MishUbuntu is ditching grub2 because of the Secure boot UEFI issue, for quantal. What are you guys doing about it?15:48
MishAlso why isn't everyone protesting against secure boot as much as I though they would?15:49
len-dtMish, I don't think we have a whole lot of choice. We use ubuntu as a base for our own stuff. Ubuntu Studio is ubuntu.15:49
MishI know, I though that if you guys differed in opinion then you might make make a fork 15:50
len-dtPart of the reason there are not more signatures on the petition is that the web page gives errors for some people who try to sign.15:51
Mishis that so?15:51
Mishoh and for everyone over here15:51
len-dtWe... are having a hard time keeping up with other things just now15:51
MishI understand15:55
len-dtAlso, I don't know that it is our place be a protest element. I do hope that Ubuntu leave grub2 in the repos15:57
MishYes that too15:58
len-dtI wonder if there will hacks to bios available take restricted boot out of arm devices.16:01
MishThere sure will be hacks and cracks but then it will soon be taken care of by Microsoft with subsequent releases16:02
MishWhat makes me sick is Microsoft resorting to FUD tactics yet again but at such a fundamental level16:03
len-dtYes and no. It will give manufactures enough trouble that they just include a way around it.16:04
len-dtThis has happened in the past.16:04
len-dtIt may even be a jumper.16:06
Misha jumper?16:07
len-dton the mother board.16:09
Mishoh ok16:10
Mishbut then that would be easy enough to remove16:11
len-dtIt would make windows products unable to be able to tell it could be unrestricted.16:12
len-dtThere was a lot of back and forth about Intel not selling chips to MB makers who put slots for AMD (or other) CPUs on there products. They kept getting around Intel's stuff untill Itel gave up.16:15
MishI hope that sort of thing somehow happens over here.16:16
MishAlthough Microsoft doesn't have a huge market share in the ARM market16:17
len-dtThey are hoping this will change that, by locking other OSs out. It may have the opposite effect. I still remember a time when Digital Research was the only word in micro-computer OS... then the IBM PC came out with something else... DR is gone. M$ could vanish just as easy... though TBH I have no idea just now how.16:20
ailolen-dt: I don't have internet access for at least a day. Will check in now and then. Just so you know why I'm not online.17:52
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