endafyI need help00:02
endafyI installed KDE 4.9 using backports and somehow now after the restart muon software center and the updater is gone00:03
endafyis there a fix for this?00:03
endafynvm I figured it out I can install it by reinstalling muon00:05
endafythat was just rather odd how it just got removed after installing KDE 4.900:05
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Daskreecheendafy: Hi00:23
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endafyis there anyone alive in the channel? lol03:17
endafyanyone here?03:17
endafyhelllllooooo out there03:17
endafy392 active users not a single one lol03:18
Phiscribehello hello hello (echo echo echo)03:24
endafyhey where is Keyboard & Mouse in the latest version of 12.04?03:28
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skreech_endafy: same place as before03:48
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endafyDaskreech: its actually not there03:52
Daskreechendafy: System settings -> Input devices ?03:54
endafyDaskreech: thank you03:57
Daskreechendafy: Welcome03:58
endafybeen looking over an hour and typing mouse didnt highlight it03:58
Daskreechendafy: It did here04:30
Daskreechendafy: alt=F2 -> mouse should work as well04:30
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BrunoTrancosoALguem Portugues?04:56
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.05:03
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faizwhats up skreech?05:39
skreech_Not much05:39
skreech_Howare you doing?05:39
faizpretty fine mate, thanks05:39
faizthis  is my first IRC chat05:40
skreech_ah well welcome :)05:40
faizalways syateed in yahoo and google chat, never tried this05:40
skreech_ if you have any questions please ask05:40
faizthanks :D05:40
faizerrr, i am still getting the general idea05:41
faizis this a room i am in?05:41
faizsorry if i use yahoo terminologies05:41
skreech_It's often called a Channel but sure it's basically a room :)05:42
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faizhaha thanks :)05:42
faizso how do i select a room/channel of my own choice?05:42
Daskreechyou'd type /join and the room name05:43
Daskreechwhich should start with a #05:43
Daskreechlike /join #kubuntu-offtopic05:43
faizi see05:43
faizisnt there a room list of some sort somewhere?05:44
faizi have no ideaaaa of room names, this is the room whicch my client connected to by default05:44
Daskreechfaiz: There is but this is one of the larger servers so they prefer if you don't get a list of the channels05:45
Daskreech it's maybe 25000 ?05:45
Daskreechso too many for you to look through and a lot for them to serve upfor you to give up05:45
Daskreechperhaps I can help. What are you looking for?05:45
faizi have no idea mate about whats on offer05:46
faizjust wanted to look around05:46
faizthanks for the tip anyway :)05:46
faizperhaps you can tell me one thing, the best client for irc chat in your opinion is...........05:47
Daskreechfaiz: depends on your inclinations05:47
DaskreechI like konversation but your needs may be different from mine05:48
faizi just have this quassel installed by default here05:48
faizi was check8ing what this is and i landed here in the room :P05:49
DaskreechQuassel is nice it allows you to run a client server setup which can be pretty neat05:49
Daskreechif you like having a lot of scripts then X-chat is very good05:49
Daskreechif you want something super minimal then irssi is great05:49
Daskreechif you want something integrated with your other chat clients then Pidgin is a good candidate05:50
faizease  of use is the one i am looking for05:50
faizsomething which wouldnt need a martian to decode05:50
faizquassel is not bad till now..will try konversation out05:51
DaskreechWell I like konversation It's a non complicated IRC client in my eyes05:51
faizyeah, will give it a try05:52
faiztell me mate, is the concept of adding friends popular in irc?05:52
DaskreechNot really?05:52
DaskreechI mean you can kinda but esp in here it's sort of viewed as rude05:53
faizi see.. thanks :)05:53
faizits a one time stand then ? :P05:53
DaskreechNo it's just a much larger group.05:55
DaskreechSome people have been here years05:55
