moezis that a bug on LP? i have this problem only in this this page (no "First • Previous • Next • Last" links on top and no "save & continue" button on bottom) : https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/precise/+pots/ubuntu-manual/fr/+translate?show=untranslated&direction=backwards&memo=1360&start=135012:29
moezbootini, do you have the same problem?12:37
bootinimoez, No sorry I just studying St IGnucius and here to talk about how to be able to 'comment' on the ubuntu getting started Manual, without looking like the n00b I am.  :)12:57
bootiniwhat continent are you on , timezone etc ??12:59
bootiniwhat continent are you on , timezone etc ??13:02
moez_my zone is  +113:02
bootiniok, so your french ! I'm Manx .13:03
bootiniman, this is slow at moment.13:03
bootiniAre you Admin . ??13:04
bootiniI'm into Trisquel too.13:04
bootinibut mostly like doing PDF's.13:04
bootiniI'm setting up a trisquel website in the Manx language.13:05
bootiniit very hot here today :(13:05
bootiniok ok so I'll see you around, then ?13:06
moez_where are from?  (<bootini>: it very hot here today :( )13:07
* bootini slides moez_ a cold beer from moe's Tavern. ;)13:07
bootiniisle of man13:07
bootiniellan vannin13:07
bootinirom (wasn't made in a dayy ;)13:08
bootinimaybe it's just 'cos I don't have the window open , and I've three computers on the go.13:09
bootinisee you later ... ;)13:09
bootiniu smoke ??13:11

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