* Unit193 wonders if it's another case of looking too closely at #ubuntu-unregged, or if ubuntulog really shouldn't be in there and should have umode +Q05:03
* gnomefreak wonders does +Q mean shut up in a nice way :)05:22
Unit193Na, that's +q. +Q - (No forwarding.) - Prevents you from being affected by channel forwarding.05:23
JoseeAntonioRUnit193: right, there's no ubuntulog_ in #ubuntu, should I report that?06:02
Unit193Nope, already reported.06:03
JoseeAntonioRgot it06:03
Tm_Twe'll see if somsone is working today06:04
JoseeAntonioRTm_T: you normally always have someone active in #canonical-sysadmin, even in weekends06:05
Unit193That channel a no idle channel?06:05
Tm_TJoseeAntonioR: aye, haven't seen any activity today though06:05
JoseeAntonioRUnit193: it has a no-idle policy, but not a kick-if-idling policy (I think)06:06
Tm_T...it has what policy? (:06:06
JoseeAntonioRTm_T: I think you can't idle there, but they won't kick you if you're idling06:06
Tm_Tnever heard anyone suggesting one cannot idle there06:07
Tm_Toff to my other duties ->06:09
JoseeAntonioRTm_T: have a good day!06:09
nhandlerJoseeAntonioR: There are many non-sysadmins who idle in that channel. You probably shouldn't be talking in there unless you have an issue needing the attention of the vanguard, but idling appears to be fine (at least I have never heard elsewise from Canonical in the years I've been in there)15:28
sandydhi, can someone take a look at ubot in #ubuntu-irc? It seems to have stopped responding17:55
Unit193Just recovering from a network issue.17:59
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JoseeAntonioRHey guys, could any of you re-nick ubot5` to ubot5?20:18
IdleOnewhy don't the bots have a keep-nick plugin20:19
JoseeAntonioRIdleOne: there is (my bot has got one), it comes with supybot, let me check it's name, only needs to be loaded20:25
JoseeAntonioRits name is Nickcapture, just @load Nickcapture20:26
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