faizin the same room?05:55
Daskreechbut more so this is a support channel so most people who blast through here just want to ask a question quickly and leave05:56
DaskreechNot really a "friend"05:56
DaskreechYou can be in thousands of rooms at the same time05:56
Daskreechacross multiple servers05:56
faizthis is interesting!!05:57
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faizhow is the weather in georgia anyway? :)05:58
DaskreechHot rainy and filled with fire05:59
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faizoops ssorry  minor pc problem :)06:02
DaskreechWelcoem back06:03
DaskreechWelcome even06:03
faizthanks mate :)06:03
faizso you were telling me how to be ubiquitous...06:04
Guest56512http://www.gnu.org/gnu/gnu-linux-faq.html < < isn't GNU and Linux the same thing?06:13
faiznoot really06:14
Guest56512faiz, as Ubuntu is based on Debian, and Debian is GNU, is Ubuntu also GNU?06:19
DaskreechGuest56512: No06:21
Daskreechfor your first question06:21
DaskreechUbuntu is based on Debian06:22
DaskreechDebian is GNU06:22
Daskreechit doesn't follow that Ubuntu is GNU06:22
Daskreechactually I think Debian might not be GNU06:22
Guest56512Wikipedia says Debian is based on GNU06:24
Guest56512"Debian (play /ˈdɛbiən/) is a computer operating system composed of software packages released as free and open source software primarily under the GNU General Public License along with other free software licenses.[5] Debian GNU/Linux, which includes the GNU OS tools and Linux kernel,[6] is a popular and influential Linux distribution." Line copied from Wikipedia: Are they talking about two different OS?06:28
Guest56512Debian and Debian GNU/Linux?06:28
* gnomefreak so confused. why did you ay Debian and Debian? are they not the same?06:33
Guest56512I said, "Debian" and "Debian GNU/Linux"06:34
Guest56512that's what I am asking, are both the same?06:35
gnomefreakah ok06:35
gnomefreakGuest56512: i dont think they are but i havent run Debian in maybe 5 or more years06:35
skreech_Guest56512: Ok if you want a small history lesson I can explain that if you like06:38
Guest56512yeah, sure, go on06:39
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dissehey guys, I'm using the new kde 4.9 and when I try under system settings/display and monitor to add a new screen and I press apply nothing changes06:41
DaskreechSo back when  this whole "Free software" Movement started it was done as response to UNIX being very well designed but being cut apart and closed down by companies trying to control profit lines06:42
Daskreechdisse: It doesnt detect the display?06:42
disseit detects it06:42
disseI am able to make my changes06:43
dissebut after applying nothing changes06:43
DaskreechGuest56512: So they started a movement to replicate the UNIX design without taking any of the actual code from UNIX so that they couldn't be called thieves or beholden to licenses from the companies. So they made GNU or GNU's Not UNIX06:43
Daskreechdisse: Sohow are you able to make changes?06:44
Daskreechdisse: You may need to log out and backin to get the changes seen06:44
disseI can click the boxes and so on06:44
disseI rebooted 3 times ...06:44
disseI mean in different settings06:44
dissenothing changed06:44
DaskreechGuest56512: The idea was to build over all the tools and libraries and kernel from older UNIXs06:45
disseand the configuration set back to it's default06:45
Daskreechdisse: Oh Hmm what are you trying to change?06:45
disseoke, I have a hdmi-0 and a dvi-1 display06:45
dissedvi-1 is disabled06:45
disseI enabled it and made it to the right of the hdmi-006:46
disseThen I applied it06:46
dissewent back to the overview06:46
disseand now the funnies06:46
disseWhen I click to the settings again06:46
disseIt is again deactivated06:46
disseI applied the setting and saved it as standart06:47
Guest56512Daskreech, ??06:51
DaskreechGuest56512: Ok back :)06:51
DaskreechGuest56512: They built most of the toold but couldn't get the kernel up and running (still haven't as a matterof fact)06:51
Daskreechdisse: do you get both the monitors?06:52
DaskreechGuest56512: Along came linus and made a kernel that people could use. Except that a kernel by itself isn't very useful06:53
