gnomefreakare there any iossues i need to know about?04:37
Stanley00gnomefreak: you there? I have some issue with the theme, in the top bar, some are black, some are white06:43
gnomefreakStanley00: im kind of here but what you are descibing im not sure i know the answer06:47
gnomefreakok im out need to get crap done before 4am06:48
Stanley00gnomefreak: yeah, I can come over that by re select the theme in Appearance...06:48
red_Morning. Question can I downgrade from Ubuntu 12 to smaller or do i need to reinstall?07:24
wilee-nileeyou will have to reinstall07:25
red_ok thanks wilee is there ny way to make it smaller to run on my vista laptop quicker?07:26
wilee-nileered_, smaller would not make it run faster, what is the chip speed and your ram amount?07:28
red_sorry not able to tell u all i know this laptop was vista buisness07:28
wilee-nileea lighter desktop might help like lubuntu07:28
red_put ubuntu on the other day from a mag07:29
red_ok will check out lubuntu07:29
ActionParsniplubuntu rocks07:29
wilee-nileered_, you might try installing the lubuntu desktop before you reinstall and see if it helps07:29
red_ok how do i do that can it be done sudo?07:30
ActionParsnipred_: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop07:30
red_sorry i not know much about pc07:30
wilee-nileethat it07:30
red_thank you07:31
wilee-nileered_, don't tell anyone but ActionParsnip's help is about the best you can get here. ;)07:32
red_will go do it now07:32
red_i trust i think07:32
red_how do i copy from this screen?07:33
wilee-nileeif you highligt it just paste it to the terminal no save needed07:33
wilee-nileeor copy needed07:33
wilee-nileeat least in my client xchat07:34
ActionParsnipred_: just trype it, it's not a hard command07:34
red_o well it wont do it just do it old way07:35
red_just unpacking07:36
red_still unpacking......07:42
ActionParsnipyou could've installed just lxde but the lubuntu desktop installs a theme and makes it a little nicer07:43
red_ok i like  nice!07:45
red_tbh just use chrome07:46
red_so looks like all done shall i reboot now07:48
ActionParsnipred_: if you want, not really necessary07:49
red_how will it take affect?07:49
dr_willisstill havent fully figured out the web apps stuff. ;) it work with firefox only or chromium only?10:25
ActionParsnipi've used it in chrome/ium10:27
BluesKajHI all12:15
ActionParsniphi BluesKaj12:16
BluesKajhi ActionParsnip12:16
BluesKajActionParsnip, had a startup freeze this morning , after login ... so I used the recovery kernel which installed a couple of libs , something liborc if I recall12:23
BluesKajnot org , but orc12:24
BluesKajbut whatever it was seems fixed now12:24
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: weird12:25
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: not seen anything myself but I've been about 20 hours since I used Quantal last12:25
BluesKajyeah ,  ActionParsnip , at first I thought my grapphics card was cooked  ..it was such a strange freeze , small wavy lines across part of the screen. Had to do a hard reboot.12:27
edgyHi, I cannot do a dist-upgrade because ksirk which belongs to kdegames is cannot be installed, can some please confirm?13:20
penguin42edgy: I've just installed ksirk here13:21
edgypenguin42: then let me paste the output I am getting13:21
penguin42sure pastebin it if it's more than a line or 213:24
edgypenguin42: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1130650/13:24
edgypenguin42: maybe if you installed kdegames you would see the problem13:26
ActionParsnipedgy: could remove the games, update then reinstall the games13:26
edgyActionParsnip: ok, let me try13:26
penguin42edgy: Hmm you seem to have a corrupt archive13:32
penguin42edgy: Delete the ksirk archive from /var/cache/apt/archives and try again - and it's worth running a memory test if you hit any more like that13:32
edgypenguin42: I am getting lots of chromium segfaults, too, so if you also don't get those, then you are right may be I need to check the memory13:33
edgypenguin42: do you?13:33
penguin42edgy: right, don't do an upgrade with dodgy memory13:33
penguin42edgy: I get an occasional one but it's rare13:33
ActionParsnipedgy: I'd check it13:34
penguin42edgy: Give it a few hours in memtest8613:34
edgypenguin42: the one in the boot menu?13:34
edgyok will do, thanks  all13:35
Stanley00well, I have snall pronlem with fresh install Quantal. In the top bar, I have some white background menus (like sound, sesstion) and others have black background :( What can I do for this issue?13:39
Stanley00well, looks like I am the only one get this problem, so I just wait for new update then :D13:46
