xubuntu809just in here whilst installing xubuntu for first time00:32
xubuntu809hoping to leave windows for good!!00:32
xubuntu809any tips for getting started?00:32
David-Ayou know the basic things? xubuntu-restricted-extras? System>Hardware Drivers?00:33
holsteini would try it live before installing... see how the hardware support is00:33
David-Ayes, run live to see if hardware works, good00:35
knoppieshello, I recently (maybe a month ago) upgraded from Ubuntu10.10 using Gnome2 and compiz to Xubuntu12.04 using the default XFCE (I am avoiding both Unity and Gnome3) and one of the first things I noticed was that in ubuntu10.10 there was an immediacy, I click on a file or use a keyboard shortcut and (for chrome, VLC, image viewer, gnome-terminal, nautilus at least) it would be pretty much instant. Now in Xubuntu12.04 Even these lightwe00:54
knoppiesight apps can take quite some time (seconds) to load.00:54
knoppiesI had a look in my autostart and found zeitgeist, did some googling and it seems as though this is just a logger. Some people reported that after removing it they had a huge speed up on login times (which would be nice but I am more interested on app loading times)00:55
knoppiesDo any of you know if I can apt-remove zeitgeist with its daemon with no negative effects on Xubuntu (the forum I am reading seems to imply its used by unity)00:56
knoppiesOr do you think my problem stems from something else.00:56
knoppiesAny help or advice would be greatly appreciated.00:56
holsteinknoppies: remove it if you like, you can always put it back00:59
holsteincould be the newer kernel is not supporting your hardware that well.. like the older one did00:59
holsteinknoppies: if it were my box, i would try and take some things out of the equation... maybe make sure the same graphics driver is being used... look at the kernel versions01:00
David-ACan you see if there is unexpected cpu-load when the system should be idle, or if something uses very much ram. I have "cpu graph" and "system load monitor" in the panel, but you should be able to see things with "top" and "free" in a terminal or "system>system monitor".01:00
holsteinmaybe try a 10.10 xubuntu... consider using 10.0401:00
knoppiesholstein, I was wondering if it was kernel related, or XFCE related. The graphics drivers I am using now are newer (I think) than the ones I was using,01:02
knoppiesDavid-A, I also have cpu load and cpu graph and ram usage in my panel, I preferred the applets in the gnome-panel than the ones I have now in the XFCE panel.01:03
holsteinknoppies: im sure they are... i would try removing variables, and with live CD's are musch as possible... or search around for info relating to that specific hardware01:03
knoppiesI have been looking at htop and it idles MUCH better now than it did with gnome in 10.10. It is normally the first load of a program (say the first time I bring up sublime text since I booted up) but even opening up tabs in chrome seems to take longer.01:04
knoppiesholstein, I am not convinced its hardware related but even more than that, I don't know where to start.01:05
knoppiesin terms of searching for hardware related issues.01:05
holsteinknoppies: im not saying its a hardware problems, im suggesting that it could be a hardware support problem01:06
holsteinthe kernel could have dropped support for your hardware01:06
holsteini would have no problem running ubuntu 10.04.. im running it on several production machines01:06
knoppiesis 10.04 the LTS?01:07
David-Aknoppies: I'm not sure but zeitgeist seems to be of little value. Try uninstall it. Packages normally stop their daemon when removed, so just uninstall. If no change, install it again.01:07
holsteinknoppies: 10.04 is an LTS, and 12.04 is as well01:07
knoppiesI actually updated to 12.04 because there were a few things that had not been updated in 10.10 like my multi touch drivers for my synaptic touchpad, they worked flawlessly on my OLD laptop, but not on this new one (synaptic updated their multi touch so that windows could use it)01:08
knoppiesand thats just the start of the list.01:08
holsteinknoppies: that'll be some xorg.cong tweaks01:09
knoppiesIm using an Aspire 5740G so its not that old.01:09
knoppiesyou mean .conf?01:09
knoppiesI tried all that.01:09
holsteinknoppies: yup.. me too01:09
holsteini decided not to bother with it01:09
holsteini have my own list01:09
holsteinat some point, i just take the path of least resistence01:09
knoppiesthe best I could get was some faked emulation of multi touch, now with 12.04 it works flawlessly.01:10
knoppiesholstein, I know what you mean. I don't pick least resistance but their is a point where the reward is not worth the effort.01:10
