Degorthgvo: what do you mean00:00
gvoDegorth: What version of Ubuntu?00:00
Degorthgvo: 12.04 LTS00:00
Degorthgvo: running kernel 3.500:00
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TrevMysterCan someone tell me how to make Windows 7 seamless while using virtual box to run it?00:01
gvoDegorth: OK so who knows how to get to the equivalent of System/Administration/Hardware drivers on the piece of trash 120.4 has fostered on us?00:01
tomreynTrevMyster: install the virtual box guest addons on it00:02
Degorthtrying to install Nvidia drivers through Additional Drivers gives an error, and trying to go to the command shell to close the X Server for Nvidia's installer leaves me with a blank screen00:03
tomreyngvo: do you mean jockey-gtk ?00:03
gvoDegorth: what error00:03
Degorthgvo: it points me to a log file, let me look00:04
gvotomreyn: I have no idea, I refuse to install 12.0300:04
gvo12.04 Is a piece of trash.  As is unity.00:04
tomreyngvo: jockey-gtk is the 'Additional drivers' screen00:04
gvotomreyn: Thanks.00:04
gvoI guess Degorth has found it.00:04
tomreyngvo: i'm happy with 12.04 besides of the general direction ubuntu is taking since i've switched to xubuntu00:05
gvotomreyn: I understand.00:06
Degorthgvo: I tried it again to generate the log file but it doesn't seem to be making it anymore, though the error still happens00:08
Degorthit's saying there should be a file called jockey.log in /var/log but there isn't one00:08
gvoSo to get to a terminal window, you can Ctrl-Alt-F1, to get back to a gui you can use ALT-F7 (maybe>00:10
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Degorthgvo: when I ctrl+alt+F1 it drops me into a blank screen00:11
ekajType something.00:11
DegorthI found the log file, I guess it writes it when you close the program instead of when it actually refers to it00:11
HermanDEHello world.  What is the beer flavor of the day?00:12
ekajAnyone know when they will fix the "no 1920x1080" resolution bug?00:12
ubottuHermanDE: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:12
Degorthgvo: here's the log, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1129855/00:13
gvoDegorth: This might be the cause http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?57781-NVIDIA-drivers-for-GeForce-7300LE-in-Kubuntu-12-04-Beta-100:17
gvoOtherwise I don't have a clue00:17
keithclarkI'm trying to get the video capture feature of youtube to work for me but I get a Flash Players settings box come up that asks me to allow access but I cannot check any of the boxes to enable the feature.  Any way around this?00:18
Degorthgvo: I guess the driver isn't compatible with kernel 3.5 then since this only started happening when I upgraded00:20
gvoThat's not surprising.00:21
kantiankeithclark: of course, you might save yourself a lot of trouble by using a program from the ubuntu repositories called youtube-dl (that is, youtube downloader)00:22
kantianwhich runs in a terminal and uses wget00:22
keithclarkkantian, how to capture in the first place though?  I tried VLC but it gives me some kind of audio feedback and locks up my computer.00:23
tomreyngvo: the proprietary drivers usually take a while to adjust to updated kernel ABIs.00:23
tomreynactually that was for  Degorth ^00:23
cyphindoes anyone know why my HDMI sound driver won't show up in alsamixer?00:24
kantiankeithclark:  you simply put the URL for the youtube video in the terminal command00:24
Degorthso then is there a way to set up multiple monitors without the drivers?00:24
kantianand youtube-dl does all the rest for you00:24
keithclarkkantian, maybe you misunderstood.  I want to upload video.  I wanted to use youtube to capture video.00:24
gvotomreyn: Yep00:24
tomreynkeithclark: looks like he misunderstood. and left. this bug has been around for a good while, and adobe seems to have more important things to deal with.00:26
Dr_williscyphin,  you may want to check your exact chipset at the forums and askubuntu.com  for my GF108 (i think) i had to install the pavcontrol tool and twiddle with it..  then when i rebooted it started working.. not sure why, ive had to do this on the last 3 releases including 12.1000:26
keithclarktomreyn, ah, got you.  Is there some application that will record video for me?00:27
tomreynkeithclark: you could file a bug report or search existing bug reports for workarounds, if any.00:27
tomreynkeithclark: of course, plenty. i'm not so much into this srea, though. what do you plan to record?00:27
cyphini have a ati hd 7750 how would i find the chipset?00:27
keithclarktomreyn, just video on my netbook00:28
tomreynkeithclark: are you looking for something like a desktop recorder, i.e. to record what you are doing on your screen?00:28
tomreynkeithclark: or do you want to capture from your webcam or similar?00:28
keithclarktomreyn, webcam00:29
tomreynkeithclark: try cheese for starters, but there can be something better, i'm really not into that.00:30
keithclarktomreyn, no problem at all.  Thanks and I'll start there.00:30
tomreynyou can search the software repository for 'webcam' or 'video recording'00:31
Degorthapparently some nvidia driver is still installed on this machine since the X server control program is still there, how do I delete it completely?00:31
tomreyncyphin: something like this should tell: lspci -knnv | grep -A10 VGA00:32
blackshirtcheck it if nvidia still installed, you should sure if still there00:33
Degorthit appears to be deactivated in Additional Drivers but the X server settings program is still here00:33
LuidMy wireless only works 50% of the time when I boot up my laptop, can someone please help me?00:33
tomreynDegorth: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install && sudo apt-get purge nvidia\* && echo -e "\n\nstatus: $?"00:34
tomreynDegorth: and tell me what it says in the last line00:34
blackshirtluid, what you mean with only worj 50%?00:34
LuidWell, I booted up my laptop and the wireless didn't work, but sometimes it does :/00:34
LuidLike it's not starting up something correctly00:35
blackshirtluid, what your wifi card?00:35
addonwhen iam trying to run a bash command via terminal it i dont have the permission needed what should i do to gain it?00:36
tomreynDegorth: if it says "status: 0" then you: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf{,.orig}00:36
Degorthtomreyn: E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?00:36
LuidWhat command is that? Sorry00:36
addonLuid:are you talking to me?00:37
tomreynDegorth: close any other software which is using the package management system, such as synaptic, aptitude, jockey (the add-on driver installer)00:37
addonLuid:for installing adobe flash player ./libflashplayer.so00:37
blackshirtluid, you can use lspci command? And look at neteork/wifi controller00:37
tomreynDegorth: and redo the whole line00:37
blackshirtLuid, maybe some broadcomm or atheros chipset i think00:37
Degorthtomreyn: status: o00:38
tomreyn<tomreyn> Degorth: if it says "status: 0" then you: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf{,.orig}00:38
Degorthtomreyn: okay now what00:38
tomreynand then you logout and login again00:38
LuidBlackshirt: 'Network controller: intel corporation PRO/ wireless 3945ABG [Golan]'00:39
Degorthit wants me to reboot for updates00:39
NastyNazis there any way to attach multiple sessions to one 'screen' ? e.g. can I connect to irssi on my server from more than one client simultaneously without detaching?00:39
tomreynwell, do it00:39
Degorthokay :v00:39
