17:58
altg3k3now I lock EVERYTHING.17:58
altg3k3binarymutant, exactly17:58
altg3k3sadly we're a windows envir17:58
binarymutantyou guys love malware17:59
altg3k3so it's mostly flipping screens. or taking a screenshot of the desktop and removing all the icons.17:59
altg3k3binarymutant, we actually are pretty efficient against it.17:59
netritiouswindows has it's place. I don't get malware and virii. The last one I had was over 10 years ago.17:59
altg3k3for a windows envir, I'm impressed by our lack of infections. lol18:00
netritiousi clean up plenty of systems that do get infected though18:00
netritiouswhich just goes to show you that an idiot is an idiot regardless of what OS is installed18:00
binarymutantnah I can browse the same sites without worrying about that stuff18:01
binarymutantor open any email :P18:01
netritiouswell you do have a point...most malware payloads are directed at winders18:01
altg3k3only due to market penetration18:02
altg3k3I'd think my work would have more problems.. .and be targeted more (it's coming, though).18:02
altg3k3we are healthcare IT.18:02
netritiousright, and that has changed with Android (market penetration)18:02
binarymutantah I have seen the android malware genome project18:03
netritiouswhat did you think binarymutant?18:03
binarymutantidk I try not to18:03
binarymutantis it actually malware on android or is it people giving permissions to bad people?18:04
vychuneWhat would you do in this situation?: You are in bed fast asleep, when suddenly a boom sounds off into your room, and someone says (maybe your Mother) that they need your help with a computer problem18:04
vychune(the boom is your door opening)18:05
binarymutantvychune, unplug it18:05
binarymutantvychune, have you seen IT Crowd? "Have you tried turning it off and on again"18:06
altg3k3LOL. @ that reference.18:06
altg3k3I need to get that for my ringtone..18:06
binarymutantlove that show18:06
vychunenow add this18:07
vychunethe problem is the need to search Google Maps for directions18:08
vychuneTO A CASINO18:09
vychuneor USE A COMPUTER?!?!?18:12
binarymutantthe only Android malware stories I see are coming from msn & affiliates18:13
vychunebinarymutant: really?18:14
vychuneive heard a few from friendsbut thats all18:14
binarymutantyeah msn.com, zdnet, pcworld18:14
vychunepcworld is with M$?18:14
binarymutantall page 1 google18:15
vychunewho knew? lol18:15
vychune(i know i should pay attention more lol)18:15
binarymutantI'd say MS is pcworlds biggest revenue18:17
binarymutantno facts to back up tho18:17
vychuneoh ok18:19
binarymutantsamething with zdnet18:20
binarymutantno facts just guessing18:20
vychuneah ok then18:23
binarymutanthttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCWorld_(magazine)#Controversy IDG "was pressuring him to avoid stories that were critical of major advertisers."18:23
binarymutantI'm sure it doesn't just apply to Apple18:24
vychuneguess i gotta new a new PC mag18:24
binarymutantYou can keep ahead of magazines by following the right rss feeds :D18:24
vychuneoh yeah18:25
vychunei keep up with OMG Ubuntu18:25
binarymutantkeep ahead of OMG Ubuntu with this feed http://planet.ubuntu.com/18:25
binarymutantstraight from the devs blogs18:26
vychunethank u18:26
binarymutantoh oh, you could keep ahead of the devs blogs by following the ubuntu-devel mailing list :P18:27
binarymutantand prolly keep ahead of that with the IRC channel lol18:27
vychunesmh lol18:28
vychunelol ok18:33
vychunei love urban terror18:33
vychuneUnit193: didnt see you there whats up!18:55
vychunecha doing18:55
Unit193Not a ton right now, going to rVNC into sisters laptop tonight though to fix stuff up.18:56
wrstnetritious: i have been looking through the arch stuff, man they have gone to moderate to difficult19:06
netritiouswrst: so it's not just me?19:07
wrstno the install used to be the easy part of it19:07
netritiousthe only thing that was confusing for me was the bit about installing grub.19:10
wrsti imagine from this line: AIF had to be dropped due to lack of maintenance and contributions. Of course we would appreciate it if people would start hacking on it to bring it up to par.19:11
wrstthey are looking for some help there19:11
wrsti never made it that far netritious but about to give it a go19:11
wrstnetritious: the wiki has changed some since last night i would give it a few weeks and the docs will be good and probaly a few more and htey will have the Arch Installation Framework back up19:15
netritiousit's not so bad, just takes a minute19:15
binarymutantwrst netritious what you guys talking about?19:19
binarymutantima dl the arch iso and see whats up19:19
wrstbinarymutant: you are greeted with a boot prompt with the arch install now19:19
binarymutantdownloading the iso19:21
binarymutantyou can't just type `boot`?19:21
binarymutantor something19:21
wrstbinarymutant: www.archlinux.org19:22
binarymutantyeah downloading the iso now19:22
binarymutanti'm going to see whats up19:22
wrstcheck out the lead blog19:22
wrstthe docs haven't proably caught up with the change19:22
binarymutantarch maintainers dont make too much sense. You don't have to drop something just bc it's not being actively developed19:24
wrstbinarymutant: may be something due to some of the recent changes possibly but i used a disk from 2010 and had no issues, i'm guessing its mainly because of grub219:35
netritiousbinarymutant: when you boot the latest iso, and choose to install, you are given a root prompt (bash).19:51
binarymutantbooting now19:51
binarymutantwelp looks like Arch is about to die19:55
binarymutantno one is going to want to bootstrap an install19:57
