shahanproblem with "ibus"03:23
shahanI am trying to open it but its not opening. Nothing happens.03:23
shahanhow can I open it with LXTerminal?03:24
kanliot hi pradeeban04:10
gosukiwiHi! I'd like to run a command each time my computer starts, how can I do that? The thing is my mouse is way too sensitive (3500 dpi) and I have to run this command every time i Log in "xinput --set-prop "Razer DeathAdder" "Device Accel Constant Deceleration" 5"04:36
bioterrorsudo nano /usr/local/bin/mousefix04:42
bioterroradd that line into that file04:42
bioterrorsudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/mousefix04:43
gosukiwiThanks! I'll try that out, do I have to add a @ before the command? OR just the command itself?04:58
DiFishHappy friendship day!07:31
arno1Hi all. I need to use the alternate installer on my system because ubiquity doesn't work. I read the alternate install guide and there's a instance missing when I'm asked which OS to install. There's serveral types of servers listed as well as Ubuntu full, Kubuntu, Lubuntu Core etc. But no Lubuntu full. So I install Lubuntu Core and lubuntu-desktop via CLI. But after a reboot my system is very unstable. How come the alternate installer doesn08:08
arno1't install Lubuntu full by default?08:08
kanliothi arno108:19
kanliotneed a little more info did you use the minimal cd?08:19
kanliothow much ram do you have?08:19
kanliotand when you get into lubuntu, do you have the office apps?08:20
bioterrorI suggest to skip those and install plain minimal08:22
bioterroraftr succesful logon to a newely installed system you run : sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop08:23
arno1I used Lubuntu 12.04 32bit alternate. My system has 512MB ram.08:23
Unit193512 is enough for Ubiquity, don't know what didn't like that.08:24
arno1It's weird it wouldn't load the installer.08:24
arno1I wanted to install Lubuntu so I chose Lubuntu core. I was then greeted by CLI and installed lubuntu-desktop. But like I said the system seemed unstable and slow.08:25
kanliotshouldn't be unstable or slow08:25
kanliotyou might check your hard drive speed08:26
arno1I get error messages right after booting up.08:30
arno1I will try reinstalling with the mini image.08:30
kanlioti wouldn't08:31
kanlioterror messages are kkndof normal08:31
kanliotwhat's crashing exactly?08:31
arno1it says undefined video mode numer 314 right at the beginning of the install08:33
kanliotdoesn't sound unusual08:34
kanliotbut you got it installed, right?08:34
kanliotnow what?08:34
arno1I've installed XP after being pissed that it wasn't working right. But I hate windows. So right now I'm installing form the mini.iso. Got this guide here> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall08:36
arno1I plan to upgrade to 1 GB RAM. Should I change the default swap size?08:40
arno1so 1 gb swap?08:41
kanlioti'd go higher but i'm wierd08:42
arno1I just got 40 gb hdd08:42
kanliotchromium will eat up 1 gb ram08:42
arno1you mean when hibernating?08:42
kanliotno i mean opening up 10 tabs in chromium08:43
arno1but that doesn't affect swap right?08:43
kanliotswap space does affect swap08:44
kanlioti mean hibernation08:44
kanliotso you'll need a full gig to hibernate08:44
arno1what do you enter, 1000 mb or 1024 does it matter_08:49
kanliot1030 mb08:49
arno1What key do you guys press to wake up your monitor when there's an install running in the command line? I don't want to disturb the install.09:46
Hirschhello ;)12:27
Hirschhi zleap12:28
zleaphows you,  sorry about that,   my keyboard is acting up (not very responsive in places)12:28
Hirschwell i have a little problem12:29
zleapok fire away and I will see if I can help12:29
Hirschwhen i plug an external monitor(4:3) on my laptop (16:9) lubuntu will change my openbox config and all panels are at wrong places. If i unplug it it stays the same - so i always need to use my openbox.conf backup12:31
Hirschhow can i fix this behavior?12:31
zleapnot sure sorry,12:32
zleapis there a tick box somewhere that says something like keep configuration or similar12:32
Hirschmaybe if i make the file read-only12:33
Hirschwould be worth a try12:33
zleaphmm,  but then nothing can write to it, but yeah try it12:33
Hirsch2nd question is the new lubuntu version faster than lubuntu 11.04?12:33
zleapNot sure,  i upgraded from ubuntu 11.10 to lubuntu 11.10 and that is faster which doesn't answer your question,   I think it depends on hardware12:34
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manel_Hi, I need a configuration of nvidia so that by s-video lubuntu leave in the television of pipes20:03
manel_Hi, I need a configuration of nvidia so that by s-video lubuntu leave in the television of pipes  (crt)20:04
stanehi, i'm having a proplem updating my system. The problem seems to be libssl1.0.0 I get the following error when i try to install anything with apt-get20:05
staneE: Internal Error, No file name for libssl1.0.020:05
manel_there is some user of lubuntu with Nvidia in his computer?20:09
manel_ there is some user of lubuntu with Nvidia in his computer and with a configuration prepared to connect lubuntu to a television?20:12
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manel_ Hi, I need a configuration of nvidia so that by s-video lubuntu leave in the television of pipes20:33
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manel_Hello someone knows as to configure nvidia so that he detect the tv crt like a monitor?20:38
manel_having the computer exit by s-video20:39
PaolaHello all!21:12
Paolahelp me... how to make new install for manual partition   ?21:12
Paola1) swap , 2) / partition , 3 ) /home partition and logical that ?21:13