tomreynNastyNaz: first user does 'screen' to start the session, second user does 'screen -x' to join it.00:40
LuidAny idea what could be wrong?00:40
tomreynLuid: your ubuntu version is?00:42
NastyNaztomreyn: OMFG THIS IS AWESOME. Thank you. Literally the best line I have read in irc all year.00:42
LuidLatest. 12.0400:42
addonwhat are the location of the browser firefox plugins in nautilus?00:42
tomreynNastyNaz: wow, sorry to hear that ;-)00:42
tomreynNastyNaz: you know about man pages and all?00:42
tomreynNastyNaz: i'm glad i could help, though00:43
NastyNaztomreyn: yeah but usually they are too ofuscated to make any sense of00:43
tomreynNastyNaz: well screen is a bit complex, i agree. look for "screen cheat sheet", possibly adding "GNU" on the web, you should find at least two good ones.00:43
tomreynLuid: so sometimes it does not work at all after boot, and sometimes it works all the time?00:45
tomreynLuid: or does it fail after some minutes of working fine?00:45
NastyNaztomreyn: wow very useful, thanks.00:45
LuidTomreyn: Sometimes it works when I boot up (until I shutdown), sometimes it doesn't (until I keep restarting  until it works)00:45
tomreynLuid: but does it fail sometimes without rebooting while it worked for a while?00:46
LuidNope, works until I shutdown.00:47
tomreynLuid: do you know what a wireless kill switch is?00:47
Degorthtomreyn: after rebooting I get a black screen with the words 'could not write byte: broken pipe' on all of my monitors00:47
DegorthI'm in recovery mode right now00:47
LuidTomreyn: the physical switch? If not, no00:47
tomreynLuid: yes, a physical switch, i was wondering whether you accidentially switched it off there.00:48
tomreynLuid: sounds lame, i know, but it's happened to many people before.00:48
tomreynDegorth: hmm okay that's not so great. sounds like X crashed there.00:49
LuidTomreyn: nah, that is on. I boot up, it works, i boot up, it doesn't. Like there is a chance factor for it to work...00:49
Degorthtomreyn: so what do I do then?00:49
tomreynDegorth: you mean X recovery mode, right? so you get the low resolution and slow and sketchy graphical desktop without acceleration?00:50
Degorthtomreyn: it looks normal right now, I just booted into recovery mode from GRUB and continued with normal boot00:50
Degorthtomreyn: if I don't do that it seems it comes up with  the broken pipe, I tried it twice00:51
tomreynLuid: hmm, can you check whether you have the linux-firmware package installed? dpkg -l linux-firmware | grep ^ii00:51
tomreynLuid: if it outputs something then you already have it installed.00:51
Degorthtomreyn: it appears to get my resolution correctly, though it's underscanning a bit00:51
LuidTomreyn: error, unknown option00:52
tomreynDegorth: okay so X fails when you boot up normally, but not when you boot up in recovery / single user mode.00:52
Degorthtomreyn: it appears that way00:52
tomreynDegorth I think there must be more leftovers from the nvidea driver installed which we didn't remove, yet00:53
tomreynI'll look up a how.to on cleaning up that mess properly00:53
Degorthtomreyn: it also tells me that it can't apply certain options to the screen (leftovers from Nvidia's driver when it was working and I had it configured to run three monitors)00:53
tomreynLuid: try again, i think you had a typo there. it's dpkg, then dash and a lower case L00:54
Degorthtomreyn: would removing the xorg.conf help?00:54
anonbitanybody on know much about torrenting through a vpn?00:54
tomreynDegorth: you already moved it out of the way earlier, if you did as i suggested00:55
LuidTomreyn: it output something.00:55
tomreynDegorth:  <tomreyn> Degorth: if it says "status: 0" then you: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf{,.orig}00:55
Degorthtomreyn: I did that00:55
Degorthtomreyn: doing it now returns with no file or directory00:56
tomreynLuid: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WirelessTroubleshootingProcedure00:56
tomreyntry this00:56
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TrevMysterCan anyone tell me some "must have" software for ubuntu?00:58
nabilI need help installing utorrent00:58
TrevMysterDon't use uTorrent it's not for Linux00:58
Linux_GuyTrevMyster,  ubuntu tweak  or MyUnity are good and come in very handy00:58
mkquisthaving a problem with desktop effects 11.04 nvidia not  working... driver activated but not in use and no effects00:58
TrevMysterUse Deluge00:58
mkquistTrevMyster: darktable for photos00:59
TrevMysterSearch the Software Center for Deluge00:59
nabilhow can I install it00:59
TrevMysterThank you both(: I'm going to add those to the download que. Anything else?00:59
TrevMysterOpen the Software Center00:59
tomreynDegorth: please do: dpkg -l nvidia\* | grep ^i00:59
Linux_GuyTrevMyster,  depending on if you game, desura isn't too bad00:59
Degorthtomreyn: nothing happened00:59
TrevMysterNext search for Deluge, click on it, and click install.01:00
mkquistTrevMyster: google earth is always a fav, if not just for ubuntu01:00
TrevMysterDoes anyone know any Novel Writing software? Specifically for writing novels?01:00
LuidPlease provide that link again, I lost it01:00
nabildeluge install in progress01:01
TrevMysterNabil, Congratz.01:01
DegorthI hope Nvidia really improves their drivers soon01:01
TrevMysterNow nabil go to your favorite torrent downloader site (Isohunt, Piratebay .etc) and just download away01:01
tomreynDegorth: okay, no output, so you have no nvidia* packages installed (but you may still have files in place which are not packaged).01:01
TrevMysterDoes anyone know how I can improve Zynga Poker it laggs01:02
nabilTrevMyster: some sites require utorrent as it allows to keep track of ratio01:02
Degorthtomreyn: so what do I do then, I don't know where those files could be01:02
TrevMysterNabil, trust me. uTorrent is only a bittorrent client. Any torrent client can keep track of ratios.01:03
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nabilTrevMyster: if you say so01:03
LuidTomreyn: can you please link me again? I lost it01:03
DegorthI thought ratios were kept by the site not just the program01:03
TrevMysterThey are01:04
TrevMysterIt's all in the .torrent file01:04
tomreynDegorth: nor do i, nor does your operating system. that's why using non-packaged software is bad. you used the nvidia driver you downloaded from nvidia.com right?01:04
FloodBot1TrevMyster: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:04
tomreyn<tomreyn> Luid: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WirelessTroubleshootingProcedure01:04
Degorthtomreyn: no, I actually downloaded it from Additional Drivers01:04
Degorthtomreyn: I guess my mistake was not uninstalling it before upgrading the kernel01:04
nabilTrevMyster: can I use this path for downloaded files? /host/Users/Bonjour/Downloads01:05
tomreynDegorth: oh only using additional drivers, that's good actually, but then i can't explain the unclean state we're in.01:05
tomreynDegorth: give me a minute, i need to look more for an uninstallation tutorial01:06
Degorthtomreyn: okay01:06
tomreynDegorth: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau && echo status $?01:07
tomreynand tell me what it says on the last line01:07
Degorthtomreyn: status 001:08
Degorth0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded01:08
tomreynDegorth: ok. for later reference, to break it again, here's the installation guide for the (proprietary) nvidia driver: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia01:09
Degorthtomreyn: would using apt-get autoremove help?01:10
