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kodezgreetings everyone09:52
Kilosafternoon guys11:09
KilosMaaz, coffee on11:09
* Maaz flips the salt-timer11:09
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!11:13
KilosMaaz, ty11:13
MaazYou are welcome Kilos11:13
charlvngood afternoon all13:14
charlvnMaaz: coffee on13:14
* Maaz starts grinding coffee13:14
charlvnhi Kilos 13:14
Kiloshi charlvn 13:14
charlvnhow's it going13:14
KilosMaaz, coffee please13:14
MaazKilos: Okay13:14
Kiloshi nlsthzn 13:14
charlvnyeah, good timing for coffee!13:14
nlsthznalo uncle Kilos 13:15
charlvnhi nlsthzn 13:15
Kiloslol no choice had big pc probs with small solution after muc searching13:15
charlvnoh my goodness! that sucks!!13:15
charlvnwhat happened?13:15
Kilosnlsthzn, talk to me about cinnamon13:15
nlsthzncharlvn, hi :)13:16
nlsthznKilos, cinnamon is an attempt to klink to the past destined to fail eventually... 13:16
Kilospc musta gone into hibernate or something last night. even though this drive isnt set for it and couldnt come out again so i pulled the power cord13:16
Kilosthen os not found13:17
nlsthznbut it is only a DE running on top of gnome 313:17
Kilosthen pc would just start and 5 secs switch off again13:17
MaazCoffee's ready for charlvn and Kilos!13:18
Kiloseven moved drives and tried others and plugged and unplugged ram and all cards and blew pc clean but still same13:18
KilosMaaz, ty13:18
MaazYou are welcome Kilos13:18
charlvnMaaz: thanks13:19
Maazcharlvn: Sure13:19
Kilosturns out the on/off button on top was stuck in the connect mode so switched on and off after 5 secs13:19
Kilosgood clout sorted the problem13:19
Kilosi was nearly crying13:19
nlsthznalls well that ends well I hope13:20
Kiloswith frustration13:20
Kilosyeah now all good again13:20
nlsthzncheck out the power settings (not that gnome has much like that)13:20
Kiloswill check again. moved my 80g from old p4 to this later p4 nuvolari sent me13:21
Kilosso the install wasnt for this drive from this pc so there must be other stuffs not right as well13:21
Kilospower management set on never and never13:22
Kilosin the bios too there is no option to turn off apm13:24
Kilosgigabyte board13:24
nlsthznwas just about to write check bios13:24
Kilosbeen here since 4 am trying to sort it13:24
Kilostried my 20g drive with maverick in here and it cant get past grub menu13:25
Kiloskeyboard doesnt seem to work13:25
Kilosbooted from cd and after a bit a window came up saying it needs restricted drivers13:26
Kilosbut gonna leave the 20g in old p413:27
Kiloswhen i eventually got it to boot from cd i nearly installed 12.0413:31
Kilosbb tonight guys14:06
nlsthznwell I am glad your back on the airwaves uncle Kilos 14:07
Kilosty nlsthzn kind of you. i still got my old pc as a standy so ill never be gone for long14:07
KilosAll good with you nlsthzn ? you been missing some14:07
nlsthznoh I have been here enough... perhaps using another nick all scaly like14:08
Kilosthen say hi when you see me man14:10
Kilosyou mean not-found14:11
nlsthznthat is I14:11
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* not_found has to install IRC on his phone again14:11
Kilosya i know that but maybe its the head but i feel like you been off a while14:11
Kilosill get you back never fear14:11
not_foundbeen working for the last six days (before yesterday...) 4 nights so I was on very late14:14
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Kilosyo Cantide 17:20
CantideCaNotStudy tonight \o/17:20
Cantidestudied earlier today17:21
Kilosyou not going to church so you can study17:21
Cantideso i'm taking a break :p17:21
Kilosfor how long?17:21
* Cantide doesn't go to church as it is17:21
Cantidehmmmmm, 3 hours?17:21
Kiloshmm ok then take a break17:21
Cantideam doing that :)17:21
Cantidewhat are you up to?17:21
Kilostyring to get a later pc stable 17:22
Kilostrying too17:22
Cantidethe one with the 20 pin PSU?17:22
Kiloskeeps not working everytime i swop drives17:22
Kilosno no no17:22
Kilosits a p4 nuvolari sent me17:23
Cantideoh :p17:23
Cantidemaybe the drives are the cause?17:23
Cantidecould be that one of the drives has a faulty controller17:23
Kilos12.04 says kernel failure17:23
Kilosi am using one at a time in it17:24
Cantideoh >.<17:24
Kiloshad it working on this drive then put a 20g in and tried to install 12.04. kernel crash so i put this drive back and it wouldnt boot so drive back in old ,pc17:25
Cantideweird o_O17:26
Kilosyeah i think its unhappy bios17:26
Kilosso battery out again17:26
Kilosdunno if a bios upgrade will work using ubntu17:27
Cantideno idea..17:29
Cantidei've not flashed a bios for years17:29
Cantideand when i did, it was using a stiffy disk and not even booting to an os17:29