disseI made a little video to demonstrate it06:53
Daskreechso people took the GNU tools that already existed and paired them wih the Linux Kernel and the both of them GNU and Linux became the basis of a lot of the work that you see06:53
Daskreechdisse: Oh .. ok06:54
DaskreechGuest56512: So Debian is a GNU/Linux Distro. It puts together GNU tools and the LInux kernel to make something that people can use06:54
DaskreechGuest56512: But, for example, Android is a linux distro but it is not GNU since it uses none of those tools06:55
DaskreechIn the same way PC-BSD is GNU because it ships with the GNU tools but it's not a LInux06:55
Guest56512oh.. thanks for the information...06:57
dissenot HD06:57
dissebut I think you can get what it should show06:57
DaskreechGuest56512: The GNU tools are most of the commands you are used to running. find, cd, ls, bash etc06:57
Guest56512so, what Ubuntu took from Debian.. when we say, Ubuntu is Debian based, what base are we talking about?06:58
dissepackaging system06:59
Daskreechdisse: plan on making it not private?06:59
DaskreechGuest56512: The scripts and packaging system06:59
Daskreechusually it makes a good job of taking all thepackages as well but that's not always the case07:00
disseand how folders are built07:00
disselocations of the folders07:00
Guest56512ok, clear :) thanks07:01
Daskreechhi faiz07:02
Daskreech :)07:02
DaskreechGuest56512: Sure07:02
disseif you need any details of my display configurations, just ask :D07:03
Daskreechdisse: identify outputs doesn't show up on the dvi-0 ?07:03
dissedvi-1 is black07:03
disse(that's the display you meant)07:03
disseanother funfact at this07:04
Daskreechoh sorry -107:04
disseIf I change it with the nvidia-settings-manager07:04
dissethe screen lights up and it works fine07:04
Daskreechoh well thats different07:04
disseI am able to save it to the x conf file07:05
Daskreechif you are using the nvidia driver you use their manager07:05
disseafter reboot, you can imagine, it's back the same07:05
Daskreechwhich should work I think07:05
DaskreechThe xorgconf file changes on reboot?07:05
disseit is the same07:05
dissebut not loaded?07:05
disseI don't know07:05
disseI'll try setting it by the nvidia-settings-manager and look through the logs07:08
dissethe real location is /etc/X11/xorg.conf isn't it?07:08
DaskreechWould be great if I could remember how to make X read from a particular file07:09
disse__next fact: On login screen both displays are working07:13
disse__after logging in, the right one is disabled and black07:13
DaskreechAh so do you have anything in your ~/.xsession-errors ?07:15
Daskreechany EE ?07:16
disse__what is an EE07:17
disse__ 07:18
disse__ERROR: Error parsing configuration file '/home/disse/.nvidia-settings-rc'07:18
disse__but I think that is my problem07:18
Daskreechis there a ~/.nvidia-settings-rc ?07:19
disse__I think, I got it now07:22
disse__I executed the program as root07:22
disse__now trying to reboot07:22
Daskreechdisse: what's the permissions on the file?07:25
disse-rw-rw-r-- 1 disse disse 1274 Aug  5 09:25 .nvidia-settings-rc07:26
dissebut the error from failing to read the file is away07:28
disseI'm now on the end...07:30
disseI'll try more at evening, bye07:30
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OttovonBismarckhey everyone, is there a way to force kde to shut-down despite error messages about things crashing (usually kwin recently)08:41
endafyhit ctrl alt f108:47
endafylog in08:47
endafytype sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop08:48
endafyalso log in as root08:48
endafysudo -i08:48
endafytype the following "init 3"08:49
endafyif kdm stop fails08:49
OttovonBismarckWell my problem is leaving the computer on and having ktorrent shut it off when it stops seeding08:49
endafyuse vuze08:49
endafyktorrent is in complete shambles08:49
endafyidk why its even included08:50
OttovonBismarckok, but the problem isn't in ktorrent08:50
OttovonBismarckit initiates shutdown finer08:50
OttovonBismarckit's that shutdown is stopped by crash messages08:50
endafyyou can also make a script to call rckdm stop when anything finishes08:50
endafysounds like you have more issues than just ktorrent then08:51
