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etenilHi there19:52
etenilI can't create a branch in my project altough I'm the owner. Attempting to push to lp:datajar/0.01 results in an error: "Permission denied: "Cannot create '0.01'. Only Bazaar branches are allowed."". I can't find anything about this error. Could you help?19:53
lifelessetenil: bzr push lp:~youraccount/datajar/0.01, then in a browser go to https://launchpad.net/datajar/0.01 and link the branch.19:56
lifelessif you're trying to create a series branch, that is.19:56
lifelessif you just want a branch called 0.01, its just bzr push lp:~youraccount/datajar/0.0119:56
etenilis this new lifeless? Last time I created a branch I don't remember doing this19:56
lifelessnot new, been this way for 6 years :)19:56
etenilalright, I must have been mistaken then19:57
etenilI'll try19:57
etenilseems to have worked lifeless. Thanks for the help20:12
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