Kiloshi psydroid 07:16
psydroidhi Kilos07:33
psydroidbarely awake I am07:33
psydroidthat's why I responded so slowly07:33
Kiloshave some coffee07:33
Kilos#ubuntuone is even slower07:34
psydroidyeah, lol07:40
Banlamkilos, you get your uploading done?08:58
Kilosnope Banlam connection cut at 130m , started it again at 2.30 and fell in bed09:07
Kilosdid 465m then stopped now i dunno how to get last 200m there09:08
Kiloswaiting for an answer on #ubuntuone09:08
Kilostried their aks something place but waiting for mail reply there too09:11
Kilosmurphy lives here09:17
Banlamso does it start again09:17
Banlamwhen it loses connection?09:17
Kilosno the nm here doesnt connect automatically even though i ticked the box that says connect automatically09:18
Kilosi was hoping there would be a sync button to sync it with folder here09:19
Kilosmaybe even one can do a cli rsync?09:21
Banlami have no idea09:23
Kiloslol maybe one of them will answer sometime09:27
Kilosyo Cantide 09:44
Cantidemorning ^^09:45
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Kiloshi smile11:03
smilehi Kilos :DD11:05
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Kilosquick cycle Cantide 11:17
Cantidejust did 9 km11:17
Cantidei wanted to do about 15 km11:17
Cantidebut apparently i'm quite unfit -.-11:17
Kilosdo you guys have swimming pools there11:18
Kilosswimming is the best exercise11:19
Cantidei don't11:19
Cantidebut some of my friends do11:19
Kilosgo visit11:19
Cantidewell, i couple cycling with weight training at the gym11:19
Cantideseems to work well11:20
Cantidei haven't swum in ages o.o11:20
Kilosswim a k a day and you will see the diffs11:20
Cantidei actually can't remember the last time haha11:20
Cantideyeah, i would if i could :)11:20
Cantideeasier for me to cycle 5 km a day11:20
Kilosnot the same11:21
Kilosbreathing correctly is what swimming forces you to do11:21
Cantideof course not11:21
Cantidebut i take what i can get11:21
Kiloswhat you know about ubuntuone11:22
Kilosoh maybe a restart will make it sync with my pc11:23
Cantidei've never used it >.<11:23
Cantideso i don't know much11:23
Cantidei'm using dropbox at the moment11:23
smileKilos: I'm fine, just a bit sleepy :p11:24
Kiloscan dropbox take a 700m upload one time11:25
smileCantide: I'm using Dropbox too :p11:25
smileKilos: yes, but not @ the web interface11:25
smileKilos: Bestandslimiet via de website is 300 MB. (file limit via website is 300 megabytes :p )11:26
Kilosthats no good i got a 677m iso i want to share with ian11:27
smileKilos: well there is no problem, as long as you install the desktop client :)11:30
Kiloslemme first try work out ubuntuone11:31
Kilossent 465mB there already but it didnt get last 200mB11:31
smile@ ubuntu one? :p11:34
smileFile limit for Ubuntu One is 5 TB ;)11:35
smileSee https://one.ubuntu.com/help/faq/what-is-the-largest-size-file-i-can-sync-with-ubuntu-one/11:35
Cantidewhat's the default space offered for free?11:36
Cantide5 GB?11:36
Kilosya i dunno why mine didnt all get there, maybe internet dropped off11:36
Kilosya 5 gig11:36
Kilosnow i dunno how to get the rest there without starting over11:37
CantideI might use Ubuntu One just to get that 5 GB11:37
Cantidenot sure just yet11:37
smileCantide: there are lots of tricks to increase your dropbox space - I have free account and 23.9 GB of space11:39
Cantidehow... 11:39
Cantidei have just 2.5 GB i think11:40
Cantideservices like dropbox and ubuntu one will be AMAZING once i have uncapped and fast internet11:44
Cantidebut for now i can't use them to their full potential11:44
Kilosyeah its a great tool if you are uncapped11:45
Cantideultimately i'd like to store all my valuable files there like photos11:49
Cantideso if my PC crashes or is stolen i will still have it all backed up11:49
Kilosmaybe ubuntuone did sync from here11:51
Cantidesmile, please share your tricks with me :)11:52
smileCantide: I installed about 20x times windows xp :p12:04
smileand every time invited myself with a temporary emailadress :p12:05
smilejust register with the right link and you get extra space ;)12:05
smileCantide: it's as simple as that12:08
smileyou can even use ubuntu for that :p or maybe a live system12:08
Cantideso you create an email address and invite yourself repeatedly?12:09
smileyep! :p12:09
Cantidenice exploit :)12:09
CantideI think i will do it to get up to about 10 GB12:09
smileyou have to be creative ;)12:09
Cantidethat'll be enough for me12:09
smileyou get 500 mb extra per referal, so if you invite 10 that's 5 gb :)12:10
smilethere is a limit on that, i used other tricks too :p12:10