Na_Klarlubuntu CD freezes with the following lines: http://codepad.org/LdfpVmKm, it is a missing firmware for a us robotics wlan card. But that firmware cannot be installed when linux is not isntalled. How can I fix this?21:31
newbieHi everybody, I just installed lubuntu on my computer and wonder how I can change theme on it.22:26
kanliotnewbie, nobody knows22:26
newbieAre you sure?22:27
kanliotno, i've heard of people doing it22:27
newbieWould like to switch form the standard theme ;/22:28
bioterroryou change wallpaper22:30
bioterroryou change the lxpanel icon and the png22:30
bioterrorfor the background22:30
bioterrorand then you change gtk theme22:30
bioterrorthat pretty much covers it all22:30
kanliot so there are no themes for lxpanel, only pngs?22:31
newbieis the lxpanel icon the "start" button?  and which png?  what is the gtk theme, the theme of windows  and bars?22:32
kanliotlxpanel is the bottom panel22:33
kanliotyou can right-click it22:33
bioterroras you can see22:34
newbieOh, thanks man22:37
newbieBtw, the party with the volume and stuff is still grey :/ why aren't they black?22:38
bioterrorlxpanel needs restart :D22:39
newbieI haven't installed the theme yet :P how do I do that?22:40
kanliotbioterror, isn't there a gtk widget theme, and an openbox theme to install?22:44
kanliothttp://box-look.org/index.php?xcontentmode=7402 here's some openbox themes22:47
kanliotnewbie do you have an opebox theme or a gtk theme22:50
newbie|3Umm, I downloaded this : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Artwork/Incoming/Precise/Ozone22:51
newbie|3I mean this one : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Artwork/Incoming/Oneiric/Ozone22:51
kanlioti can't help you with that, but i think you're in the wrong place22:53
kanliotsee my first comment :)22:53
newbie|3How come?22:53
kanlioti think that's just a proposed theme, not an actual theme22:54
newbie|3Ooh, I would like a theme like that :(22:54
newbie|3I got disconnected for a while so I can't see it22:54
kanliotyeah it's better than precise22:54
newbie|3So, where to I find actual themes?22:55
kanlioti linked openbox themes above22:55
kanlioti donno about gtk themes22:55
newbie|3Was dc when you linked it probably, can't see it. Could you please link it again?22:57
kanliothttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Openbox_Themes_and_Apps or box-look.org22:58
kanliotopenbox themes will change your window edges22:58
newbie|3Thanks, it's appreciated!22:58
kanliotplease read that i just found it now23:00
newbie|3Ye, looking at it right now :)23:08
kanliot the "select a file" dialog, is that gtk or pcmanfm?23:08
kanliothuh i just changed my start button to this: v23:09
newbie|3hahaha, that is to annoying for me :P23:10
kanliotit doesn't animate here23:11
newbie|3maybe gif's ain't availble for it23:11
kanliotno, it just shows the first frame23:11
newbie|3Dammit, I downloaded some openbox themes but I get the files as .bz1 instead of .obt23:11
kanliotlink the files please23:11
newbie|3That one23:12
kanliotlol the bz2 opened in terminal23:13
newbie|3And it extracs a folder with some files, no .obt23:13
Hirschtry to rename it to obt23:14
Hirschno idea if that works :D23:15
newbie|3Doesn't work :/23:16
kanliotseems to be the answer23:16
kanlioti'll try it23:16
kanliotyeah works, but really bad theme23:18
kanliotif you need help i can23:19
newbie|3Gonna try it, wait23:20
newbie|3Where is the themes file?23:20
kanlioti love clearlooks-olive for openbox. it's already installed23:21
newbie|3It says I should move it to the themes folder , where is it?23:21
kanliotyou have to un archive it to the ~/.themes folder23:22
kanliot~ means home dir23:22
kanliotarchive manager should work, but i just used tar23:22
kanliotbtw .themes is a folder that doesn't exist, and even if you create it, it will be hidden.  FYI23:25
newbie|3Umm, I have no clue on how to do this... ._.23:27
kanliotjesus christ.23:29
kanliotarchive manager won't let me create a new folder23:29
kanlioti donno if i should report a bug or just cry23:29
kanliotnewbie i'm going to give you the short version23:31
newbie|3Sure man23:31
kanliotgo to your home folder in pcmanfm (the file explorer)23:31
kanliotcreate a new directory called .themes23:31
kanliotthen launch archive-manager with the 78123123.bz223:32
kanliotand click extract button23:32
kanliotturn on hidden files and browse to the .themes directory23:32
kanliotif you have been a good boy, it will work23:32
newbie|3thanks man!!23:33
newbie|3finally works :p23:34
newbie|3Was a pretty bad theme though ._. no close button ;(23:35
kanliotlol yeah23:35
newbie|3Meh, will just go with Ambiance Maverick :p23:37
kanlioti really hate the small buttons23:37
kanlioti just wish they were bigger23:37
newbie|3yeah :/23:38
newbie|3Btw, are you new to lubuntu aswell?23:38
kanlioti'm a team member23:38
kanliotbut yeah i'm new23:38
kanlioti should be working on the wiki right now23:39
newbie|3on the wiki?23:39
ubottuhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.23:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:40
kanliotahh i donno the keyword23:40
kanliotit's http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu23:40
kanliotif you find anything missing23:40
kanliotplease let me know so i can add it23:40
kanliottheming is already on the list ;)23:41
kanliotyou may not know this but lubuntu is entirely volunteers23:42
kanliotnobody employed23:42
kanliotalthough some of us hang out with ubuntu people23:42
newbie|3Btw, why did you chose Lubuntu?23:43
kanliotreminds me of win2k23:43

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