endafyupdate to kde 4.908:51
OttovonBismarckso i need to write a script to shut down my computer08:51
endafyI am saying you can08:51
OttovonBismarckyeah i just did, hopefully that improves things08:51
endafy4.9 is pretty special08:52
endafyI like it08:52
endafyive only had issues with reinstalling muon08:52
OttovonBismarckbut having crash notifications permanently stop a requested shutdown seems wrong08:52
endafyfor some reason it completely removed muon on me08:52
OttovonBismarckand no obvious way to change that behaviour08:53
endafyhaha the apply:ok bug for wallpapers still exists08:53
endafyinstalling 4.9 reset my themes too08:54
endafywhich pissed me off08:54
endafy4.8 themes dont upgrade with it so I had to reinstall them08:54
endafyother than that though its faster and smoother08:54
OttovonBismarckhopefully stuff crashes less when it's trying to shutdown08:55
endafyive had a crash with rekonq08:55
endafyseems a little off08:55
OttovonBismarckor they have a sane limit on how long crash dialogues can delay a shutdown08:55
OttovonBismarckie: not forever08:56
endafyas in give it 15 seconds then force it08:56
endafyI dont generally have issues with KDE08:56
OttovonBismarckor a minute, seems like a rational behaviour08:56
endafypeople talk of crashes08:56
endafyidk what people are doing08:57
OttovonBismarckthings only crash when i'm shutting it down08:57
endafyoff topic thought, im trying to remember an ex's last name to look her up and its pissing me off08:57
OttovonBismarckWhy is ktorrent a mess btw?08:57
endafymagnet links are borked08:57
endafyheh her name happens to be katie08:58
endafyfor the life of me I cant remember her last name08:58
OttovonBismarckthey work for me, be it slowly08:58
endafyhavent thought of her in years08:58
endafytry vuze08:58
endafyvuze is wonderful08:58
OttovonBismarckqtbittorrent worked ok for me in the past08:58
endafythere are a lot of them08:59
endafythere are even special magnet plugins for firefox08:59
endafybasically uses firefox downloader to download without uploading jack shit for magnet links08:59
endafynot really some people dont have an upload speed thats acceptable09:00
OttovonBismarckany upload is acceptable09:00
endafylike me I have a 5mb dl but my ul speed is like 200k09:00
endafybasically thats 2k/s irl speed upload09:01
OttovonBismarckesp whenyou leave your computer on when you're not on it to torrent under the assumption that it will turn off with no user interaction09:01
endafyI only use torrent to get legal crap with tons of seeders anyway09:01
endafyOttovonBismarck: wanna try some fun shit, compile bespin09:05
endafybespin is awesome09:05
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lordievaderGood morning09:43
ganilordievader: morning:)09:46
lordievaderHey gani, how are you?09:46
ganifine:) how r you ??:)09:46
lordievadergani: I'm doing good :), got some good music playing.09:47
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east___Hello all , my keyboard is not working on kde what can i do ?11:04
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FloodBotK1east___: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:11
east___is here anybody11:11
Mamarokeast___: this is a support channel, if you have a question, just ask11:12
Mamarokhm, seems I missed the question11:13
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rottingdeadHallo hello.11:38
rottingdeadHaving a brain fart on how to set an application on KDE Startup, /usr/bin/pidgin.11:38
rottingdeadmydogsnameisrudy: Aaaaah, perhaps under System Settings?11:40
mydogsnameisrudyor startupmanager11:41
rottingdeadmydogsnameisrudy: Thanks, got it, =).11:41
rottingdeadDigital Clock isn't showing 24-H though, I do have some German stuff enabled, but not sure what to do next.11:42
lordievader_rottingdead: Check the country and region settings.11:43
rottingdeadlordievader_: Yeah, I think I found it, I'll know after 12 PM, it's AM here currently.11:43
rottingdeadLooks like the Ubuntu servers are congested currently.11:46
mydogsnameisrudywhy do you say that rottingdead are they slow?11:47
rottingdeadmydogsnameisrudy: Yeahp, when I go from 2.5 Megabytes to 50-100 KB/Second in a couple minutes, you know it..11:47
