Jucatozakame, Knightlust: <romski> instead na magpapamail ako ng 12.04 CD (which I think di na nagyayari ngayon), I will only download Ubuntu 12.04, print the CD label and case from ubuntu site, and it is only for my own use and collection. Will I violate any rules? Or is it safe? (please email me at prince_jroms@yahoo.com) thanks. I am not online here always. 01:40
KnightlustJucato: has come back to the dark side. bwahahahaha!03:20
Knightlusti'll fire up a quick email, thanks Jucato.03:20
JucatoKnightlust: windows? :P03:30
JucatoKnightlust: hehe I jsut remembered that I had certain "responsibilities" in here :)03:38
Knightlustheh, what's your latest commit pala to kde?03:39
Knightlustbeen out of touch lately, bare have the time to read foss news03:40
Knightlustespecially this week after typhoon gener03:40
JucatoKnightlust: just a fix in konversation. simple lang. nothing huge03:55
Jucatomusta nga pala kayo dyan? hard hit ang norte03:55
Knightlustjust a fix? nothing huge? yeah, right. dude, that's kde03:56
Knightlustok lang, wala minimal floodings, minimal landslides03:56
Knightlustpero grabe power outages, daming galit03:56
Knightlust'nyeta sila03:56
Jucatolam mo mula nung nagwork ka sa beneco at naririnig ko mga kwento mo, I started to look at electricity providers (like meralco) in a more understanding way :)03:58
Jucatolalo na pag may bagyo, syempre naman hindi nila kontrolado lahat un hehe03:58
Knightlusthehehe, malakas impluwensya ko sa yo ah.04:00
Jucatosinabi mo pa04:00
Jucatoteka lunch muna kami04:00
Knightlustayt, ayt!04:00
Knightlusttalk to you later dude!04:00
Jucatoingats! kamustahan later :)04:00
Jucatolong time no talk e04:00

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