tomreynDegorth: no, but you can safely do it nevertheless. now do this again: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf{,.orig}01:10
Degorthtomreyn: no such file01:10
luid_tomreyn: I rebooted my laptop until the wireless worked, to try that link. that link didn't help much, but I entered what It said.01:11
Nicekiwihelp! amarok has stopped responding and i cant kill it01:11
tomreynDegorth: you only have this one PC, right? so you're working on ti right now=?01:11
Degorthtomreyn: yes01:11
luid_tomreyn: when I do rfkill list when wireless is off, the device doesn't even show up. When I try it when it's working, it shows up01:11
tomreynDegorth: note this down on a sheet of paper: dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg01:12
nabilTrevMyster: still here?01:12
Degorthtomreyn: done01:13
tomreynDegorth: then press ctrl-alt-f1 and login there. then type the command you wrote down there. then reboot again.01:13
Degorthtomreyn: the last time I did that combination I got a blank screen01:13
Degorththis must be frustrating :P01:13
tomreynDegorth: what exactly triggered the blank screen?01:13
tomreynthe dpkg-reconfigure command?01:14
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Degorthtomreyn, I pressed CTRL+ALT+F1 and got a blank screen01:14
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DegorthI assume it's supposed to give me a terminal instead01:14
Vlangvo: i did it, thank you!01:14
Degorthbut no words or anything appear01:14
tomreynDegorth: oh right, you may need to press shift key or enter then if the screen saver is active.01:15
NastyNazI want to copy a local directory over to my other computer running ubuntu server. How do I do it using ssh?01:15
Degorthtomreyn: so if I get a blank screen press shift or enter?01:15
tomreynDegorth: if ctrl-alt-f1 does not work try all the way through ctrl-alt-F1 to ctrl-alt-f801:15
Degorthtomreyn: okay01:15
tomreynDegorth: yes, try pressing keys first01:15
tomreynshift + enter first01:15
tomreyn then all the Fx01:16
Degorthokay, should I do it now?01:16
tomreynyes please01:16
* tomreyn crosses fingers01:16
Nicekiwihelp! amarok has stopped responding and i cant kill it01:17
nabili just installed deluge but doesnt work01:17
nabilanyone knows why?01:17
tomreynNicekiwi: then kill -9 it01:17
Nicekiwitomreyn: HOW?01:18
djzntrism: any news on that bug01:18
Degorthtomreyn, it worked and I typed the command, there was no output01:18
Degorthoh I'm supposed to reboot01:18
Degorthbrb xD01:19
tomreynDegorth: check what's in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf now01:19
Degorthtomreyn: no file01:19
tomreynNicekiwi: open a terminal window, then type: kill $(pidof amarok)01:19
Degorthtomreyn: I only see xorg.conf.backup and xorg.conf.orig01:20
DegorthI haven't rebooted yet01:20
tomreynDegorth: okay, is there a reference to 'nouveau' in xorg.conf.backup?01:20
trismdjzn: figured out what lightdm-gtk-greeter, unity-greeter and compiz have in common, they all set the cursor on the root window, and I can fix the cursor after a resize by doing the same (I have no idea why doing that breaks resizing though)01:20
tomreynNicekiwi: if this does not work then do this instead: kill -9 $(pidof amarok)01:21
Degorthtomreyn: no01:21
tomreynDegorth: okay, don't reboot yet, another command is coming up01:21
trismdjzn: also managed to break resizing on fedora by setting the cursor on the root window01:21
Nicekiwitomreyn: neither commands worked01:21
trismdjzn: so not really an ubuntu specific bug it seems01:22
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djzntrism: what do you mean root window01:24
tomreynDegorth: echo -e "Section \"Device\"\n     Driver      \"radeon\"\nEndSection" | sudo tee /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:24
tomreynDegorth: ten reboot01:24
tomreynNicekiwi: run this and point + click on the window of the nono-responding application: xkill01:25
tomreynDegorth: *then01:26
Degorthbtw it echoed Section "Device" Driver "radeon" EndSection, nothing else01:27
tomreynDegorth: that's ok01:27
TrevMysterThanks for who ever told me to install guest drivers to enter seamless mode.01:27
nabil_TrevMyster: still not working01:27
tomreynTrevMyster: you're welcome01:28
TrevMysternabil, I don't know what to tell you.01:28
rudlehi all - some websites are using this font (https://typekit.com/fonts/open-sans) and it looks kinda crummy. any pointers?01:28
TrevMysternabil, uTorrent I don't think even works in Linux01:28
nabil_TrevMyster: tried to run it via terminal, want to hae the message error??01:28
trismdjzn: the root window in x is the parent of all the other windows01:29
NastyNazquick question: if I change my root password, will the SSH keys I use to login remotely need to be changed as well?01:29
rudleNastyNaz: no. the two things are independent01:29
nabil_(deluge:2128): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library. Using the fallback 'C' locale. [ERROR   ] 02:25:47 gtkui:69 Unable to initialize gettext/locale! [ERROR   ] 02:25:47 gtkui:70 unsupported locale setting Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/deluge/ui/gtkui/gtkui.py", line 58, in <module>     locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, '')   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/locale.py", line 539, in set01:30
NastyNazrudle: thanks01:30
djzntrism: oh ok01:30
Nicekiwitomreyn: theres no window01:30
djzntrism: could it be a permission issue?01:30
rudlecan someone please visit https://typekit.com/fonts/open-sans and tell me how it looks to them?01:30
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tomreynNicekiwi: what makes you think amarok is still runniung then?01:31
Nicekiwitomreyn: its running in the taskbar, all xkill did was kill that. and its still running01:31
Nicekiwitomreyn: and it showins in process manager01:31
tomreynoh okay that sucks ;-) well just logout and back in again then01:31
trismdjzn: probably not, you can set the cursor as a normal user, it's either an xorg bug or a bug with how gnome updates the cursor size (no idea which)01:32
FloodBot1randy__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:32
rudle /ignore -channels #mwsf * JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS01:32
rudlehow do i use IRC?01:32
tomreynDegorth: any improvement, yet?01:33
DegorthNo, in fact, now it won't work at all01:34
tomreyngah, but you're still here?01:34
rudlecan someone on an ubuntu machine take a look at this font please? it'll take two seconds! https://typekit.com/fonts/open-sans01:34
DegorthIt tells me it's running in low graphics mode then never actually loads the gui01:34
DegorthOn a phone01:34
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tomreynDegorth: sorry about it. well just delete the xorg config this time: sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:35
DegorthTomreyn: done01:35
tomreynDegorth: are you in recovery mode now?01:36
DegorthTomreyn: yes, at the command shell01:36
tomreynDegorth: sudo rm /var/log/Xorg.* && rm ~/.xsession-errors01:38
DegorthTomreyn: done01:38
tomreynDegorth: then reboot once more (sorry). it will again not work but you should be back to recovery mode. and then i need you to post some logfiles.01:38
tomreyni mean graphical recovery should work01:39
DegorthTomreyn: okay rebooting01:39
DegorthTomreyn: it's loading the gui, but it's still telling me it can't apply stored configurations for monitors01:41
tomreynDegorth: is that after you logged in?01:41
tomreynooh ok01:41
=== Degorth_Ghosted is now known as Degorth
tomreynook i expected that to be a result of failsafe X01:42
