alo21can I hide icon during a program's execution on the launcher?08:22
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MCR1Trevinho: Hi :) Review would be needed here, so I'd be grateful  if you would have a moment: https://code.launchpad.net/~mc-return/unity/unity.merge-more-optimizing/+merge/11826514:38
sbtehi, are there any python bindings for indicate-gtk?15:13
sbteZhenech, no for gtk3, the bindings in gi.repository.Indicate don't have the set_property_icon method available15:25
sbtein libindicate, there's libindicate-gtk, which does have that method available, so I was wondering is there was a python equivalent available15:26
Zhenechiirc python-indicate is the only one available15:29
Zhenechand its compiled against gtk2 only on my debian machine here15:29
sbteZhenech, gi.Indicate works fine with gtk3, but it doesn't have the set_propery_icon method available15:37
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