mydogsnameisrudyhmmm im always that slow ;)11:48
rottingdeadmydogsnameisrudy: Eeeeeew, DSL, or Dialup?11:48
rottingdeadI remember those horrific dialup days, lol..11:48
mydogsnameisrudyim 30 miles from any town so11:49
rottingdeadmydogsnameisrudy: Yeah, that stinks.11:49
rottingdeadI'll wait till later on this download I guess.11:49
rottingdeadErr, never mind, it's almost done now.11:50
rottingdeadAnyway, I'm off, see ya's.11:57
frank___Guys, is 4.9 now released ?12:05
frank___yo guys ?12:07
InspectorCluseauupdating to 4.9 right now12:10
BluesKajHI all12:15
lordievader_Hey BluesKaj12:15
BluesKajhey lordievader_, mydogsnameisrudy12:15
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* darkmillian appears12:47
lordievader_Good afternoon darkmillian.12:48
BluesKajdarkmillian, yes ?12:48
darkmillianI just installed Kubuntu 12.04, the installation carried-on well, I can get to the login screen12:49
darkmillianbut once logged in I can't really do anything12:50
darkmillianthe system just... idk12:50
lordievader_darkmillian: A black screen?12:50
darkmillianI can see everything12:50
darkmillianI can click the K icon, once12:50
darkmillianafter that every click on random location would turn the menu on12:51
darkmillianeven right-clicking12:51
darkmillianThis isn't my first time using Kubuntu but this problem is just.... wierd...12:52
lordievader_darkmillian: Did the live-cd work correctly?12:52
darkmillianLive-USB actually12:52
darkmillianI'm using x64 btw12:52
lordievader_darkmillian: Hmm, not sure if it is possible with a usb but on the cd you can check for defects, perhaps something got corrupted on the usb which causes this.12:53
lordievader_darkmillian: Anyhow perhaps it is an option to burn Kubuntu to a cd and reinstall through the cd.12:54
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* BluesKaj thinks this optional USB install procedure is premature ...too many problems with it ...it's constant problem with ubuntu , now it's transferring to kubuntu12:55
kubuntuNo defect found.13:00
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darkmillianJust rebooted to check for defects, now i'm in live-usb, everything is fine13:01
lordievader_darkmillian: Anyhow perhaps it is an option to burn Kubuntu to a cd and reinstall through the cd.13:01
BluesKajlordievader_, I think the usb install procedure itself is flawed , there just so many problems with it recognizing hw etc13:06
lordievader_BluesKaj: Could  be, never trusted it, usually have a rewritable disc laying around and they usually work, so why not use it?13:07
neg8Hi guys13:08
neg8I deployed Kubuntu on a laptop computer and have some problems with the paket manager muon13:08
BluesKajlordievader_, exactly ..i have several RWs both CD and DVD13:08
neg8whenever i start it up, it kind of freezes and is continiously accessing the hard drive13:09
neg8Anybody knows something about this? Already googl'ed but there is nothing to be found13:10
lordievader_neg8: Change muon with synaptic and all your problems will go away, muon seems to broken here and there.13:10
neg8lordievader: k thank you, i will try that13:10
BluesKajneg8, have you updated/upgraded lately , muon should be mostly stable now13:14
* darkmillian re-appears14:32
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darkmillianApplied updates14:33
darkmillianInstalled drivers14:33
darkmillianstill no luck14:33
seelehelp raise money for the KDE e.V. by participating in a usability study about notifications: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/959309/KDE-Notification-User-Experience-Study14:36
Martiinianyone help me compile custom kernel ?14:38
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BluesKajis it a known issue that conky quits after 20 mins or is that it a feature?15:21
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Daskreechchafamarc: Hi ?15:49
Daskreechchafamarc: hi ?15:49
DaskreechBluesKaj: Which conky? The system monitor?15:49
BluesKajDaskreech, yeah the little one that sticks to left edge of the scrn in my case , not the one in the kmenu15:51