Degorthwhat now01:42
tomreynbut if it's after login then it's actually just telling you that the stored screen settings which were specific to the mutli-head output of the nvidia driver don't work now01:43
tomreyncan you remind me what the overall goal was, i guess i lost track a bit01:43
Degorthdelete Nvidia drivers and get back to default ubuntu video drivers01:44
Degorthright now the X Server is crashing when not booting in recovery mode01:44
Murd0ckwindows 7 room?01:44
Degorthtwo doors down on your left01:45
Linux_Guyjust above the trap door01:45
tomreynDegorth: thanks. ok do this about the warning message: mv ~/.config/monitors.xml{,.orig}01:46
Degorthtomreyn: done01:46
jqbot!ot | Murd0ck01:46
ubottuMurd0ck: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:46
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Murd0ckFTR I use ubuntu, but I got a job I need win 7 for is all..01:47
jblackAre questions about universe packages appropriate here?01:47
tomreynDegorth: and then please paste all the /var/log/Xorg* files as well as ~/.xession-errors (that's a hidden file in your home directory) to http://paste.ubuntu.com or another pastebin of your choice01:47
Degorthas separate pastes or all one paste01:48
tomreynDegorth: sorry this is taking so long, i'm not very good on fixing X apparently. and getting a little tired (but not tired enough to want to cancel, yet).01:48
Degorthit's alright01:48
tomreynDegorth: separate would be better since there can be limits01:48
tomreynjblack: to my knowledge, yes, but that is limited.01:50
tomreynjblack: just try, and if i'm wrong someone else will tell01:50
Degorthtomreyn: errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1129954/ log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1129955/01:50
jblackHello, I'm trying to get anon-proxy, which is in universe to work. when I ru "anon-proxy --help"  I get a core dump and "*** buffer overflow detected ***: anon-proxy terminated01:50
jblackI wanted to see if anyone had thoughts, or if I should just file a bug01:51
felipe_Brzcan i use the same private key for more than one server?01:51
jblackThis is a fresh install of 12.04, x64.01:52
felipe_Brzlike, I store a private key on  my box  and the public key on several boxes01:52
glitsj16ub anon-proxy01:54
tomreynDegorth: okay, i'm having a look. this will take a while and i'll ask some questions. first one: you're on ubuntu 12.04, right? you are using an updated kernel then. does this problem also occur with the relase version kernel?01:55
DegorthI'm running kernel 3.5 with Ubuntu 12.04, I haven't had this issue in the release kernel01:56
Degorthin the release kernel the driver installed properly01:56
wilee-nileeDegorth, you want to awre of what is supported here the stock kernel is any other basically is not, but you may get help if you are lucky. ;)01:59
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OdraIs there a way to make my mouse pointer move at a constantspeed?01:59
wilee-nileeOdra, in relations to how fast you actually move it?02:00
OdraRight now its "accelerating"02:00
OdraAnd it feels very werid to me02:00
OdraIt takes too long to start and too long to stop02:01
wilee-nileeOdra, meaning if you whip it fast it runs the same?02:01
wilee-nileeOdra, I doubt it without a hack02:01
wilee-nileeOdra, it is supposed to move the cursor in relation to how fast you move the mouse02:02
wilee-nileeOdra, or be adjusted in the mouse settings02:02
wilee-nileeand or02:02
Degorthwilee-nilee, doesn't that also mean the mouse stops as soon as the mouse itself stops02:02
OdraIt starts moving but then it drags02:03
tomreynDegorth: okay then my guess is that the noveau X driver you have is just not compatible with the kenrle you have there. if you want updated kernel an accelerated (i.e. non VESA) X then try the xorg-edgers PPA02:03
OdraThere is no "speed" setting02:03
OdraOnly acceleration02:03
DegorthOdra, maybe the system is lagging?02:03
OdraThat doesnt make sense02:03
cschneidis there a simple way to define firewall rules? A curses "gui" would be perfect02:03
wilee-nileeDegorth, yes but what is described is not normal02:03
Guitar_ProWhat This People Talking About !!!02:03
ed-1*alot of times if my pc is up for like a day or so, on the network icon on the right side I can't open VPN or Wireless networks, the dropdown menu doesn't work02:03
Guitar_ProFuking Shiit02:03
ed-1it just shows a small line no dropdown list02:04
Guitar_Progood nigth fuckers02:04
Degorthtomreyn how would I do that02:04
wilee-nilee!op | Guitar_Pro02:04
ubottuGuitar_Pro: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!02:04
tomreynDegorth: based on your logs the nouveaudriver is properly selected as the intended driver to be used, but while loading it quits with (EE) [drm] failed to open device02:04
wilee-nileesorry ops they left02:04
ubuntu-studiohow do I install adobe flash on unbuntu..02:04
tomreynDegorth: before i explain this, please tell me why you want to run the updated kernel anyway?02:04
cschneidis ufw still current? I see an 8.04 doc about it, but that's pretty old02:05
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Degorthtomreyn: I have some software that the updated kernel supports where the release kernel doesn't (sound card and some other peripherals)02:05
wilee-nileeubuntu-studio, easiest way is to install the restricted-extras02:05
javierf_Hi! I use ubuntu 12.04. I'm spanish, so when I play movies (generally in VLC) I use spanish subtitles. But every letter not existing in english becomes an ? (such as á, é, ñ, ...) How could I solve that? thanks!!!02:05
Linux_Guyheck of a pager call wilee-nilee   thank you for getting that taken care of02:06
ubuntu-studiohow do I install the restricted extras02:06
tomreynDegorth: oh such new hardware then. okay, let me fetch the link02:06
Degorthubuntu-studio, go to the Software Center and search for it02:06
Degorthtomreyn, the kernel also added support for the newer Nvidia cards, correct? I have the 68002:06
jblackI decided to file a bug. an anonymous proxy complaining about buffer overflows after a clean install sounds scary to me02:06
nolpekoff-topic: Does anyone know how to request an invite to the #java channel?02:07
Degorthisn't there an irc command for it?02:07
* nolpek googles02:07
joint2kubuntu.. go to the software center and search for flash. then install the flash player plugin02:07
Degorthnolpek, try /knock?02:07
jblacknolpek: /topic #java02:07
wilee-nileeLinux_Guy, I rarely call the op's and missed the sign of while doing it oh well. I usually just put them in ignore.02:07
jblackit says to join ##java02:07
wilee-nileesign off*02:08
usr13!register | nolpek02:08
ubottunolpek: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode02:08
tomreynDegorth: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa read this, read it again, and if you want what you read, do: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa02:08
Linux_Guywilee-nilee, still good to nab when you can.02:08
nolpekthx guys02:08
ubuntu-studiois there a way to run my old .exe files on this?02:08
usr13nolpek: (you just need a registered nick)02:08
joint2kinstall wine02:09
Linux_Guywine + playonlinux02:09
theadminHow can I associate Vuze with magnet links? Tried messing around with stuff in /usr/share/applications to no extent.02:09
myersg7is there any Ubuntu Linux driver for a Lexmark 8300 all-in-one printer?02:10
Degorthto,reyn: I'm trying the ppa02:10
bullitti just installed fluxbox under ubuntu.. amateur question: how do i switch the desktop environment ?02:10
