earthling_How do I know if Firefox Add-ons are safe to install?00:25
wilee-nileeearthling_, here is a question page from mozilla. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/faq00:28
wilee-nileethat question is addressed00:28
wilee-nileeno problem00:29
earthling_do you know where add-ons are installed?00:36
holsteinyou mean physically? i would look in the ~/.mozzilla or whtever FF stores things00:36
earthling_I don't see any profile folder00:44
holsteinearthling_: i would just poke around in what you do see00:45
earthling_I see extensions folder with .api files00:46
earthling_xpi I mean00:46
holsteinearthling_: i would expect to find things relating to FF in that directory00:46
earthling_that must be them00:48
earthling_interesting they say chrome00:48
earthling_do you use add-ons?00:49
holsteini dont use firefox00:49
holsteinthough, it is pretty nice again00:49
holsteini use chrome00:50
earthling_on ubuntu?00:50
holsteinon most everything00:50
earthling_I thought chromium was the linux version of chrome00:50
earthling_or open source at least00:51
holsteinits fast.. the sync works well, and chrome has its own flash version, which is the last place flash will be supported on linux00:51
holsteinearthling_: chrome is not open source, it just works well for me00:51
holsteinchromium is nice, but there were a few glithces and with the flash issue, i decided to use chrome00:52
holsteinnothing wrong with firefox00:52
earthling_I like chromium, never tried chrome00:52
earthling_it feels faster than firefox for me00:52
earthling_do you use extensions for chrome?00:53
holsteini wish i didnt need flash at all... id just get with chromium00:53
holsteinearthling_: i use a few00:53
earthling_how do you know if they are safe?00:53
holsteini trust the creators00:53
holsteinplus, you have to define "safe"00:54
earthling_that they aren't malware,adware,spyware,etc...00:54
earthling_I assume ubuntu is more secure than windows00:55
holsteinyeah?... assume nothing00:56
earthling_I just wonder how bad an extension/add-on could be00:56
holsteincheck for your self, and turst who you trust00:56
earthling_hehe prepare for the worst, expect the best00:56
holsteinwe (ubuntu, cannonical, you, me) dont make firefox or any add-ons00:56
holsteinthere is a signing method to packages in the repos for ubuntu that make then "trustworthy"00:57
holsteinas much as you trust the repos... can a "bad" package get in? i suppose00:57
holsteinam i worried about it? no00:57
earthling_yeah, not extensions and add-ons though I think , although Firefox has an approval process00:57
earthling_and perhaps Chrome has one too00:58
holsteinearthling_: just clear up that "perhaps" and you are good to go00:58
earthling_ok :)00:58
holsteinthis is almost all open, and free, meaning *anyone* can look and check and see, and ask00:58
earthling_add-ons and extensions are not open source I think, except perhaps to the approval people00:59
bud1First time on chat, and I don't see instructs. on how it works. So how do I get to post/chat?01:00
holsteinbud1: you type, and hit enter... you are doing well so far01:03
holsteinbud1: chec the topic of the channels you join01:04
holsteinbud1: welcome!01:04
holsteinearthling_: AFAIK, you can have open ones if you want to write an open one01:04
bud1Thanks. I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 with kde desktop. where can I find these two programs that will Ubuntu and kde? I cannot find them in the Ubuntu backports: notecase and treesheets are the two programs.01:04
holsteinbud1: what are you looking for?01:05
bud1these to programs: notecase and treesheets01:06
earthling_holstein, probably true01:07
holsteinbud1: i would open up the package manager of your choice and search for them01:07
bud1that was the first thing I did along with searching backports for kubuntu and the web.01:08
holsteinbud1: they might not be in the repos... i'll look...01:10
holsteinnotecase is not there01:13
bud1Tell me how to get to the ubuntu repos?01:13
holstein?.. you open a package manager and search it01:14
holsteinyou are using it now01:14
earthling_have a good night fellas, keep up the good work!01:14
bud1?.. you open a package manager and search it, I can find the repos in package manager?01:16
holsteinbud1: the package manager searches the online repos01:16
holsteinbud1: when you open a package manager and search, you are accessing the repos01:16
bud1I knew that when using ubuntu 10  but I'm using 1204 and I can't see it in the resipotories01:18
holsteinbud1: right, its been removed01:18
holsteinhttp://www.notecasepro.com/download.php is where my search leads01:19
bud1Before using 10 I could go to the repos website and download. Will that work for 1204?01:19
holsteinhttp://treesheets.com/ has ubuntu packages01:19
holsteinbud1: it the developers support 12.04 it will.. i would just try it01:20
bud1I'm not following you, try what?01:20
SeaDaddy46Bud1: this is my first time on the channel as well. As far as I know, one of the main places I find progs that aren't in the distros. is http://sourceforge.net.01:23