holsteinsometimes, the "tweaks" that make life easier, take system resources as well01:11
knoppiesholstein, like compiz.01:11
holsteinnot saying that mutitouch is making your apps launch slower, but you might need realistic expectations01:11
knoppiesmaybe, but I consider it realistic if it worked quickly in 10.10 and now I have to wait seconds for VLC to open a file. It never used to be that bad. I am actually wondering if my "recently used documents" list has anything to do with it, I turned that off in 10.10 with gnome.01:12
knoppiesDo you know how to turn that off in Xubuntu?01:12
David-Aknoppies: recent documents rings a bell with me. it affected perfomance when the list was very long. i'll try to see when it was and how i fixed it01:15
knoppiesthank you David-A01:16
knoppiesok I removed zeitgeist01:17
knoppieswell nothing has crashed.01:18
David-Aknoppies: in Xubuntu 8.04 i set Places>Properties>Show Recent Documents=off to reduce application launch time, now with 10.04 and faster cpu I have it =on again.01:19
knoppiesYou mean when you right click on places? I just did that.01:19
knoppiesI will see if it makes a difference.01:19
knoppiesI also removed zeitgeist, so I probably won't know which one did the trick.01:20
knoppiesthank you David-A01:20
knoppiesok I just opened up VLC with a file and it took quite a while. CPU was still idling but the HDD was going crazy (and the file was small)01:21
holsteinknoppies: took a while? how long? open with the terminal and see01:22
knoppiesnow that i have opened VLC recently, its instant again on even bigger files.01:22
knoppiesholstein, about a seconds and a half. I was just double clicking the file in nautilus, but I can try using the terminal.01:22
knoppiesdo you mean using time?01:22
knoppiesI thought time calculated the time between start and end of a process. how would I see how long it takes to start a process01:23
knoppiesI keep missing the ? grrr01:23
holsteinthere might be some output in the terminal that would help01:24
David-Aknoppies: what if you clear the list before you disable recent documents. i think open history was in an xml file somewhere and the longer it got the more time it took01:26
knoppiesI just opened up 10 items summing to 9.7GB in the terminal and it was pretty instant, this is the output I got (or do you want me to pastebin it? Its only 9 lines long.01:26
knoppiesDavid-A, I normally clear the recent documents about once a day or so, so I dont think it was getting big, but I will try that.01:27
holsteinknoppies: i dont need to see it myself... i was thinking you might see an error... if you dont, you dont01:27
knoppiesthe only error like thing I see is:01:27
holsteinknoppies: you can try cvlc /path/to/file01:27
knoppiesXlib:  extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":0.0"01:27
holsteinyou can try that in TTY.. take the GUI out of the equation01:27
knoppiesholstein, I could. But I am trying to solve app loading time for things like Sublime text, vlc, chrome, eye-of-gnome, things I consider rather lightweight and that have opened seemingly instantly for me in the past. This is not just a VLC issue.01:29
knoppiesoh, and nautilus, but I understand if its a little slower than the others.01:29
holsteinknoppies: try what you want... vlc has a command live options.. im not suggesting this is a VLC issue01:29
holsteinim suggesting ways to take the GUI out of the equation01:30
knoppiesoh and gnome-terminal, which seems to take longer and longer to load.01:30
knoppiesoh, I see. Thank you holstein01:30
holsteinif you are in tty, and cvlc /path/to/file cranks right up, then you know more that before, i think01:30
knoppiesholstein, the second time I opened VLC it was instant, the first time it took about 1 and a half seconds. Even though the second time I opened up larger files.01:31
knoppiesI just tried cvlc and it was also instant, I am not sure how to get vlc back into the state where its slow.01:32
knoppiesIt makes me wonder if its a caching problem.01:32
knoppiesVLC is not the only thing that does this.01:32
knoppieseven gnome-terminal.01:32
knoppiesoh I forgot to mention, i just tried opening it up in cvlc and it was instant too. But I wonder if it will be instant straight after a boot up.01:33
holsteinmaybe me think its just loadking into ram01:34
holsteinloading* ... thats what im thinking about realistic expectations01:34
holsteinthings change.. the kernel is different...01:34
knoppiesmaybe you are right.01:35
knoppiesthat would explain it.01:35
holsteinenjoy! gtg...01:36
knoppiesthank you holstein01:36
