* micahg wonders if infinity or ScottK are available to take care of the -proposed regression asomething mentioned above03:17
infinitymicahg: Sure.  I'm going to re-upload it with -v, so it snags the previous -proposed bugs as well, otherwise it looks fine.03:33
micahginfinity: you want me to do that so you can accept?03:34
infinitymicahg: I've already reviewed it, if my source matches his, I think I can let it slide and accept. :P03:34
micahginfinity: well, it just looks bad on the changes list, that's all03:35
infinitymicahg: Not really, since the -changes list has no idea who accepted. :P03:36
infinityAnyhow, already re-uploaded an identical version with a more complete .changes03:36
micahgoh, right, that's another bug..03:37
micahgno audit trail for accepts I mean03:37
infinityYeah, it's been "in progress" for months.03:37
* infinity wonders if sru-accept removes all the regression tags, or if I'll have to do that by hand.03:40
infinityHrm, looks like it doesn't.03:41
* infinity wonders if perhaps it should...03:41
infinityThough, that messed with multi-package bugs.03:42
infinityTags being attached to the bug instead of the taks make this all really messy. :/03:42
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