DaskreechOh hmm I haven't kept up with how maintained conky is. I know it was the most hacked on system monitor for a while but I don't know if it's still maintained15:53
Daskreech a lot of hal and udev and upower stuff has changed since then so maybe it's just out of date?15:53
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BluesKajyeah , it's no biggie ..just thought I'd try it again15:54
douglhow do I set the cups logging to debug level?16:04
DaskreechI think you can set it in the cups config ?16:09
douglDaskreech, thanks16:09
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douglerr is there a way to print to samba printer with out cups?17:05
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
BluesKajdougl, I think samba/smb are hard linked to cups ...but afaik there are other methods17:18
dougielBluesKaj, k - thanks17:32
lordievaderb3jk3r: Hello, how are you?18:01
skreech_You can use lpr as well18:02
b3jk3ri'm fine thx :) i have small question anyone know how to turn on IPX?18:03
Guest60241What do I need to do to get gethub's (well, specifically, playhub) one-click repos to work with Kubuntu?18:04
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b3jk3ri try to install starcraft18:05
DaskreechGuest60241: Just follow their instructions I suppose18:05
Daskreech!info ipx18:05
ubottuipx (source: ncpfs): utilities to configure the kernel ipx interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.6-8 (precise), package size 38 kB, installed size 192 kB18:05
Daskreechb3jk3r: But I'd ask in #winehq18:05
b3jk3rand i do it but i want to play with my friend on LAn network but all the times the show me IPX protocol not found18:05
b3jk3ri use ipx_configure --auto_interface=on --auto_primary=on18:06
noaXesshey all18:06
b3jk3rbut if i write ifconfig still i have ethernet18:06
DaskreechYes but that needs to be exposed to wine so I'd ask the qine guys about it18:06
noaXesshow can i check dependencies of a package? my problem is this: mythtv-frontend : Depends: transcode but it is not installable18:06
lordievaderHey noaXess, how are you?18:06
noaXesslordievader: and yourself?18:06
lordievadernoaXess: Quite good, succeeded in getting a bare X with sound :D18:07
lordievadernoaXess: A "sudo apt-get install transcode" doesn't help? Does that give any errors?18:07
DaskreechnoaXess: apt-cache depends <pkg> ?18:08
Guest60241Daskreech, I have, but firefox says it dosen't know what to do with the link and all other browsers just sit there looking dumb18:09
DaskreechGuest60241: Where are the instructions?18:09
noaXessDaskreech: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1131150/ why is transcode in <>?18:10
Guest60241Daskreech, http://www.playdeb.net/updates/Ubuntu/11.10#how_to_install18:10
WalzmynOh, Finally. Got quassel to working agian.18:11
DaskreechnoaXess: virtual package?18:11
Daskreech !info transcode18:11
ubottutranscode (source: transcode): Utility to encode raw video/audio streams. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 3:1.1.5-0ubuntu10 (precise), package size 1547 kB, installed size 4531 kB18:11
DaskreechWalzmyn: \o/18:11
noaXessDaskreech: but why can't in install transcode: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1131156/18:12
DaskreechnoaXess: apt-cache policy transcode18:13
noaXessDaskreech: i think, i lost some package repos18:13
DaskreechnoaXess: Check if multiverse is enabled18:13
oneadventhow can i change screensaver options for another user? i have sudo access18:13
noaXessDaskreech: aha the restricted package source :)18:14
lordievaderoneadvent: Login as the user and pull up system settings?18:14
noaXessdon't know why it was disabled.. grrr18:14
oneadventwell i was kinda wanting to do it without changing/asking for his password.18:14
Daskreechoneadvent: sudo su <user> -c "kcmshell4 screensaver" ?18:14
oneadventyea i tried that and came up with couldn't connect to x server18:15
oneadventlemme try again, i didn't use su18:15
oneadventInvalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 keyInvalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 keykcmshell4: cannot connect to X server :118:15
oneadventthat is the result of that command18:16