ebischoffhello people... installed quantal on 2 machines already and it is globally very good. I'm getting no sound on one of the machines (while it worked fine under precise), if someone is interested by this problem I'm here to help debugging it.13:47
penguin42ebischoff: I'm running kubuntu, so I can't guide you through the gui, but I've got a few things you could try13:48
ebischoffpenguin42: does something else than kubuntu exist?13:48
penguin42https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems  is one source of things to check13:48
penguin42ebischoff: Oh well that's fine then :-)13:48
penguin42ebischoff: So you on Kubuntu then?13:49
ebischoffswitching to private conversation to avoid flooding this chanel, if you like13:49
penguin42it's fine to stay on this channel - it's not busy and anyway other people might find the solution to their problem when they look at the log13:50
ebischoffof course we would have reported the solution here, but as you wish13:50
penguin42ebischoff: so, you go to system settings-Xmultimedia-Xand select phonon - and then click Audio Hardware setup13:50
penguin42oops read a > for each X13:50
ebischoffso this is a mac under kubuntu, just switched it from precise to quantal a few hours ago13:51
penguin42does it show the correct sound card in the 'Hardware' there?13:51
ebischoffI'm there13:51
ebischoffit shows a whole list in the scroll button. Default value is "Integrated audio", I don't know whether it's correct or not13:52
penguin42ebischoff: So for me I see a section labelled 'Hardware' and the top entry is 'Sound card' and I have a choice between Built-in Audio and the HDMI on my Radeon -  what are your choices?13:53
ebischoffit is on "Built-in audio"13:53
ebischoffand there is quite a wide range of choices13:54
penguin42ok, probably right - unless you're using HDMI13:54
penguin42and then the 'profile' below that - I've got Analogue stereo duplex ?13:54
ebischoffthere's no hdmi, this is a mac so the screen is part of the uc13:54
ebischoffAnalogue stereo duplex as well13:54
ebischoffgoing through gstreamer, you too ?13:55
penguin42and then below that Device Configuration, I've got Sound Device: Playback (Built-in audio analogue stereo) and connector Analogue output13:55
penguin42yeh I also have gstreamer13:55
penguin42so I assume given the fact you're here, neither of the speaker tests work?13:56
ebischoffneither of them13:56
penguin42hmm ok13:56
ebischoffI have one message in dmesg, don't know if it's relevant13:56
penguin42what does it say?13:57
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ebischoff2it says:13:58
ebischoff2[   19.537725] hda_codec: ALC889A: SKU not ready 0x400000f013:58
penguin42huh, that sounds relavent, never seen one of those13:59
ebischoffneither have I13:59
penguin42ok, can you pastebin the output of the amixer command?13:59
penguin42ebischoff2: Hmm that looks good, assuming anything else on that debug page I linked earlier doesn't work I think you'll have to file a bug against it - you could try booting the older kernel and see if that works14:04
ebischoffhmmm yes i just removed the old kernel (bad idea)14:04
ebischoffmy instict tells me it has something to do with the new nvidia drivers14:05
ebischoffi could also try and go backwards14:05
penguin42while the nvidia drivers cause pain and damnation, I'm not aware of them causing sound pain and damnation14:06
ebischoffI found some posts of people fixing sound by setting them up14:07
ebischofflike this one : http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2012/04/28/how-to-fix-nvidia-hdmi-audio-in-ubuntu-12-04/ (for precise, and for hdmi)14:08
ebischoff2i am also using  "options snd-hda-intel model=imac91"   in the modprobe configuration, if that rings any bell14:10
penguin42right but that link was an hdmi one, and I can see how hdmi audio would be connected to the nvidia driver14:14
penguin42ebischoff2: Why don't you try taking the model= off - maybe that's changed?14:14
ebischoffwill do. doing another test right now, if it fails it will be the next attempt14:15
penguin42worth seeing if you get the same dmesg14:15
ebischoffah, that too, yes14:15
ebischoffdoes not fix the problem, does not remove the dmesg14:24
penguin42ebischoff: I can see some comments on the web about how that the error is not necessarily bad14:25
ebischoffok (link?)14:26
penguin42ebischoff: Shrug - I'm out of ideas; I suggest following the stuff in that debugging procedure, and report a bug - then try an older kernel is my only other bet14:26
ebischoffthanks for the dialog, anyway14:27
penguin42no prob14:27
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ebischoffpenguin42: with the 3.2.0 kernel, I get the sound again15:25
ebischoff(and the SKU message is there as well)15:27
penguin42ebischoff: OK, then best report the bug and mark it as a regression15:29
