wrsthmm i alwyas think unity isn't so bad until i use it00:34
wrstactually the radiance theme makes the titlebars and such not so ugle00:35
Unit193OLF isn't getting UbuCon this year, seems the rest of OSS doesn't like Canonical as much, so said another guy.00:43
chris4585wrst, I don't think unity is so much ugly as rather unintuitive with dash00:49
wrstchris4585: the black theme is just ugly02:18
wrsti love the look of things until you open up nautilus02:18
wrstand of course ugly is rather subjective :)02:18
chris4585well I do like ambiance a lot02:19
Unit193wrst: You checked the Shimmer themes and see how they look in Ubuntu/Unity?02:19
wrstyes ambiance looks much better02:19
chris4585I'm using an alternate ambiance theme02:19
wrstUnit193: no i haven't i try not to stay in unity long enough to worry about it02:19
chris4585in arch ***02:20
binarymutanthttp://ethanschoonover.com/solarized my theme right now02:22
wrstif i get to doing much theming i get consumed with it02:27
binarymutantfun to pass the time02:28
binarymutantbetter than browsing freecode.com for hours02:30
chris4585wrst, same haha02:33
chris4585I honestly just like something that works, ambiance or adwaita just work02:33
wrstand now i have to be careful or i will spend time at extensions.gnome.org02:33
chris4585I would be on gnome but right now openbox is home sweet home02:42
Unit193Openbox is pretty nice.02:43
binarymutantopenbox rocks02:43
binarymutantit's the only nontile wm I'll use02:45
chris4585binarymutant, I felt dumb the other day, I was looking on google for a keyboard shortcut to add/remove desktops02:47
chris4585and I could have just middle clicked and the options are there02:47
chris4585on the desktop **02:47
binarymutantthats neat, I wonder how many you can add02:48
binarymutantI've never gone in depth with openbox02:49
binarymutantjust right click -> terminal -> urxvt02:50
chris4585you can get pretty detailed with keyboard shortcuts and such, and scripts running in the menu to generate results02:54
chris4585I've never got really into it though02:54
binarymutantkeyboard shortcuts are the way to go02:58
binarymutantxkb lib docs are not the easiest read13:35
binarymutant...might be going back to Arch. I'm so confused18:00
wrsthowdy vychune20:07
vychunewhats good in the hood?20:08
wrstnot much vychune how are youd oing?20:18
vychunetired from Fedex Fitness lol20:22

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