tech1im using xchat and it says unable to set transparent background in prefs because i may be using non compliant window manager that is not currently supported. im using ubuntustudio and enabled display compositing in window manager tweaks, using ubuntu studio session(not xfce) if that makes a diff. any ideas?13:33
holsteintech1: do you have transparency anywhere else?15:10
tech1on my terminal yes,15:12
tech1which only became transparent after enabling display compositing in window manager tweaks in settings manager15:13
tech1also on some settings i can make all inactive windows transparent, but i dont want this. i just want the xchat thingy to be15:13
tech1in xchat-settings-prefs15:14
holsteintech1: i would say, with the compositing you are using, i would expect some things to not work15:14
holsteinyou would need to set up a driver potentially...15:15
tech1hmmm i see15:16
tech1would it make a difference if i chose xfce session instead of ubuntustudio session at login? or used unity gui or something15:16
holsteinit literally wont hurt to try, but i think the issue is, the application is looking for true compositing15:17
holsteinthe ubuntustudio session *is* xfce, though it wont hurt as a troubleshooting step to rule it out15:18
holsteintech1: also, you can try with a different user account to troubleshoot config15:21
tech1im using the latest lts ubuntu studio{12.04 or something) and xfce is not remembering my wallpaper. has anyone else had this issue? i can set it from a script at login, just wondered if it is a symptom of a deeper problem? or just one of those things i need to handle and not worry too much about15:27
tech1thanks for the info holstein, sorry had to relog15:28
ufo2222I can not seem to get ubuntu studio to boot into live mode using virtualbox. Can i have some help?16:54
tech1is it ok to make my own xfce themes by creating new files in /usr/share/themes/ with the other themes, or will that break something18:52
studio-zevatronsomebody from Brazil ??18:52
len-dttech1, even if it was to break something, you can switch back so long as you don't delete the stock themes.18:53
len-dteven if you can't login at the login screen, you should be able to login at the termnal (ctl-alt-F1) and remove your theme.18:54
tech1thanks len-dt20:21

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