MishHey Len are you there?00:06
cfhowlettLen-nb: FYI, I queried Full Circle Magazine for a list of recommended publishing application.  Will share their response.04:30
Len-nbgreat. I'll see what we can do with it04:45
* al4nc4ds http://www.wifislax.com/14:24
SubmarineI use Rosegarden for sequencing, Ardour for recording, Hydrogen for drums, FluidSynth and LinuxSampler for sampler sounds. Is there a great app that I have missed?16:06
holsteinmaybe harmonyseq or seq2416:07
holsteinJAMin is nice for "mastering"16:07
Submarinethanks for the suggestions16:08
holsteinmaybe an arpeggiator?16:08
holsteinrakarrack is nice, and not just for guitars16:08
* Submarine looks at arpeggiators16:09
Submarineregarding soft synths, I've used Yoshimi, Aeolus...16:10
Submarineand the Hammond B3 emulator16:10
holsteinxsynth and whysynth are fun16:10
holsteini would check out http://wootangent.net/category/music/tutorials/16:12
holsteinyou prolly know a lot of it already16:12
Submarinewell, I still encounter mysteries16:14
harry__DAW is a constant learning process16:14
Submarinelike how to have uneven speed16:14
Submarineand everything keeps in sync16:14
Submarineone problem is that just every apps like to believe it is the master time16:15
holsteini would just play something in analog that is going to keep the time16:15
holsteincall that the "master" and play everything along with it16:15
SubmarineI mean, how do you call it, these tempo tracks16:15
holsteini do very little MIDI though, and usually just do things like16:15
holsteinSubmarine: you can always create a tempo track16:16
holsteinhow do the pro's do it?16:17
holsteinthey dont use JACK and the tools we use.. they dont necessarily have the opportunity to do it all at once like that16:17
SubmarineI suppose they use software that can effectively use a tempo track without mishaps.16:17
holsteinthey would create some master tempo track somehow though16:18
holsteinSubmarine: you just need to learn to make one, and use it16:18
holsteini would literally tap the tempo out near a mic while humming the tune16:18
holsteinthen, start replacing16:18
ollie_Hey, what benefits do I get from installing this instead of another distro if I wasn't planning on using the supplied DAW, but Reaper in WINE instead?18:52
mlpugollie_, I guess not much18:58
mlpugits one of the much used distros so my argument to use it that you find more related information from various forums, irc etc18:59
ollie_I'm using an ubuntu based distro as it is though18:59
ollie_I assume the low latency kernel is still useful, right?19:00
MaynardWatersWhat is Reaper ?19:39
magicguitarmanIt's a DAW. http://www.reaper.fm/ meant to be cheap and pretty good19:42
magicguitarmanI haven't used it myself but my bass player has and likes it.19:42
MaynardWatersthanks magicguitarman19:43
magicguitarmanno problem19:44
MaynardWatersive been able to get ableton to work under wine, that along with cool edit pro 2.0 seem to run well on ubuntu19:44
magicguitarmanMy only experience of WINE is the odd game. I'm happy with Ardour and RoseGarden when I do any recording/arranging19:45
devtekalphaCan you make just as good audio productions on linux as you can with windows?21:08
devtekalphaI want to move to using linux and freeware will i still be able to make professional sound?21:10
magicguitarmanYes, I would say so, but it's going to take some learning. Like with any move, there's new ways of doing things21:11
devtekalphaWell as long as it is possible im willing to learn :)21:13
magicguitarmanWhat do you use at the moment?21:14
devtekalphaVista. Reaper. Free vsts. Sound forge. Wavelab21:14
magicguitarmanReaper will actually work using WINE. But I'd recommend making the leap as native apps run better.21:15
devtekalphaCool. What would you reccommend instead of using reaper and soundforge21:16
magicguitarmanI suggest reading up on, and testing Ardour, RoseGarden, Hydrogen,FluidSynth and LinuxSampler21:16
magicguitarmanThat should give you a start21:17
devtekalphaCool thanks ill look them up21:17
magicguitarmanNo problem21:17

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