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species_4981hello all - please could you help track down a problem/feature I see in Thunderbird? My profile is stored on a NASboxand every so often I find that my network traffic has hit maximum ... if I killall thunderbid the traffic stops, otherwise I see 100Mbps upload from my PC to my Nasbox and maybe 3Mbps download (Nas to PC) ... clearly the traffic is from thunderbird but why? How do I identify the cause and then stop it?15:51
species_4981This is using Linux Mint 13, built on Ubuntu 12.0415:51
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micahgspecies_4981: global indexer and/or synchronized folders?22:23
species_4981micahg: thanks! Yes, it might be synced folders, that's true ... and I have looked ... maybe I missed one. Not sure what "global indexer" means though ...?22:27
species_4981ahhh ...I understand now ...have disbaled global searching and I'll monitor the traffic to see if that cures it. Thanks micahg22:31

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