Kilosgood morning from south africa, can someone please help me with a problem with an upload to ubuntuone07:10
Kilosthe upload stopped at 465 meg and is an 677 meg .iso i want to save07:11
Kiloshow do i complete the upload. im no a pc expert but been using ubuntu since 9.1007:12
Kiloshave got 12.04 here now07:12
Kilosi dont know if sync does the function or how to complete the upload without starting agin. bandwidth is very limited07:19
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Hil4vitkutinhey? I've contacted Ubuntu One support by filling out this form here https://one.ubuntu.com/help/contact/ and asked for a copy of the information they hold about me, but I have waited almost for a week for a answer. Is this normal?20:03
Hil4vitkutinthis channel seems to be quite silent..20:11
lifelessit is the weekend20:15
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