joint2kat the sign in screen02:11
icerootbullitt: logout and then choose the DE you want there02:11
myersg7Can anyone help me?02:11
bullittthat will become the default? I will be using text mode to start up.02:11
iceroot!printer | myersg702:11
ubottumyersg7: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows02:11
W4spmyersg7: You should be able to get PPD driver from Lexmark web site, I use CUPS do integrate them into our systems.02:11
Degorthtomreyn, I've added the repository and done sudo apt-get update, should I reboot now02:12
theadminDegorth: That's unnecessary.02:12
ubuntu-studiook so I installed that restricted extras thing, but it wont let me use flash still on firefox?02:12
theadminubuntu-studio: Have you restarted Firefox?02:13
ubuntu-studioIt comes up with no addons or anything either.02:13
theadminubuntu-studio: Is flashplugin-installer actually installed? Not sure if it's a part of restricted-extras02:13
ubuntu-studioit says it has flash in it02:13
myersg7can some one help me find the PPD file then..I have been looking02:13
tomreynDegorth: you'll also want to: sudo apt-get upgrade02:13
Degorthubuntu-studio, go back to the install page in the Software Manager, scrol down to addons or plugins and see if flash is checked02:14
ubuntu-studioand it says I have it installed on Ubuntu software center02:14
ubuntu-studioIt is02:14
theadminubuntu-studio: If you are using Firefox, I recommend downloading the "FlashAid" addon. It helps with Flash problems on Firefox on Ubuntu :/02:14
theadminubuntu-studio: Such problems were always there, so.02:14
myersg7I looked at openprinting.org and mine isn't on the list.02:14
Degorthtomreyn, done02:15
NastyNazhow do I get the size (columns*rows) of the current terminal?02:15
theadminNastyNaz: echo "$COLUMNS*$ROWS"02:15
ubuntu-studioNothing comes up when I type in flashaid02:15
NastyNaztheadmin: thanks02:15
theadminNastyNaz: Actually, that doesn't seem to be valid02:15
Degorthubuntu-studio, is the Adobe Flash plugin installed?02:16
theadminNastyNaz: Bah, it's $LINES, not $ROWS02:16
NastyNaztheadmin: lines works, thanks02:16
theadminubuntu-studio: Where are you searching for FlashAid? It's on addons.mozilla.org02:16
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ubuntu-studiooh I was looking on the software center02:16
myersg7I really need help on getting this printer working if possible...02:17
tomreynDegorth: here's your bug for the proprietary driver, you may want to subscribe to it to know when that's fixed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/102908202:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1029082 in linux (Ubuntu) "10de:1040 Installation of Nvidia Current Driver fails" [Medium,Confirmed]02:17
ubuntu-studioI still don't see any FlashAid when I type it in on mozilla addons02:18
theadminubuntu-studio: Ah, seems it's a dead project now. Never mind.02:18
Degorthtomreyn thanks for the help, is there anything else I need to do now?02:19
ubuntu-studioSo what can I do?02:19
ubuntu-studioIt still asks me to install Adobe Flash Player02:19
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theadminubuntu-studio: Well, for starters pastebin the output of this: find / -iname '*libflashplayer.so*' -print 2>/dev/null02:19
tomreynDegorth: nothing i can think of now, i suggest you reboot02:19
Degorthtomreyn okay, thanks02:19
tomreynDegorth: still there?02:20
Ugly_Duckanyone have ifolder up and running?02:20
Degorthtomreyn: yes02:20
ubuntu-studioHow do I do all that..02:21
tomreynDegorth: you may have two linux 3.5 kernels installed now. or still the old 3.5er, or the new 3.5er from xorg-edgers. we should make sure you boot the xorg-edgers one.02:21
theadminubuntu-studio: Do what? Open a terminal, type what I said in -- it's one line, by the way.02:22
Degorthtomreyn: yeah I noticed it downloaded or something similar to that02:22
tomreynDegorth: can you should me (pastebin) /boot/grub/grub.cfg ?02:22
ubuntu-studioit said no such file02:22
tomreynDegorth: also the output of: dpkg -l linux-image\* | grep ^i02:23
theadminubuntu-studio: You're doing something wrong, "find" does not produce such output.02:23
Degorthtomreyn okay02:23
ubuntu-studioam I supposed to put spaces?02:23
theadminubuntu-studio: Just paste the command in, and you're supposed to enter it exactly like it appears02:23
ubuntu-studioI pressed enter and nothing comes up02:25
theadminubuntu-studio: Seems Flash failed to install. You'll have to reinstall it: sudo apt-get --reinstall install flashplugin-installer02:25
myersg7Can some one please help me..I can't install this printer on my own, I have tried.02:26
cfhowlettmyersg7: details02:26
ubuntu-studiook done, now what?02:27
myersg7I have a Lexmark 8300 all in one printer02:27
theadminubuntu-studio: Well, now try again.02:27
myersg7Im using Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit02:28
wilee-nileemyersg7, you tried through printers?02:28
cfhowlettmyersg7: ok.  direct connection or network02:28
myersg7Direct connection02:28
ubuntu-studioNow it says you need to upgrade it02:28
cfhowlettmyersg7: I'm seeing a downloadable driver for that series on the lexmark site.  Have you got the driver?02:29
theadminubuntu-studio: Well, that's already going somewhere. Just tell it to use the current version (Ubuntu isn't too up-to-date, especially if you're using an old version of it)02:29
myersg7no..can you send me a link.02:29
cfhowlettmyersg7: http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=lexmark+8300+ubuntu&ei=UTF-8&fr=moz3502:29
myersg7what site are you talking about?02:31
ubuntu-studiohow do I do it to do that?02:31
theadminubuntu-studio: Uh, isn't there a "Load anyway" button?02:31
cfhowlettmyersg7: try the first couple of hits.  They showed lexmark download links.02:31
myersg7I did but I see nowere to download a file02:32
theadminubuntu-studio: Ugh. Okay, head over to the Adobe website, grab the .deb package from there (for Ubuntu) and use that.02:32
OrmieHi, Most features on Byobu doesn't work. eg. new session. Nothing happens when I do the key shortcut and sometimes the application i'm running takes that keyboard shortcut. What can I do?02:32
cfhowlettmyersg7: right.  try that.02:32
ubuntu-studiothere is no .deb package02:32
ubuntu-studioonly tar rpm and yum02:32
myersg7there is no download link though02:33
theadminubuntu-studio: They call it "apt"02:33
myersg7and here is http://support.lexmark.com/index?page=productSelection&locale=EN&userlocale=EN_US    but my printer isn02:33
ubuntu-studioI dont see a apt either02:33
myersg7on the list02:33
usr13msg ubottu !flash02:33
myersg7*it is not on the list02:33
ubuntu-studioonly tar rpm and yum02:33
usr13ubuntu-studio: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash02:34
Ormiei read the man page02:34
Ormiebut tried, not work02:34
theadminubuntu-studio: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/ - select your architecture (32 or 64-bit) and then "Flash player for Ubuntu (apt)"02:34
wilee-nileeubuntu-studio, Doesn't ubuntu studio have a restricted-extras package?02:34
theadminwilee-nilee: Apparently, Firefox won't run the flashplugin Ubuntu provides because it's "out of date"02:35
cfhowlettubuntu-studio: try xubuntu-restricted-extras02:35
theadmincfhowlett: See my response to wilee-nilee too02:35
cfhowlettubuntu-studio: as ubuntustudio is built on xubuntu02:35
myersg7I am not finding the Driver anywere02:35
cfhowletttheadmin: ah.  for some reason my flash installed without issue - then again I installed extras & medibuntu?02:36