ebischoffwhat is the best procedure to do that?15:31
ebischoff(I would go to launchpad and file a bug, but i'm sure itr would lack all interesting debugging operation)15:32
penguin42probably the easiest thing is to boot with the broken kernel and then run    ubuntu-bug audio15:32
ebischoffaudio ? even if we know the bug is in the kernel ?15:33
penguin42that'll file it on launchpad, add a comment saying it works with the 3.2.0 kernel15:33
ebischoff(rebooting on the broken kernel)15:33
penguin42ebischoff: Yeh but it's the audio part of the kernel15:33
ebischoffok, understood15:33
penguin42the audio guys are a different type of mad :-)15:36
DaekdroomI laughed when I read that out of context ^15:37
ebischoffoh, i can even remember an article called "linux sound madness"15:37
ebischoff(or was it "insanity" ?)15:38
LLStarksanyone running gnome3?15:38
LLStarksmy shortcuts died after latest updates15:39
ebischoffpenguin42: should ubuntu-bug be run as root? it seems frozen15:41
penguin42ebischoff: Hmm it shoudln't freeze  - I don't think I normally run as root, but it should open a webpage for you15:42
ebischoffit did not15:42
penguin42ebischoff: Well as per the standard practice; if you ran it as root and it hung, try running it not as root - or the alternative :-)15:43
ebischoffok, it's a bug in ubuntu-bug, it happens when i chose the correct answer in the peripherial list15:46
penguin42oh great, then you'd better file a bug....15:46
Daekdroomubuntu-bug apport ?15:47
ebischoffubuntu-bug audio15:47
ebischoffoh no, again15:47
penguin42yeh, use ubuntu-bug apport to report the bug in ubuntu-bug audio :-)15:47
ebischoffseems to happen evey time it needs to display a YesNo question15:48
ebischoffthe bug is in apport-kde15:48
penguin42ebischoff: OK, try doing it in a terminal but before you run it do unset DISPLAY15:48
penguin42(in the same terminal15:48
ebischoffdoing that...15:49
Guest34609does anyone else have the same issue with me where the graphics has defaulted to VESA: G96 Board - 0601000116:03
Guest34609have to boot into ubuntu2D only as there is no 3d support16:04
Guest34609in ubuntu 12.10 aplha 316:04
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penguin42G96? What's that?16:06
penguin42motherboard or video card?16:06
Shane_ nvidia graphics care16:06
Shane_before it was displayed as Geforce 9600M GT16:06
penguin42ok, have you installed the 'additional' driver for that?16:07
Shane_now i have no 3d support and x.org has defaulted to VESA16:07
ebischoffpenguin42: filed as bug 103323316:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1033233 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[iMac9,1, Realtek ALC889A, Speaker, Internal] No sound at all with kernel 3.5.0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103323316:07
Shane_additional driver was installd yes.  but now I see there is no prop drivers displayed16:07
penguin42hmm, I'm not an Nvidia user so I'm not too sure16:07
pspeter3Hi, I've been trying to install ubuntu 12.10 alpha on my Asus UX32VD because I've heard the new kernel supports the hardware better. Unfortunately, after saying it successfully installs, there is no operating system. It seems like I also have an incomplete OS on both drives16:08
Shane_did an update just 2 days ago and the nvidia drivers are no more16:08
pspeter3my computer can't work right now so any help would be appreciated16:08
penguin42Shane_: Probably bes tto wait for someone who knows the nvidia stuff16:08
* penguin42 pats his Radeon16:09
Shane_thanks penguin16:09
Shane_when the ubuntu 2d support is removed from 12.10 im stuffed if this bug remains16:09
Shane_whats the issue pspeter3?16:10
* penguin42 hasn't seen anything about 2d support being removed16:11
penguin42ebischoff: I've set the status/importance and tags for you16:11
pspeter3Shane_: For some reason it says during the install process that it can16:12
pspeter3t read the physical sector assuming 51216:12
penguin42pspeter3: Does it say whether that's the physical sector on your hard drive or your installation medium?16:12
Shane_seems that there is an issue with your harddrive. have you tried reformating it first16:13
Shane_using livecd?16:13
ebischoffthanks penguin16:13
pspeter3Shane_: I think it is complaining about my USB drive16:14
cielakhello everyone16:30
cielakI have a problem upgrading from precise to quantal16:30
penguin42what happens?16:30
cielakneither   update-manager -d    nor   do-release-upgrade -d   is aware of quantal16:31
penguin42ah that's ok16:31
cielakhow should I upgrade then?16:31
penguin42cielak: Go into the settings on update-manager - there is an option only to show long-term-support verisons and that's probably on16:32
