pleia2cool, PauloRibeiro has started working on docs in the wiki :)00:20
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kalxasanyone here?09:11
mips1911Why does xubuntu not apply the same font config as ubuntu? I'm not talking about the actual fonts used but the rendering.15:31
GridCubelast meeting listed here was for july 18 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings 16:00
GridCubeim sorry i could not attend to that one :(16:01
knomeGridCube, we probably need to have one next week.17:09
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kalxashi all20:47
kalxasanyone around?20:47
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elfyknome: if you do want anything put across on the forum - they did go and make me an admin - 'you' might not think the forum's that good a place - buit I bet that having a Xubuntu admin is better than not  ;)23:31

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