bud1I tried here to. Hey thanks a bunch, lots  luck to u!01:25
holsteinbud1: try installing the packages01:25
bud1What packages?01:25
holsteinbud1: the 2 you are asking about... treesheets and notecasepro, which is what is suggested now instead of notecase01:26
SeaDaddy46Bud1, have you tried the Aptitude Package Manager it 12.04 LTS?01:26
bud1holstein, thanks but like I said that was the first thing I tried. Thanks again.01:27
holsteinbud1: what were the errors?01:28
holsteinbud1: you tried downloading from the pages i linked and installing?01:28
holsteinthey wont be in the repos, you'll need to download and install.. you can report errors as needed01:28
bud1holstein,  notecase is nolonger on the forge and I can't find a treesheet package for Ub.1204.01:29
bud1SeaDaddy46, " have you tried the Aptitude Package Manager it 12.04 LTS?" Thanks SeaDaddy46 I will give that a try!01:31
holsteinbud1: notecase is notecasepro now..01:31
holsteinbud1: those packages are not in the repos01:31
bud1Thanks, but it is so slow I removed it.01:32
holsteinhttp://www.notecasepro.com/get.php?ub12.04/notecase-pro_3.6.8_i386.deb is for 32bit ubuntu 12.0401:33
SeaDaddy46bud1: have you tried this link? https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/treesheets/01:33
holsteinbud1: if you have the old .deb you can try it, but i would expect the new version to be just that, the new version01:33
bud1holstein, I tried the old ver. no good, it wont even try to install it.01:34
holsteinbud1: then, i would ask the maintainers what to do with the newer version if it has bugs01:35
bud1eaDaddy46, yes I went there and tried to get my software installer to install treesheets and it refused.01:36
holsteinbud1: what errors?01:36
holsteinenjoy! gtg...01:36
bud1the error was "reinstall", thats what I got evertime I tried.01:37
bud1Thanks for all the help!01:38
SeaDaddy46bud1: I just used Ubuntu Software Center, and it worked just fine. I did have to create a Ubuntu Single Sign-on acct.01:59
SeaDaddy46Ubuntu Software Center said I had to buy the software, but the price was $0.00. As soon as I clicked on the Buy (instead of Install) button, I had to sign into Ubuntu Single Sign-on, then everything work like normal.02:01
SeaDaddy46After playing around with treesheets to be sure it actually did install correctly, and worked, (everything worked fine!) I think I want to leave it installed, and use it for some of my storyline editing. Thanks for asking about Treesheets.02:05
HiddenSanityI am trying to get gametable working... it seems not to, although it should just be a java program...02:15
HiddenSanityhttp://gametableproj.sourceforge.net/ is the java program in question.  I'm trying to run it with OpenJDK Java 7 runtime and tried 6 too....02:20
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HiddenSanitySo... anyone know how I can get gametable up and running?  Would it be a problem with Java? Or am I just missing something obvious?03:05
stlsaintsorry i dont know what gametable is03:10
HiddenSanityIt's a virtual gametable or whiteboard.. java based03:13
HiddenSanityIt runs fine on my windows machine at home, but my laptop doesn't seem to like it.03:14
earthling_I want to list all files that were modified today. Will this work:  ls -lR /  | grep '2012-08-04'03:53
earthling_don't want to list all files again, takes awhile03:53
stlsainthrm, strange command04:28
stlsaintearthling_: have you tried that?04:28
earthling_it seems to work04:29
stlsaintearthling_: gerat04:29
stlsaintHiddenSanity: could it run under wine?04:30
earthling_indeed, now I'm trying to pause it04:30
HiddenSanityIt's Java... haven't tried WINE for that.04:30
stlsaintearthling_: pause with ctrl+z04:33
stlsaintHiddenSanity: jar file?04:35
earthling_I set that for a keyboard shortcut with gnome04:35
stlsaintearthling_: oh, well that is key to pause a runnign process. to kill it first find it with ps aux | grep ls04:36
stlsaintthen sudo kill -9 pid04:37
stlsaintpid being the process id listed from the ps command04:37
stlsaintHiddenSanity: what is name of jar file?04:37
stlsaintHiddenSanity: have you tried command: java -jar gametable.jar?04:40
HiddenSanityNot yet... I wasn't aware that was a thing.04:41
HiddenSanityIn terminal, I assume?04:41
stlsaintHiddenSanity: yes04:42
stlsaintHiddenSanity: if you get an error that is long paste it into paste.ubuntu.com and paste url here04:42
stlsainthrm wonder if there is a facto for that04:42
ubot2For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:42
HiddenSanityhey, it works, thank you.04:43
HiddenSanityThat how I always need to run it?04:43
stlsaintwell i dont know what this game/tool is so i cant say for sure but for now it works, seems there is a forum at that link you posted. try there http://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/gametableproj/04:44
earthling_stlsaint, can I show only executable files?04:55
stlsaintearthling_: ?04:55
earthling_a command for LS04:55
stlsaintearthling_: something like04:55
earthling_don't see any in man page04:55