wilee-nileetheadmin, I have seen that with using the flashaid addon when a supposed beta is installed, runs it but shows missing plugins.02:36
theadminwilee-nilee: FlashAid no longer exists.02:36
theadmincfhowlett: Might not be on Precise?02:36
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cfhowletttheadmin: entirely possible02:37
theadmincfhowlett: Which is why I'm guessing to use the Adobe's repo. Works anyway.02:37
wilee-nileetheadmin, thanx  had it still loaded, lol.02:37
cfhowlettmyersg7: what happens when you try to install the printer without the drivers?02:37
cfhowletttheadmin: excellent advice there02:38
ubuntu-studioit works now thanks02:39
myersg7how do I do that? Oh it ask me to select the printer from the list or provide the PPD file because it can't find it.02:39
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theadminubuntu-studio: Great02:39
cfhowlettmyersg7: OK - so it appears you WILL have to go to lexmark support and find that driver.  Sorry, but that's the best advice I can offer.02:39
pix3 /cler02:40
W4spmyersg7: http://support.lexmark.com:80/lexmark/index?page=content&productCode=&locale=EN&segment=SUPPORT&viewlocale=en_US&searchid=1344134341460&actp=search&userlocale=EN_US&id=DR86002:42
ubottuW4sp: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!02:43
felipe_Brzi have a private key which works for logging into a server but doesn't work to log into another server, and i've double checked that both remote servers have the same public key files and permissions... where could I look in order to troubleshoot this?02:45
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morenoHello World02:49
Unix-DudeHello moreno02:49
morenoNada using Xchat just experimenting02:49
morenoWhats your client?02:49
morenoI also use AndChat02:49
Unix-DudeXchat :)02:49
Unix-DudeAre you new to Linux?02:50
morenoIt's pretty cool... question. What other way would there have been to find the channels with freenode server?02:50
morenoYes I am.02:50
theadmin!alis | moreno02:50
ubottumoreno: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*02:50
DegorthI've been trying to get chatzilla working but it's being a pain02:50
Unix-DudeYou can use /list02:50
morenoYea I hear chatzilla is good client02:50
theadminUnix-Dude: One does not simply use /list on Freenode :/02:50
diamondswhere are official torrents02:51
Unix-DudeYea, chatzilla can be pretty annoying02:51
morenoI'm enjoying Xchat though02:51
diamondsfor 12.0402:51
Unix-DudeYou can grep it haha02:51
DegorthI got it working in Mint just fine02:51
Unix-DudeTho not in xchat i guess02:51
DegorthI think xulrunner's being a pain02:51
theadmin!torrents | diamonds02:51
ubottudiamonds: Precise can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/precise/desktop/ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/precise/server/ubuntu-12.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:696902:51
Degorthif anyone wants to help me get chatzilla working? :P02:51
SonikkuAmericaYo, does anyone have a problem (in 12.04) where lightdm just loops after you proceed to log in?02:52
TomM2So like.02:52
TomM2Do LTS users get better support in here than non-LTS users?02:52
morenoThanks UD02:52
diamondsshould I have any trouble putting it on a DVD?02:52
theadminSonikkuAmerica: That often happens when your user configs are messed up. Desktop stuff and the like. Create a new user, see if it works02:52
diamondsany diff. from CD?02:52
SonikkuAmericatheadmin: OK02:52
theadminTomM2: "better"? Nope. Longer.02:52
cfhowlettDiamonds y u no use USB?02:52
TomM2theadmin, Oh so it means Long term support like for the OS not for actual support for problems?02:53
TomM2I dun goofed.02:53
TomM2That's why 8.04 LTS is still supported?02:53
theadminTomM2: Well, "support" means 2 things: 1) Keeping the software repositories online, 2) Answering questions related to this version in the IRC/forums/etc02:53
diamondscfhowlett: just don't have one on hand02:54
wilee-nileeTomM2, only the server I believe02:54
TomM210.10 = obsolete?02:54
SonikkuAmericaTomM2: yes02:54
TomM2Why is it only the .04 versions are LTS?02:54
theadminTomM2: LTS come around every two years. And the scheme is "year.month". Canonical tends to release LTS'es in April, thus .0402:54
BlackAngelPRhere is the list https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases02:55
cfhowlettTomM2: sayeth Mark Shuttleworth; so shall it be written, so shall it be done.  04 forever.02:55
trismTomM2: 6.06 was LTS02:55
Linux_GuyTomM2, not all 04s are LTS02:55
TomM2I have never seen a .10 LTS02:55
TomM2trism, There was a .06?02:55
Linux_Guy0.04 was not and 11.04 was not an lts02:55
diamondsI have a 500gb usb drive02:55
diamondscan I use this? I'll try02:55
TomM2I thought it was stuck to .04 and .1002:55
trismTomM2: yeah, it was delayed two months02:56
W4spcfhowlett: Thanks for the cookies. :-)02:56
myersg7Can I use the Driver cd to install it using wine?02:56
wilee-nileeTomM2, actually the 8.04 server is eol02:56
theadminTomM2: Well, Ubuntu has a stable release schedule by now, once every 6 months (April and October), and LTS releases - once per two years, in April.02:56
Linux_Guythe .06 was in the early days. it's 04 and 1002:56
TomM2So 8.04 server will be dead soon?02:56
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support continues until 2013. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.02:56
cfhowlettTomM2: next year EOL02:56
theadminTomM2: ^02:56
diamondswhat is going on with this .torrent download...02:57
TomM2How long do LTS's last?02:57
myersg75 years02:57
wilee-nileeTomM2, 5 years now02:57
diamondsit looks like it's going to take several minutes o_O (to download the tracker)02:57
theadminTomM2: Desktop - 3 years, Server - 502:57
theadminOr... huh02:57
theadminTomM2: Never mind, they all last 5 years now :/02:57
TomM2What was the first version of Ubuntu?02:57
diamondsI'm down to 190 Bps and dropping02:57
theadmindiamonds: Which client are you using?02:57
Linux_Guy5 for the offical ubuntu and kubuntu02:57
diamondsChromium < theadmin02:58
Linux_Guyxubuntu is still only 3 and lubuntu is only 18 months last I read for it02:58
diamondsI'm d/ling the .torrent file via http02:58
SonikkuAmerica_theadmin: No sale on the new user thing.02:58
theadminTomM2: 4.10 was the first, IIRC.02:58
diamondsOK it's done, something was wrong....02:58
theadmindiamonds: Oh geez... Here, let me find you another link :/02:58
theadmindiamonds: Ah, never mind then02:58
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TomM24.10 still available on releases.ubuntu.com?02:58
theadminTomM2: No, it *is* available on old-releases.ubuntu.com but it will not work properly (you won't be able to install any extra apps), repos are long down02:59
TomM2I will just be running it in a vm for testing.02:59
Linux_Guywhy run such an old dist?03:00
theadminLinux_Guy: For fun? Seeing the origins etc?03:00
TomM2Linux_Guy, What theadmin said.03:00
Linux_Guyfair enoough :)03:01
SonikkuAmericatheadmin: No sale on that suggestion. At least gdm works.03:01
theadminSonikkuAmerica: Huh... Odd.03:01
theadminSonikkuAmerica: Well, long as it works...03:01
SonikkuAmericaIt's a nice 10.04-ish April Fool's joke... XD03:01
TomM2How did canonical find out about Linux?03:02
diamondsI can't get my tracker to open these .torrent files :/03:02
theadminWhat is the name of the network management tool Kubuntu uses? It would appear it's NetworkManager, but if I recall correctly, that has no KDE frontend.03:02
W4spTomM2: Mind that there are no security patches anymore, and SSH v1 is flawed big time.03:03