DaskreechGuest6o241: you read through https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apturl/+bug/476853 I take it?18:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 476853 in apturl (Ubuntu) "apturl doesn't work with Firefox" [Undecided,Fix released]18:17
Daskreechah well I suppose set the XDisplay for them and export the value ?18:17
lordievaderoneadvent: Run "export DISPLAY=:0" and then try Daskreech command again.18:18
Daskreechlordievader: That's not going to work18:18
oneadventtrying now lordievader18:18
oneadventoh wont work?18:18
lordievaderFor ssh stuff it would always, but that would be the same user.18:19
oneadventmaybe that loaded it up on his profile cause i dont see it but it isn't erroring out18:19
oneadventthe problem is that he doesn't have anything set so the monitor never goes off...maybe i should change that in universal power instead?18:21
skreech_My network sucks18:22
skreech_ whats the last thing I said?18:22
FloodBotK1skreech_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:22
skreech_Quiet you18:22
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locsmifHi all. Running 3.2.0-27-generic #43-Ubuntu .. booting from usb 3.0 connected harddisk: My system always freezes after a random amount time, at which point / is unmounted because connection with the USB device is lost. What gives?18:46
locsmifI've had this problem for six months now, and no kernel updates seem to fix the problem18:46
locsmifDis- and reconnecting the harddrive causes the kernel to "see" it again, but by then / is umounted and it's too late, obviously.18:47
locsmifkernel options acpi=force and irqpoll do not help.18:47
locsmifInstalling a bleeding edge development kernel does not help.18:48
BluesKajloc what about noacpi ?18:48
locsmifBluesKaj: I could try that18:48
locsmifCan't check if it works until I leave the system on for a long while again ;-)18:48
locsmifWill try18:48
BluesKajlocsmif,  you are talking about a normal boot here right , not using the usb to boot into the OS ?18:50
sparrMy taskbar has a lot of blank space on it between the window buttons. They appear to be placed on a grid, but the grid is mostly empty, so the buttons are a lot smaller than they need to be. They are also placed pseudo-randomly. On my current desktop there are 3 windows, but the taskbar is split into an invisible 2x8 grid and the 3 buttons are in non-contiguous locations. Other desktops are worse.18:53
sparrexample: http://i.imgur.com/CRRWB.png18:56
GalvatronHave you checked the taskbar's properties?18:57
locsmifBluesKaj: actually I am using the usb to boot into the OS18:58
locsmif< locsmif> Hi all. Running 3.2.0-27-generic #43-Ubuntu .. booting from usb 3.0 connected harddisk:18:58
BluesKajsparr, right click in the taskbar , choose task manager settings18:58
sparrGalvatron: properties or settings?18:59
sparrBluesKaj: ok18:59
GalvatronIt's clearly set into a multi-row mode.18:59
GalvatronFind an option to set the number of rows and you're home19:00
sparrMaximum Rows is set to 219:00
SIR_Tacolooks more like a graphics glitch than a setting19:00
sparrthe buttons really are where they appear to be19:00
sparras I open and close windows, they tend to get farther apart19:01
sparrnew rows, more blank spaces19:01
BluesKajsparr, also if you click on the cashew icon the right end of the panel then try dragging the panel to either the top or bottom19:01
BluesKajlocsmif, can you boot into the OS without the the usb ?19:01
sparrBluesKaj: dragging the task manager left or right inside the panel, or dragging the panel to the top of the screen, does not change the layout of the buttons within the task manager19:02
Galvatronsparr: Try the icon-only task manager19:03
BluesKajsparr.  nvm , that's not what I meant , but I see now what you did to display the panel19:04
GalvatronWhich is combination of the Win7 suuperbar and Unity launcher.19:04
sparrGalvatron: I like WinXP-style taskbars19:06
BluesKajsparr, , you might need to change your theme in system settings > workspace appearance > desktop theme in order to change the buttons size and appearance19:07
sparrBluesKaj: switching desktop themes does not cause the buttons to rearrange other than because the task manager gets a little wider or narrow19:08
sparrthe gaps remain19:08