knoppiesthank you David-A for the help. I am going to go out for lunch.01:37
David-Aknoppies: ok, hope it works out for you01:38
knoppiesme too.01:38
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MasuWould using the "Pendrive Linux" application to create a bootable USB stick for "Xubuntu 12.10" work?04:07
MasuOr is it impossible to use the 12.04 drop-down menu alternative for the 12.10 version?04:08
MasuOh, well.04:10
MasuI suppose it is somewhat early in the morning.04:11
DerpianYou could try it04:12
DerpianUsually it works04:12
k_szecrap, I forget why my "/home/" is so little space.\05:44
k_szeFile Manager says "/" has over 800 GB free space, but "/home/" has only 36 GB free space.05:45
Marzatawhat dh -HT says?05:45
Marzatadf -HT05:45
k_szeah, looks like I created two partitions waaaay back.05:47
k_szeCan ext4 be resized live?05:48
k_szehmm, looks like it can't be shrunk online.05:50
xubuntu613is it possible to block internet packets with certain key words in it?05:53
baizoni dont think so06:01
baizonyou can block it by the type06:01
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stephenfanyone willing to assist with installing xubuntu 12,04 32-Bit on a brand new hard drive literally just placed into a dell laptop?10:11
stephenfi'm trying to install via a flash drive10:13
pAtjust try it stephenf, if you experience any problems report them here. Let's look then if anybody has an idea.10:17
aquixa new laptop should have a bios that recognizes usb sticks automatically.  I think you'll be a happy xubuntuer within the next hour :)10:20
stephenfshould i leave it a .iso on the flash drive or extract it via universal usb isntaller?10:22
stephenfthank you for the replies, by the way10:22
aquixare you on linux now?10:23
stephenfright now im on a windows laptop that belongs to a friend10:24
aquixget unetbootin, install it, choose the iso  and let it do it's thing witch should take about 5 min.10:24
aquixis your usb stick formatted to fat32? if it is it's ready.10:25
baizoni personally recommend http://www.linuxliveusb.com/10:25
pAtyeah linuxliveusb is a great tool10:25
aquix2 against one. go with linuxlive :)    I've had sucess with both10:26
pAtsure, both are worth to use :)10:27
baizoni had problems with unetbootin10:29
stephenfi tried to extract it wirh universal usb installer and go through it that way with ubuntu 12.04 (didn't work) at first but was recommended to xubuntu for interface reasons. i'll try the programs you've recommended. i'll also make sure the fash drive is formatted to fat32. thank you10:29
shpngldHello everybody. I am trying to update my nvidia mx 420 video driver but without success. I ahve downloaded the .run file but cant execute it. I already tried makin it executable but nothin happens! help will be appreciated10:44
shpngldmy xubuntu is 11.0410:44
shpngldthe c urrent drv I am usin is " experimental support for 3d cards" in aditional drivers list10:47
shpngldcan anybody help?10:50
dlinkralink2500hi there, i have installed xubuntu onto an old compaq without wireless nic. i have a separate usbnic from dlink, dwl g122 rev b1 , which works well with my lenovo t61 laptop and linux. i guess usb1.0 has something to do with it because it does not show up in lsusb14:31
baizontry other usb port14:32
dlinkralink2500tried all 414:32
dlinkralink2500just curious, usbnic using a usb1.0 port is a stupid idea?14:38
dlinkralink2500my second idea, is to skip the nic and instead use my extra wireless router, but i doubt i can use the antenna as a wan port, what do you think?14:41
* dlinkralink2500 installs xp..14:48
tech1xfce is not remembering my wallpaper every login, what is the command to manually set it so i can run it on os boot? or is there a script somewhere14:48
tech1ah i found a command to do it nevermind14:57
aquixtech1 hmm, thats no good. what program do you set the wallpaper from. I can't set it from any of the image viewers I like so I set it from thunar15:13
tech1i set it from settings-settingsmanager-desktop15:15
tech1ubuntustudio but its xfce too15:15
tech1i found a command that does it. so ill just put the command in my login script. i need a login script to run stuff anyway so its a small thing to add15:15
TheSheeptech1: that sounds like some deeper problems, are you sure you didn't run out of disk space on your home partition?15:18
tech1iv got over 100gb free. and copied 20gb of stuff onto my home/downloads from my external drive after the wallpaper saving failed15:19
aquixtry setting the wallpaper from thunar and see if it sticks15:20
tech1oh. also xfce dosnt seem to be remembering window positions and sizes very well. maybe thats connected15:20
