olebarreraI was looking for a bit of understanding using jscal00:13
olebarrerait seems I am not getting button events in my code and I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction00:14
olebarrerano takers00:50
olebarreranever mind it seems lsub -v seemed to work01:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 500834 in linux (Ubuntu) "CH joysticks not working" [Undecided,Incomplete]01:09
olebarreraok it seems I have a work around01:09
olebarreraI use these joysticks all the time for things any suggestions on how to programatically make it work when its plugged in01:10
Chipzzolebarrera: I don't know what jscal is offhand, but it sounds like a web library01:30
olebarreraits just a tool to calibrate the joystick01:30
Chipzzolebarrera: there are no takers because a) if it is, that would be app development (not even), and that is very much off-topic here (cfr topic), and b) it's weekend, and all the devs are absent01:31
olebarrerawell I was not so concerned with the calibration just why the events from the driver where not being seen01:31
olebarrera<Chipzz> thanks for the feedback01:33
Chipzzolebarrera: also a small suggestion: make it clearer what the question is about asap (ie in your first few sentences), so ppl know what you're talking about01:34
ChipzzI just read the first couple of sentences of what you typed01:34
olebarreraIts been a long time since I used IRC01:34
olebarreraI figure I would give it a shot cause I was stuck01:35
Chipzzthe same could be said about RL conversations though01:35
Chipzzif you want ppls attention, draw it as quick as possible01:35
olebarreraYes sir this is true,01:35
Chipzzno sir needed :)01:36
olebarreraDo you know much about the events provided by the driver01:36
Chipzzafraid not01:37
olebarrerajoydev is the module loaded01:37
olebarrerawell thanks for the feedback it seems I am getting output from the code after running lsub -v01:38
Chipzzyou *could* try to ask on #ubuntu-kernel, although I'm not sure how on-topic it would be there01:39
olebarreraI will check with the kernel dev internal on monday see if they have a fix01:39
Chipzzbut if you ask there, make sure to make it clear from the start joystick events are not getting through, and keep in mind it's weekend for the ppl there too01:39
olebarreraI will also read up on IRC comms again so as not to offend01:41
Chipzzoffend.. heh :)01:41
Chipzzreading the channel topic before talking is always a good idea :)01:41
Chipzzbut at least you're making an effort it looks ;)01:42
olebarrerathanks have a nice night01:44
Chipzzyou too :)01:44
micahgcjohnston: when I'm done with my current project, shall I add you to the list of people who want to help maintain it?03:07
wzssyqahow to bump kernel abi?03:46
goddardhow can I intergrate the ubuntu colors in a menu toolbar in qt?04:13
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cjohnstonmicahg: sure14:41
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codemaniachello world17:05
codemaniaccan i use a debian box as a ubuntu development platform ?17:05
codemaniacinstalling all the development toolbox in the mentined debian box ?17:06
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penguin42codemaniac: Have a look at pbuilder17:34
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codemaniacthanks penguin4218:14
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kalxashi all21:13
kalxasI am trying to follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization#Advanced_Customizations for 12.0421:13
kalxasI have managed to change the live session user name as described21:14
kalxasbut I fail to do so with the password and the background image21:14
kalxasI am working on this: https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/browser/livedvd/gisvm/trunk/bin/build_chroot.sh21:14
kalxasany ideas?21:14
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TheMusoinfinity: It used to be in main.22:19
TheMusoinfinity: But was dropped due to no python 3 support at the time when Orca was switched to python 3.22:19
scienteswhats the rules on python shebangs and python versions?23:22
scientesdoes something that only works with python2 have to use /usr/bin/python2 ?23:23
scientes(and can python 3 provide /usr/bin/python)23:23
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