BluesKajwell then you have an anomoly nthere , because theme changes work here19:09
SIR_TacoI seem to remember having this taskmanager problem on a laptop a couple of years back. Had something to do with the desktop effects settings and the ATI/AMD driver I was using. I believe disabling desktop effects fixed the problem until a newer driver fixed the problem19:10
sparrI have desktop effects entirely disabled. I don't like them.19:10
GalvatronMine are minimal, just to provide a good multitasking (Present Windows, Desktop Grid).19:11
GalvatronWindow thimbnails19:12
* BluesKaj shrugs , then you're stuck with it I guess , unless you follow the advice you got in #kde19:12
SIR_Tacosparr: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=123839    https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27701019:17
ubottuKDE bug 277010 in widget-taskbar "Taskbar displays empty entries (spaces/gaps) for closed windows, resulting in two or multiple rows (Read comment #49)" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]19:18
BluesKajsparr, this my desktop with desktop effects enabled http://imagebin.org/223414, you may need to resize , ctrl - to make it fit on a normal pc monitor19:20
sparrnot sure what you're trying to show me there19:21
sparrSIR_Taco: thanks, I didn't find that one. guess I'll report the bug is still extant19:21
BluesKajsparr , enabling desktop effects should help fix your problem19:23
locsmifBluesKaj: not really, I'd have to open up this computer and void the warranty; it's not my PC and I'm booting from USB when I'm here for exactly that reason :)19:26
locsmifNo eSATA connector either, afaik19:26
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BluesKajlocsmif, ok  understood ..is it sluggish as well ?19:30
BluesKajesata to sata would be faster locsmif , but then you'd have to install an interface card or run the cable thru a backpanel slot to the sata connection on the mobo , which I have done for my external drive . Opening the case to add a card or interface voids the warranty ?19:34
locsmifsluggish? no, it works fine, you are looking at it working right now, plenty fast, too19:34
locsmifBluesKaj: yup19:34
locsmifWould void the warranty19:34
BluesKajusb 3.0  helps19:34
locsmifI have USB 3.019:34
locsmif< locsmif> Hi all. Running 3.2.0-27-generic #43-Ubuntu .. booting from usb 3.0 connected harddisk:19:34
BluesKajspeed that is19:34
locsmifThe HDD is USB 3.0 compatible19:35
locsmifThe USB slot is USB 3.0 too19:35
locsmifHence, I should have (in theory) USB 3.0 speeds19:35
locsmifBut as soon as / drops off, obviously I can't run anything but Bash builtins or press reset19:36
locsmifI've seen bug reports and discussion at Ubuntu forums but it seems as if this is just ignored, while I would call it a critical bug19:37
BluesKajso you didn't install grub in order to preserve the windows mbr , thus saving the warranty , correct , locsmif ?19:42
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killownwhen people will fix this annoying bug that you need hold the window for at least 2 seconds before start move it?20:42
Galvatronhaven't notices anything like this20:43
killownkwin has a bug related to some title window decorations that you need hold the title bar by at least 2 seconds before start to move it, can somebody here test the title bar decoration air-black? this one produces the bug21:26
Venommay i remind that i have cancer and the pain you put me through can not compare21:34
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger21:34
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User-1712Does anyone know how to setu video driver on Acer Aspire ona AO75622:01
User-171200:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)22:02
User-1712There any real peopl ein here?22:04
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User-1712Ello, any living people in here22:14
User-1712ok welcome to the no support channel :(22:15
ubottuKDE bug 304249 in aurorae "Long delay when moving window through title bar" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]22:31
killownwhen this fix will be available on kubuntu?22:32
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