Kilosill first read up on it before i try. if bios gone mb = scrap17:31
Cantideand it's seldom the cause of problems17:32
Cantideunless you're trying to use new hardware with an old mb17:32
Kilosit should see the change in drives and boot accordingly as this pc does17:33
Kilosnot crash everytime a drive is changed17:33
Cantidefaulty cables?17:34
Kilosif they faulty they should be faulty all the time not just now and again. but ill change them and see17:35
Kilosty for the idea17:35
inetprohmm... why everyone is so quiet?18:53
Kilosjust sitting today, tired of thinking18:54
inetproKilos: eish18:57
inetprosounds like you've had a rough day18:57
Kilosmet ys ja18:57
inetproKilos: BTW, all three eggs hatched18:58
* inetpro is very happy18:58
Kilosgreat good hen that18:58
inetproshe took them chicks their first walkabout today18:59
Kilosnormally hens dont sit and wait for last egg to hatch18:59
Kilosyesterdays weather19:06
Kilossunny skies,gentle north easter and the snot klapped out of the stormers19:07
inetproKilos: let's hope the sharks can win the came down under19:21
Kiloswhew yeah19:21
Kiloswe hope so19:21
charlvngood evening Kilos, inetpro 19:21
Kilosyo charlvn 19:21
charlvneverything sorted now Kilos ?19:22
charlvnhi magespawn 19:22
magespawnHi charlvn19:23
Kilosgot it going yeah but then tried another drive to install 12.04 and had kernel crash message19:23
magespawnHey Kilos19:23
Kiloschanged drives back and it could see an OS 19:23
Kilosyo mage19:23
Kiloslol now battery out then i gonna study the bios and see if i can master the thing19:24
Kiloswere you here when i said what the prob was that i found charlvn 19:24
charlvnyeah these irritating little issues can cost a lot of time19:25
Kilossticking on off switch19:25
Kilosit was stuck in the connect mode so switched off again after 5 secs19:25
Kilostook half a day to find that one19:26
charlvnshame man, that really sucks19:26
charlvni need to run off and do some stuff, speak to you all tomorrow19:27
Kiloslol but now i know19:27
Kilosgo well19:28
charlvnyeah half the solution is understanding the problem right?19:28
charlvnthanks have a good one!19:28
magespawnKilos do those chips work?19:28
Kilosgot one in but pc wont even turn screen on magespawn and i put the othewr one in a safe place19:29
Kilosstill trying to find out where19:29
Kiloseven got thermal paste but luckily havent used it on first one19:30
Kiloswill first get one working before pasting and sinking it19:30
magespawnIs the board giving you any post beeps?19:31
Kilosmind you i have got that tiny speaker in yet19:32
Kilostook a while to figure out what it was19:32
Kiloswas funny trying to find what front panel connectors go where19:33
magespawnThat will help. Then if the board still works it will give a beep code even if the chip is out.19:33
Kiloshad to sit outside in good light with glasses and magnifying glass19:33
magespawnYes the writing on the board is tiny.19:35
Kiloseven if you have good eyes19:35
Kilosi got one blind and the other also cat see19:35
magespawnI struggle sometimes, there is one in my shop now.19:36
Kilosone what?19:36
magespawnBoard that I cannot read.19:39
Kilosget a magnifying glass19:40
Kiloson those front panel connectors which side must the writing go19:41
Kilosto outside or inside of mb19:41
nuvolariI'm out19:42
nuvolarig'night oom Kilos, magespawn 19:43
Kiloslekker slaap nuvolari 19:43
nuvolariand the others19:43
Kilossee you morrow 19:43
nuvolaridankie oom, lekker slaap oom ook :)19:43
Kilosby hookor by crook19:43
magespawnI think this one does not have anything, there is not even a manufacturers name.19:43
Kilosdankie seun19:43
magespawnNight nuvolari19:43
Kilosoh these connectors have what they are for printed on one side19:44
Kiloslike hd led19:44
Kilosand power sw19:44
Kilosbut no +-19:45
Tonberrythe switches dont matter19:46
Tonberrythe leds do19:46
Tonberryusually the coloured one is + and the white one _19:47
Tonberrybut if the led does not work just flip it over19:47
Kilosah ty Tonberry 19:50
Kilosand whats the msg one19:50
Kilosi dont have that wire from front panel but it shows on the mb19:51
* Tonberry shrugs19:51
Banlamall you really need is the power button19:51
Banlameverything else is just decorations :)19:51
Tonberryor a screwdriver19:52
Kilosi like the hd led then i can see when drive is actually working19:52
Banlammine works when i tell it to work :)19:53
Banlamand some times when I don't19:53
magespawnAnd sometimes does not when you do.19:55
Banlamfortunately that doesn't happen too often19:55
Kilosnight all , sleep tight20:07
magespawnNight al.20:44
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