SonikkuAmericatheadmin: But if it's a user config error, shouldn't there be a way to manage it in [Users and Groups]?03:03
TomM2W4sp, I won't be using ssh.03:03
theadminSonikkuAmerica: Not necessarily... That doesn't let you manage all the ~/.* stuff03:03
SonikkuAmericaOr the *@(!&@*$^()(@^##*$, either. LOL03:03
theadminSonikkuAmerica: Uh, I mean the hidden (config) files in your home directory.03:03
diamondsneither does deluge open it03:04
theadminSonikkuAmerica: They start with ., and the common notation for the home directory in Linux is ~, so ~/.*03:04
SonikkuAmericaYeah ik, I was jokingly referring to the swear words one uses when they find out Ubuntu is looping itself. :-)03:04
TomM2Is 12.04 worth it? or should I wait for 12.10?03:04
SonikkuAmericaTomM2: Get 12.04 but immediately put GNOME Fallback on it.03:04
theadminTomM2: Totally worth it honestly, I downloaded it and was amazed at how much progress Ubuntu has made since the total failure called Lucid Lynx :/03:04
cfhowlettTomM2: 12.04 is LTS and will be longer and better supported than 12.1003:05
Linux_Guy10.04 isn't that bad03:05
TomM2I see.03:05
SonikkuAmericaOh come on, 10.04 wasn't THAT bad was it? 10.10 was a fail.03:05
SonikkuAmericaAt least it wasn't LTS03:05
theadmin10.04 was alright, but it totally failed with, like, half of the devices for me. Sound, graphics, network :/03:05
* Linux_Guy has never had it fail on me :)03:05
TomM2Linux_Guy, I was on 10.04 then moved to 10.10 but flightgear was not supported at the latest version for 10.x03:06
Linux_Guybut everyone has varying mileage03:06
cfhowlettTomM2: in fact, I've had a whole lot less angst, anger and issues by adopting and LTS only policy.  But perhaps that's just me...03:06
SonikkuAmericaJust 4 kix I think I'll get all the other DEs as well.03:06
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TomM2I will probably just use LTS.03:06
TrevMysterQuick question everyone : Is there a way to get netflix?03:06
b1tgl0wI'm looking for a list of distros that _aren't_ rolling release. Having trouble with google. Can someone provide a link?03:06
SonikkuAmericaYa know, KDE, XFCE, LXDE, FHDE, JWOFHDE, OIEHORIHWEPDE, and the like. :-)03:06
TomM2Probably upgrade every time a new LTS comes out.03:06
TrevMysterOh also I can't get NixNote to start up can someone help me with that too?03:06
SonikkuAmericabltgl0w: There's always Bing.03:07
TomM2If ubuntu was on KDE be default would Kubuntu be called Gubuntu? :P03:07
theadminTomM2: Actually, they are developing a Gnome-based fork now, I think the name was "Gnobuntu".03:07
SonikkuAmericaTomM2: It should be, now that Ubuntu's default DE is Unity.03:07
hydrox24b1tgl0w: try searching 'linux distributions -"rolling release"'03:08
SonikkuAmericaGnobuntu = "No 'Buntu.03:08
TomM2I am 50/50 on Unity because it's sexy at the same time it's ugly.03:08
theadminSo any help on getting magnet links to open with Vuze?03:08
SonikkuAmericaI'm of the school that says Ubuntu and GNOME are inseparable. Canonical has just broken my heart.03:08
hydrox24TomM2: I'm more than happy with GNOME-shell and would recommend it.03:09
hydrox24SonikkuAmerica: Indeed.03:09
theadminSonikkuAmerica: It was a sane choice considering how "featureful" the original GNOME3 release was, sadly.03:09
SonikkuAmericaNot to mention I absolutely hate lightdm.03:09
TomM2I like how Microsoft is implementing the tablet feel to windows 8, Microsoft copied Ubuntu it's quite obvious.03:09
TomM2hydrox24, I know.03:09
SonikkuAmericaUnity can run on my machine but GNOME 3 Shell can't.03:10
TrevMysterCould someone message me on how to get NixNote to work? It's something I really need. Also if you know how I can get Netflix working that would be great too.03:10
SonikkuAmericatheadmin: You mean featureLESS. I got the White Screen of Death.03:10
theadminSonikkuAmerica: That's why I took it in quotes ;)03:10
hydrox24TomM2: I don't like it, I think that Apple has it right, with having seperate interfaces for mobile and PC and then mixing the best bits.03:10
hydrox24TomM2: But this needs to continue in !offtopic.03:10
TomM2Does Ubuntu One sync from LAN? Cause it's easier to do it internally than externally?03:10
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:10
SonikkuAmericaBut no Java or Flash on iOS devices and ::punches the Apple off the tree::03:11
Linux_Guynetflix does not support linux and so far I've not seen it run on anything other than a boxee box, android tablet/phone or other proprietary item03:11
cfhowlettTomM2: yes.  Uone will synch from every network connection.03:11
TrevMyster:( NixNote still won't work03:18
HelloWorld321I'm trying to connect to an oracle database, and I have ojdbc14.jar in /usr/share/java.  I'm using Test Class on LibreOffice Base, and it says that the oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver driver could not be loaded.  What do I need to connect to an oracle database?03:21
felipe_Brzis it possible that i can't log into my amazon 64-bit box because it is 64 bit? i have another (32-bit) with the exact same configurations and I do get to log in03:23
felipe_Brz* using private/public keys on ssh03:24
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cfhowlettawaludin: greetings03:27
ertcould you help me? i'm attempting to set up a dual boot for my mac, but i can't partition my hard drive.  people have told me to repair it, but it never works. for obvious reasons, i can't repair it while booted to it, and booting to an ubuntu live dvd won't fix it03:32
cfhowlettert: why can't the HDD partition?03:33
ertno clue03:33
cfhowlettert: error msgs?03:34
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ertpartition failed with the error: Couldn't modify the partition map because file system verification failed03:35
ertthat was when i tried it using the mac disk utility03:35
cfhowlettert: ...and?03:36
ertit didn't work?03:36
cfhowlettert: ok.  Well, if the mac partitioner fails I would say you have a fundamental hardware issue and should perhaps consider replacement.03:37
ertreally? i doubt it. i've had it for less than a year.03:38
cfhowlettert: assume you're following the methods described on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook03:38
cfhowlettert: also, you bought used?  Cuz certain things will act screwy, e.g. my previously ihackintosh wouldn't display the windows partition when upgrading 10.04 to 12.04.  Finally found that even though I had formatted the drive, the previous osx/gpt partition table rendered win7 invisible.03:40
ertbought new03:40
cfhowlettert: hmm.  suggest you consult ubuntu forums / mac users  http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=32803:45
ertalright. thanks03:46
diamondsstartup disk creator will only erase my disk :/03:51
cfhowlettdiamonds: by design - yes03:52
diamondsstep 1: "Insert a USB stick with at least 2GB of free space."03:53
diamondscfhowlett: if that's true it's not reflected here: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu03:53
diamondsAlright well is there another option?03:54
diamondsbecause that won't do03:54
blueguy19hello there03:54
cfhowlettdiamonds: hey are you trying to install to the USB drive as a separate HDD or use the USB drive as a startup disk?03:55
cfhowlettblueguy19: greetings03:55
diamondscfhowlett: not sure what you mean by that03:56
diamondsI intend to use as live disc for gparting, then to install from it03:56
diamondsanyway are these instructions just wrong?03:57
