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len-dtholstein, if you backtrack in the logs to just before your conversation with Submarine, there is a bit of spam. It seems to be the same person as before:16:30
len-dt* al4nc4ds (~alan@unaffiliated/al4nc4ds) has joined #ubuntustudio16:30
len-dt* al4nc4ds http://www.wifislax.com/16:30
len-dt* al4nc4ds has quit (Quit: Leaving)16:30
len-dtAlan Cads? seems to be trying to make himself untraceable.16:31
len-dtI wonder how many of these will show up in all the logs.16:33
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holsteinlen-dt: interesting21:22
holsteini thought i had talked to submarine before though21:22
holsteinover a year ago21:22
holsteini did notice alan :/21:22

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