* penguin42 doesn't have a gnome version in front of him at the moment to find the exact name16:32
cielakpenguin42: yay, that was it!16:32
penguin42cielak: Good! It's there for people who want to stick with LTS and keep it that way16:33
cielakI wonder why I had it on LTS only... anyway, it works now, great thanks!16:33
penguin42I think LTS defaults to it, so a fresh precise install puts it that way16:33
cielakmy thoughts precisely :)16:33
penguin42happy quantaling16:34
Shane_anyone using an NVIDIA card with 12.10 and have it working in Unity 3D16:45
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edgypenguin42: you are absolutely right, I ran memtest and lots of errors17:25
edgypenguin42: but I want to know which memory slot has the problem so I can replace it, any hint?17:26
penguin42edgy: I think there is some diag in the memtest output - it's a bit tricky though to figure it out from software; the best bet is to take halfyour memory out and then rememtest17:32
edgypenguin42: I haven't open a laptop before, would this void the warranty?17:33
penguin42edgy: Hey if it's still got a warranty give it the vendor back and tell them to fix it17:33
edgypenguin42: yes, I will do, but I need the laptop so I want to them to only take the defected ram and give it to me while they order the memory17:34
penguin42edgy: I don't suppose you have a picture of the memtest output do you?17:35
edgypenguin42: yes, I have it17:35
edgypenguin42: sorry I was disconnected and had to reboot, it's really not stable now.18:08
edgypenguin42: http://imagebin.org/22340018:08
penguin42edgy: OK, so there seem to be lots of errors and that's just a few - but all in the same byte position; of course the rest have scrolled off18:10
penguin42edgy: If it's still in warranty I'd phone them up or email them a copy of that picture and ask them what to do, if you're lucky they'll have spare RAM in18:11
edgypenguin42: no one here understands linux programs, I tried this before and they have thier windows tools which they understand18:12
edgypenguin42: but I will try to google more, there should be away via software so I can tell which bank is defected, no?18:13
penguin42I'm not sure - it's not easy18:13
edgypenguin42: ok, thanks, you have done me a great favor18:15
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pspeter3is this a good guide on how to mount a second hard drive to my system http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/Adding_a_New_Disk_Drive_to_an_Ubuntu_11.04_System21:19
pspeter3I'm using ubuntu 12.10 and just want to make sure the instructions are still valid21:21
MrChrisDruifpspeter3; For support of 12.04 (current release) please use #ubuntu (this channel is for the development version currently 12.10 Quantal Quetzal)21:22
MrChrisDruifpspeter3; I just checked the link and it contains all kinds of terminal commands. So I think these would work on ANY linux distro, not only Ubuntu21:25
pspeter3MrChrisDruif: I thought that would be true. I just wanted to make sure that would be mountable and not mess with grub21:25
* MrChrisDruif isn't 100% sure, but about 99%21:26
pspeter3sounds good21:27
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pspeter3MrChrisDruif: Do I have to chmod the drive to give me permissions to use it?21:36
MrChrisDruifI don't know...I'd suggest following the instructions21:37
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shane_anyone else having issues with nvidia-current ?21:40
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!21:41
shane_hey guys anyone having the same issue as me with the nvidia-current21:42
shane_The following packages have unmet dependencies.  nvidia-current : Depends: xorg-video-abi-1221:43
shane_any idea how I can fix it for the short term21:43
shane_I have looked in the apt cache but I cant roll back to a pevious nvidia driver deb21:44
IdleOnelogin to unity2d and wait for the packages to get updated21:44
shane_Oh beleive me I am in unity2d and its horrible21:44
IdleOneshane_: better than nothing for now.21:45
shane_have some crazy screen res of 1280x720, im so used to 1920x108021:45
shane_yeah thats true, any ideas when it will be built?21:45
IdleOneI'm guessing ASAP21:46
shane_is there a ppa I can follow.21:46
IdleOneno idea21:46
shane_hehe yeah lets hope so, thanks for the info21:46
shane_I hear there is rumour of a new theme for 12.10 is this true, as I knew from looking at Marks website he says that brown is out21:48
shane_hey pspeter did it work?21:49
shane_is your Asus all up and working now pspeter?21:51
shane_dang he left not sign in :)21:52
edgyHi, I remember something like /proc/.../bootparam that would tell you the boot parameters but I couldn't find it, any hint?23:07
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