BigWhaleGood Morning.04:44
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MCR1smspillaz: Hi :) Review and advices needed here, if you find some time: https://code.launchpad.net/~mc-return/compiz/compiz.fix1030473-part3/+merge/11821812:17
smspillazMCR1: sure, just in the middle of an annoying gsettings debugging session13:47
MCR1smspillaz: Thx :)14:00
MCR1smspillaz: No stress please (as always) ;)14:00
smspillazMCR1: just figured it out now14:02
smspillazits GSettings's annoying stealing semantics14:02
smspillazsame thing I dealt with this morning but far worse14:02
MCR1Yeah, good to hear14:02
smspillazokay I'll have a quick look :)14:02
MCR1I have to figure out far more than you, believe me ;)14:02
MCR1smspillaz: Thanx again for your config file for QTCreator - C++11 Style works much better ;)14:03
smspillazdesrt: that whole g_settings_set_value consumes floating references thing is kinda annoying14:04
smspillazdesrt: too late to change it now I guess14:04
smspillazMCR1: np14:04
smspillazMCR1: hmm, so the most recent version of the compiz API should have us passing frameType, frameState, frameActions into decor_quads_to_property14:05
smspillazMCR1: I wonder why that ifdef is there14:06
smspillazor if we can remove it14:06
smspillazMCR1: anyways, on both ends of the #ifdef, the usage of decor_quads_to_property needs to look something like14:08
smspillazdecor_quads_to_property (data, nOffset - 1, mPixmap.handle (), &mBorder, &mBorder, &mBorder, &mBorder, 0, 0, quads, nQuad, frameType, frameState, frameActions);14:08
MCR1smspillaz: ok, so simply remove the 0 assignments for those ? and leave the rest alone, yes ?14:10
smspillazMCR1: as for the casting between array types, I have that fixed in my branch to get the gsettings backend udner test14:10
MCR1smspillaz: Great - okidoki, one problem less to figure out ;)14:11
smspillazMCR1: the updateWindowProperties function should look like this:14:13
MCR1smspillaz: ok, I'll apply that.14:14
smspillaz(didn't test it locally but it should work)14:16
MCR1smspillaz: Should be corrected now.14:29
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smspillazMCR1: :)14:38
smspillazMCR1: I'll check our the warning in main.c soonish14:39
MCR1smspillaz: ok - unfortunately there are a few other warnings left with which I might not be able to deal properly without some help... I guess once I knwo how we want to cope with certain warnings I should be able to eliminate those also...14:41
MCR1smspillaz: For example these are quite common still: (warning) scanf without field width limits can crash with huge input data. To fix this error message add a field width specifier: %s => %20s %i => %3i14:43
MCR1smspillaz: There are several ways to fix those, but generally scanf is considered dangerous...14:44
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desrtsmspillaz: i wouldn't change it, even if i could19:48
desrtsmspillaz: those who have used GVariant the most are in rather wide agreement that the use of floating refcounting is one of the better design decisions19:49
desrt'conceptual compatibility with gobject' and 'easy to use from C' were sort of higher considerations than 'works well with boost'...19:52
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jhansonxiIs it possible to preset a gsettings/dconf setting for a specific user?  I need to set 'list-view' for Nautilus for an "administrator" account but not as a system-wide default.  I tried a key file in ~/.conf/dconf/user.d but dconf seems to ignore it.21:30
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