cfhowlettdiamonds: add the USB drive as an additional HDD and install ubuntu there OR use the USB drive as a startup disk medium instead like a cdrom or a USB03:57
diamondsI have the same freespace (incidentally) as they do in the example03:57
cfhowlettdiamonds i.e. liveboot from the USB drive03:57
diamondsthat's what I want03:57
blueguy19cfhowlett: hi there03:57
cfhowlettdiamonds: ok so you want to use the USB drive as a liveboot startup disk.  Note: ubuntu startup disk creator *WILL* wipe that drive before installing ubuntu.03:58
diamondscfhowlett: so the tutorial is inaccurate :(03:59
diamondsthis one : http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu03:59
diamondsis there any other way?03:59
diamondsI'm downloading the DVD version now03:59
diamondsI don't wish to delete the contents of my thumb drive04:00
cfhowlettdiamonds: so burn a DVD, CDROM or USB stick04:00
diamondswhat do you mean burn a usb stick?04:01
cfhowlettdiamonds startup disk creator to a 2 gigabyte usb memory stick04:01
joustindiamonds, if you are going to boot off of any media it needs to be clean, additional files could cause issues04:01
ubottublueguy19, please see my private message04:02
diamondsjoustin: it's funny cuz I didn't do this before04:02
diamondsi think I was booting mint (I just deleted the files from this usb drive :p)04:03
joustin  /shrug04:03
theadmindiamonds: Burn a USB stick as in "sudo dd if=ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdz"04:03
theadmindiamonds: But, that *will* wipe /dev/sdz (replace "z" with the appropriate drive letter of your stick)04:04
vokevybezmy external hardrive cannot be written to by gparted or testdisk and when i try to change any permissions it returns this error ¨http://pastebin.com/ijJHfiVw¨ how do i fix this04:04
blueguy19how to get hdmi out working on ubuntu 12.0404:05
Degorthcan anyone help me with getting chatzilla standalone to run on Ubuntu 12.04?04:05
theadminblueguy19: That's not a question you know, it depends on your video card. Install the propertiary drivers for your GPU and you should be good to go :/04:05
cfhowlettvokevybez: open the file properties for the drive, change settings to read/write.  Probably need to be root though.04:05
blueguy19theadmin: I have installed NVIDIA drivers04:06
blueguy19@theadmin but it still didnt work04:06
theadmincfhowlett: Eh, are you sure you want to change permissions under /dev? udev should be the only one to touch that04:06
theadminblueguy19: Well, I think you can use the nvidia settings tool to configure it now04:06
blueguy19@theadmin is there something I need to set04:06
vokevybezcfhowlett: when i try to it change it return this error ¨http://pastebin.com/ijJHfiVw¨04:06
Lollerbladermy ubuntu doesnt work, what do?04:06
blueguy19@theadmin let me try doing that04:07
theadminLollerblader: Details04:07
cfhowletttheadmin: plz correct me if I misspoke04:07
cfhowlettvokevybez: note theadmin's feedback04:07
theadmincfhowlett: Well, I have no idea what you actually meant, but chmodding/chowning anything under /dev will actually give no result (even as root), because the stuff there is *not* a regular file/folder04:07
Lollerbladercalling geeksquad04:07
theadmincfhowlett: If you meant something along the lines of "mount -o defaults,rw /dev/sdz1 /mnt" then yeah, I guess that's the fix04:08
OdraHow do I upgrade ubuntu?04:08
cfhowletttheadmin: thanks.04:08
cfhowlettOdra: what version are you currently running04:08
theadminOdra: Do you want to change the release to 12.04, or simply upgrade your software packages?04:09
vokevybeztheadmin: so i need to mount the device manually then?04:09
theadminvokevybez: *might* need to. I have no idea, automount fails on some devices. See also !fstab04:09
OdraI want to upgrade to 12.04, but my update manager only shows 10.1004:09
cfhowlettOdra: in your update manager, change settings to show LTS only and you should see 12.0404:10
Degorthcan anyone help me run chatzilla standalone on ubuntu 12.04? xulrunner doesn't seem to install and the program doesn't run04:10
cfhowlettOdra: can't update 10.10 to 12.04 directly.04:10
MonkeyDustOdra  backup and fresh install may be te most efficient way04:10
Odracfhowlett: I changed the settings but it still shows 10.10 as the upgrade option04:11
cfhowlettOdra: what monkeydust said +104:11
theadminOdra: Open "software-properties-gtk" or "software-properties-kde" as root. Go to "Updates", find the release train setting (can't remember the actual name), set it to "Long-term support releases only". Apply. Run "update-manager -d"04:11
blueguy19@theadmin how do I setup hdtv view?04:11
blueguy19@theadmin in the nvidia x configuration?04:11
theadminblueguy19: I dunno, I'm an AMD person (unfortunately :/ That's just how it ended up)04:11
theadminblueguy19: Also get rid of the "@" in your messages, you're ruining my highlight04:12
blueguy19theadmin - I removed @04:12
theadminblueguy19: Appears to work now, thanks.04:12
Odratheadmin: It worked :O04:12
theadminblueguy19: Anyway, what happens when you plug the HDMI cable in?04:12
OdraThanks. bbl upgrading04:13
vokevybeztheadmin:am supposed to add my device and resective mount points?04:13
theadminvokevybez: Possibly so -- depends on whether automount works for the device or not. If not, add it to fstab with the desired mount options04:13
vokevybeztheadmin: the device is supposed to auto-mount but these days i have to click it to mount it.04:15
theadminvokevybez: Well, I think that's about as good04:15
theadminEven better since sometimes automount is not what you want04:15
vokevybeztheadmin:ok will add device to fstab04:16
Boogeymandumb question, how do you open a terminal through cli?04:16
wingnut2626hi all i have ubuntu host with a windows xp guest.  What are the NAT settings to use so that i can use my wlan0 connection on the xp guest04:16
blueguy19theadmin: not able to setup x server display settings04:16
theadminvokevybez: Okay, add it like this: /dev/sdz1 /mnt ext4 defaults,rw 0 0 # That's the basic idea. "defaults,rw" is the mount option field here. Everything else should be self-explanatory.04:17
theadminBoogeyman: Depends on what terminal you're using. In KDE, it's normally "konsole", in regular Ubuntu, "gnome-terminal". In Xubuntu, "xfce4-terminal" and finally in Lubuntu, "lxterm".04:17
cfhowlettBoogeyman: we have to go deeper to open a terminal IN a terminal ...04:17
Boogeymangnome terminal, thats it, i'm making a shortcut for an unused button on my mouse04:18
DegorthI need help getting Chatzilla standalone (xulrunner) to run on Ubuntu 12.04,04:22
DegorthI can't get xulrunner to install and run it04:23
blueguy19theadmin: I was able to clone notebook screen on hdtv. but the problem is the movie that I'm playing - the sound comes from notebook as well as hdtv04:23
blueguy19theadmin and when I mute the sound on notebook04:24
blueguy19theadmin: it mutes hdtv as well04:24
theadminblueguy19: Sorry, I have to be going now. Hope you figure it out. Check the Ubuntu Forums and askubuntu.com as well.04:24
blueguy19theadmin - thanks04:24
Linux_Guyhdmi connection?04:25
jd2how can i have a java -jar file that has a gui interface run in the background and remain hidden?04:40
jd2is that even possible?04:40
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TiZHi. When I play WebM videos through gstreamer-based video players, the video is discolored to a blueish tint. Likewise, when I play certain youtube videos, the same discoloration occurs. How do I fix this?04:50
Linux_Guyon the fleshtone they are smurfed?04:50

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