smilebut they were a bit more difficult12:10
not_foundHi all12:52
smilehi not_found13:48
smileare you error 404? :13:48
not_foundsomething like that smile :)13:49
smilelol. :)13:50
Kilosyo neeeeelsie14:06
* Kerbero kom nou net vna die neelsie af14:06
Kerberoso daai is scary14:07
Kilosdag kerbie14:09
Kerberomiddag kilos14:09
not_foundlol, hi uncle Kilos , Kerbero 14:09
Kilosi even install my first virtualbox and put xp on it now gonna take xp off and look at centos14:11
Kiloshave cd will play14:12
not_foundcentos is solid... 14:12
Kilosits an old cd nuvolari left in the dvd14:13
Kiloshi superfly inetpro_ and others14:14
not_founda few years old now yes :)14:15
superflyhi Kilos14:17
kbmonkeyhello 15:42
kbmonkeyKilos, oom. hoe gaan dit15:42
Kiloshiya kbmonkey good ty and you laddy15:42
kbmonkeylekker and yourself?15:43
Kilosapart from thumper this avy very good ty15:44
Kilosglad to see you got 3g working15:44
kbmonkeyi cant imagine having thumpers like that, sjoe15:44
Kilosnot often thank heavens15:45
Kiloshows things going with work and all kbmonkey 15:45
Kilosim using 12.04 unity now15:46
Kilosand maverick on the side15:46
kbmonkeywell i made a nice curry today :)15:46
Kilosbet you didnt use my recipe15:47
kbmonkeyhow is the unity treating you Kilos ?15:47
Kilosnot too bad kbmonkey takes a bit of getting used to the diffs though15:47
kbmonkeyi bet! old dog new tricks, and all that ;)15:48
Kiloslol yeah but its not bad if you dont expect all the gnome things inna same place15:49
kbmonkeythis old puppy will stick to what he knows. h he15:49
Kilosdont knock it till youve tried it15:50
Kilosits an experience15:50
kbmonkeyi has it on a dual boot and on the media pc, and on a friend's. i do like15:50
kbmonkeymy little pc wont run it, the one i have with me now. think to buy a lappie maybe...15:51
kbmonkey(the privileges of having an income again)15:52
Kilosare we gonna see you more often now?15:52
Kilosor is this a flash in the pan happening15:53
Kilosif you using 3g kbmonkey  look into 8ta 2+1 special hey15:55
Kilosnuvolari, will tell you bout 8ta and some of the other guys15:56
Kilos3gig for R14915:57
kbmonkeyback, i bumped my 3g card and went offline. lol15:57
kbmonkeyyes i check that 8ta deals. making sure i have coverage, ill wait till i know where i will be staying first15:58
kbmonkeytheir "internet 5" deal is R199 for 10GB15:59
Kilosthats on contract16:00
Kilos2+1 is pay as you go thingie16:00
kbmonkeytrue. they make contracts price per meg cheaper. so sneaky16:01
Kilosjust get an 8ta sim and try it in cell then fone them and they take your addy and check coverage for you and if its good activate the sim for 3g16:01
kbmonkeyyou think i can use their sim in the modem i already have?16:02
Kilossomeone has was getting 5mB/s with 8ta last night i think16:02
Kilosi only get 350kB/s16:02
kbmonkeya friend says her 8ta modem wont work with normal sims :/16:02
Kilosbut nice and stable16:02
Kilossim has to be activated in a cellphone first16:03
Kilosonce activated it cant work to other providers i think from the fone16:03
KilosBanlam, you got 8ta hey16:03
Kilostell the monkey16:04
Kilosdeegee__, where drussel16:09
Kiloskbmonkey, if your modem isnt locked to voda or mtn yes16:10
Kilosor you can unlock it16:10
Kiloshey drubin all good??16:12
KilosMaaz, hi16:13
* Maaz waves to Kilos16:13
kbmonkeyno its not locked afaik Kilos 16:16
Kilosthen 8ta will work, nuvowill tell you too he also went to 8ta16:17
Kilosjust get the sim activated from their customer service peeps16:17
Kiloseither 180 or 18816:18
Kilosi forgot already16:18
kbmonkeythanks :)16:18
Kilosyou missed out on lots16:18
Kilosi even got a bot on my channel16:19
kbmonkeyim sure, andnot just online either 16:19
Kilos183 for data help16:19
Kilos180 for customer care16:20
Kilosya nuvo sent me a faster p4 too16:20
Kilosyou missed spanne16:20
kbmonkeydoes your bot also make coffee?16:23
Kilosya go see on ##kilos16:25
Kiloswhats the good of a bot that cant make coffee16:25
kbmonkeyhe he, yes16:28
kbmonkeythe 3g is a bit flakey16:57
kbmonkeyhave a good eve folks17:02
kbmonkeytake it easy17:02
Kilosty kbmonkey you too17:19
Kiloscome back soon17:19
Kilosget 8ta17:19
Kilosaw he gone17:19
superflyhi and bye kbmonkey17:56
smiledoei :p18:30
smile= bye18:31
smilegood nite :)18:31
Kilossleep tight smile 18:31
smilethanks you too18:31
Kilosnuvolari, dis te donker vir heli vlieg18:37
Kilossee you all tomorrow. i go crash now18:57
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superflyinetpro: how's your afrikaans?19:54
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