stlsaintearthling_: ls -la *.exe04:55
earthling_don't think that works04:55
stlsaintearthling_: that will list all .exe in current dir04:55
stlsaintagain...in current dir04:56
earthling_ls: cannot access *.exe: No such file or directory04:56
earthling_I'm trying to find out if a firefox add-on install programs on my computer other than the firefox directory04:56
stlsainti doubt it04:56
stlsaintin any case you need the find command04:56
earthling_so many executable files are created in a day, I guess normal activity04:56
stlsaintnot on linux04:57
stlsaintno .exe are create within any *nix machine without being manually created04:57
earthling_try this     ls -lR /  | grep '2012-08-04'04:57
earthling_seems to show alot of executables04:57
stlsaintwhat do you mean by executables04:58
earthling_is that executable file permissions?04:58
earthling_alot of directories are created05:00
earthling_I guess they're considered executable05:00
stlsaintso you mean files are executables, not the .exe extension as in widnows?05:00
stlsaintwell in that case have fun lol05:00
stlsainttoo many -x files to sort through with that...i dont think thats a very effective way to find what you are looking for05:01
earthling_as I understand it, files are executable if they have certain permissions05:01
shahanI have installed Gnome-Shell . How can I remove it from the Recovery Mode.05:01
shahanI am usually use LXDE due to my slow configured computer.05:02
stlsaintshahan: no need to be in recovery mode05:02
shahanits 12.0405:02
stlsaintif you have another DE installed than use that DE and remove gnome-shell05:02
shahanstlsaint: I have no option. Because the05:02
shahanstlsaint: Gnome shell not loading. And it has become the default05:03
stlsaintshahan: so change it05:03
shahannow I have only option is the recovery mode.05:03
stlsaintat the login menu you have the option to change05:03
shahanthe login option doesnt shows because I dont use any password to login05:03
shahanstlsaint: I think the only option now is the Recovery Mode05:04
shahanis there any solution from Rocovery Mode?05:07
stlsaintshould be able to just purge shell, except i would not recommend that until you install something that you knwo works05:08
stlsaintfirst remove the autologin option05:08
stlsaintthat is what you want to do05:09
stlsaintremove option to autologin05:09
shahanstlsaint: I already have the installed LXDE05:09
shahanyes... not to remove the autologin option?05:09
shahanstlsaint: how to remove the auto login option?05:10
shahanfrom Recovery Mode?05:10
stlsaintone sec05:10
shahanstlsaint: okey05:11
stlsaintshahan: are you at recovery mode now on the system?05:11
shahanstlsaint: ya... in my another room :)05:12
stlsaintkk, need to test command first before giving to ya, one sec05:13
stlsaintshahan: are you running ubuntu 12.04?05:14
shahanlubuntu 12.0405:15
shahanI think the backend are almost same05:15
stlsaintenter command:05:16
stlsaintcd /etc/lightdm05:16
stlsaintthere you sould see some conf files05:16
stlsaintlightdm.conf is what you want to edit05:16
stlsaintchange autologin user to false or whatever the option is05:16
shahanlet me do ....05:18
shahanstlsaint: how to open the lightdm.conf file in recovery mode?05:25
stlsaintshahan: nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf05:25
stlsaintshahan: ?05:32
stlsaintdid it work?05:32
shahanlet me do more05:33
stlsaintshahan: what do you mean more?05:33
stlsaintdid editign the file stop the autologin?05:33
shahanstlsaint: the file has opened05:37
shahanwhich line to change? do I need to save? how to save05:37
stlsaintthe line that says autologin-user=shahan (or whatever name) change shahan to false05:39
stlsainthit ctrl+o then the enter key to save05:39
stlsainthit ctrl+x to close after saving05:40
shahanctrl+o will it save? or ctrl+s?05:41
stlsaintctrl+o if you are in nano as i said earlier05:42
shahanstlsaint: it doesn't save05:46
shahanstlsaint: it says that its a read only file05:46
shahanstlsaint: wow... I have solved the issue in another way... tnx05:48
shahanstlsaint: I have sudo mount -n -o remount /05:48
shahanthen sudo apt-get remove gnome shell05:49
shahanits solved the issue05:49
shahannow the gnome classic is loading05:49
shahannow I can do graphically05:49
shahanI am going to login into the #ubuntu with that PC now05:49
shahanbye for now :)05:49
stlsaintglad to have ti worked out05:49
gr1dCan anyone help me with an internal-mic issue?06:02
stlsaintgr1d: i am just about to head out but have you checked otu the sound troubleshooting wiki?06:02
stlsaintgr1d: sound issues usually mean drivers must be modprobed and what not06:02
gr1dI will give it a look.06:03
gr1dThank you.06:03
shahannothing shows :(09:08
smartboyhwAnyone here?09:59
JoseeAntonioRsmartboyhw: how may we help you?10:01
josh13Hi everyone10:33
josh13Does anyone have a guide to installing the latest NVIDIA drivers? I cant seem to get video / audio HDMI output working11:01
smartboyhwjosh13, go to #ubuntu12:48
josh13will do smartboyhw12:49
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