netritiouslinux snobs maybe, or veterans20:04
wrstbinarymutant: i think they just need someone to work on the installer i'm guessing20:05
netritiousthe arch community at first glance looks to be like a bunch of snobs not willing to hand hold, but I get it, KISS and all.20:07
netritious You really learn something when you have to go through all the little processes that are typically automated in other distros.20:07
netritiousso on one spectrum there is LFS, then on the other a Live installer, and arch would be somewhere near the former.20:08
netritiousubuntu wants to be friendly, b/c maybe you or someone you know will hear about it, install it, and maybe, just maybe, buy support.20:10
Unit193Also, made to transistion windows users over so it has to be simple.20:10
binarymutanturgh arch is grossing me out20:13
netritiousYeah Unit193, a lot of distros seem to have that goal.20:13
netritiousyeah, it's like a step backwards.20:15
netritiousbinarymutant: ^20:15
binarymutantI don't want it to be LFS20:15
binarymutanteven gentoo doesn't require bootstrapping20:15
netritiouswhat's weird to me is that for a bootstrapped, supposedly minimal install, it still takes up almost 1GB.20:16
binarymutantomg really?20:16
binarymutantit used to be a 300mb install20:17
netritiousdf -h reported somewhere around 900+ MB...don't recall the exact number, but I was a little surprised.20:17
Unit193Awwwh, and I kinda liked the idea of arch. :(20:18
wrstUnit193: they will change this i'm sure20:19
netritiousbinarymutant: I didn't purge the package cache after install though. idk how to do that with pacman. That might have something to do with it.20:19
Unit193wrst: That's great.20:19
binarymutantyeah maybe20:19
binarymutantI might be going back to debian now20:19
wrstnetritious: that's likely it that is a pretty big part depending20:19
wrstbinarymutant: i like debian testing when it works20:19
binarymutantsid is where I'd be going20:20
netritiousI pretty much rely on debian stable for server, ubuntu lts for desktop, kvm-qemu for vm's.20:21
wrstbinarymutant: only thing is its not meant to be used like arch is20:21
Unit193LTS? Alrighty....20:22
netritious*and winders for some dev stuff.20:22
binarymutantwrst,  what do you mean?20:22
netritious*and gaming20:22
Unit193I may have to learn kvm, but not sure if hardware is good enough.20:22
netritiousUnit193: what's wrong with LTS?20:22
netritiousdebian stable seems more stale to me.20:22
Unit193It is.20:22
binarymutantvery stale20:23
Unit193Testing/Sid isn't bad.20:23
netritiouswhich is why I can live with ubuntu's staleness.20:23
wrstbut very stale = very stable :)20:23
binarymutantunstable is great, it's very stable20:23
binarymutantoxymoronic i know20:23
Unit193wrst: Yes, good for servers.20:23
Unit193netritious: Also, it helps to have all repos enabled.20:24
binarymutantbut we're talking about Visa sys admins thinking sid is unstable vs a home user20:24
binarymutantidk if I want to reformat, I have a butt ton of programs on here ..20:24
netritiousUnit193: I used to be in the habit of enabling backports, but I don't any more. Had a few systems break.20:26
Unit193Ah, no PPAs?20:27
netritiousvery very rarely.20:27
Unit193Seems like a sane idea.20:27
Unit193Which is why I'd never do it. :P20:28
netritiousI would rather try to build from source before installing via PPA.20:28
netritiousunless it was my PPA repo of course :P20:29
netritiousIt really doesn't matter now that virtualization exists...I can test if a PPA will work just by copying a disk image file and creating a new vm.20:30
Unit193I  know the firefox aurora PPA for example is made by the person that uploads it to Ubuntu main, so thats good.20:31
netritiousyeah, as long as you don't mind beta testing.20:32
netritiousstupid centos. Almost as bad as arch. No networking 'cept localhost on default install. :P20:33
Unit193Cent is a big older. :/20:33
binarymutantalright installing debian again, this time I'm going to write down every package I need for my custom "base"20:34
netritiousnice. please share when you're done. ;)20:36
netritiousI'm curious what using a system with a WM and not a desktop is like, and using sid sounds like fun.20:37
binarymutantback in a few20:39
RagnarokAngelI really want a waffles.fm or what.cd invite21:14
chris4585anyone know of a good alert program?21:17
chris4585a very basic one21:17
RagnarokAngelcan't cron do alerts?21:17
chris4585probably but I want a gui21:18
RagnarokAngelI can't think of anything off the top of my head21:22
chris4585I think osmo will do what I need21:22
chris4585yeah osmo works good for alerts woot21:29
altg3k3RagnarokAngel, what are those?21:38
RagnarokAngelwaffles and whatcd are private trackers dedicated to music21:39
RagnarokAngelthey sort of popped up as replacements to oink21:40
Juzzyi used to have a what.cd acct22:35
Juzzybut after 4+ yrs of not loggin on they killed it22:36
RagnarokAngelThey do that. My ratio on demonoid has me in a bracket that I don't think I can get deleted.22:41
altg3k3anybody know if there are apps for using RDP from linux? including RDGateway?23:51
altg3k3I can search.. didn't know if someone knew off-hand23:51
Unit193Client or server?23:54
Unit193Connect from, xfreerdp.23:54
Unit193Bundled with remmina is what I like.23:54
Unit193(and use)23:54
altg3k3as in, if I can get permission to take a linux laptop to work and potentially use it for certain tasks. I'd probably need to RDP into a windows server.23:54
Unit193I use RDP with vbox, works well.23:55
altg3k3awesome, thank you.23:56
Unit193Try apt-cache show centrifydc  as well if you have partner repo.23:59

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