tech1ill relog now then15:21
tech1i set it from thunar(file explorer) and it didnt remember it either15:23
aquixwhat xfce version is this?15:23
tech1ubuntu studio, ABOUT the Xfce desktop environment: version 4.8, distributed by xubuntu15:24
aquix4.8 is the same as me15:25
tech1ill ask in ubuntustudio' then. must be something different about how it uses xfce15:26
martinphonehow do I edit  /etc/apt/sources.list?15:26
martinphoneI have truncated it now I cannot update nothing15:26
martinphoneI was trying to https://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/downloads.html#ubuntu15:26
martinphoneE: Malformed line 63 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (absolute dist)15:32
martinphoneE: The list of sources could not be read.15:32
martinphoneGo to the repository dialog to correct the problem.15:32
martinphonewhere is the repo dialog?15:32
drcmartinphone: http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/  and they have mkvtools a ways down15:34
martinphonethat is now seccondary drc , mkvmerge auto popped with that official site I pasted15:35
mips1911martinphone, had this problem the other day.  Backup your sources list, copy & paste the contents to a new leafpad instance (run as root) and then overwrite your existing sources.list15:35
drcmips1911: I thought he fubar'd his sources.list and needed to reconstitute it?15:36
martinphonehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1130874/ lines 61 and 62 are the source of my problem, I have followed https://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/downloads.html#ubuntu, .... > deb http://www.bunkus.org/ubuntu/precise/ ./15:38
martinphonedeb-src http://www.bunkus.org/ubuntu/precise/ ./15:38
mips1911drc, I dunno what happens but what I just suggested fixed things for me two days ago.15:39
martinphonebut I cannot use gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list to edit the list, I had to use sudo cat /etc/apt/sources.list15:39
zx__tech1   I read that removing nautilus should fix the problem since ittakes over the desktop. Just did it myself so worth a go15:40
mips1911matinphone, my problems started after I used gksu.15:40
martinphoneoriginal sources.list has been copied to a plain text file (geany), have no idea to run it as root15:42
mips1911I opened the corrupted file with leafpad, did a ctrl+a followed by ctrl+c and then launched a new instance of leafpad with sudo leafpad and did a ctrl+v and overwrote the existing sources.list file.15:42
mips1911martinphone, don't you have leafpad installed?15:42
martinphoneok, just did the same with leafpad15:43
mips1911you should also have nano installed where you can right click and go paste15:44
martinphonewhat if I use nautilus? will that allow me to paste into etc/apt?15:45
tech1zx__ ok thanks ill try that15:45
mips1911dunno, I don;t use nautilus and I can't see a file manager doing that for you15:46
martinphonewhere or how do I find nano?15:47
The_Cogmartinphone: Only if you run nautilus as root first - otherwise it can't launch an editor with the right privileges15:47
mips1911martinphone, from the terminal, you can type sudo nano15:47
martinphonesudo nano opened new buffer, given my knowledge of computing i doubt I can do anything straight with this15:50
mips1911martinphone, does leafpad work?15:51
martinphonedo you mean sudo nano path/to/file/to/open?15:51
mips1911no, just open nano, right click and paste the contents of your sources.list into it and then save it.\15:51
martinphonemips1911, I can use leafpad, I have saved a sources.list with leafpad in my home directory, I cannot save it in apte/etc15:52
mips1911martinphone, that's becasue you are not running it as root. Follow these steps as I explain then, I will wait until you acknowledge each step.15:53
martinphoneok, thanks15:53
The_Cogmartinphone: use "gksu leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list" to run the editor with root privileges15:53
mips1911Open leafpad from your menu like you normally would and from the menu open your sources.list file15:54
martinphonedone mips191115:55
mips1911The_Cog, gksu leafpad borked my file, no idea why15:55
mips1911martin phone, ok leave that open on the screen. Now open a terminal and type "sudo leafpad"15:55
martinphonemips1911, a new instance of leafpad open, but terminal reads: (leafpad:11716): Gtk-WARNING **: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/immodules/im-uim.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:57
martinphone(leafpad:11716): Gtk-WARNING **: Loading IM context type 'uim' failed15:57
mips1911You seem to have biger problems than just your sources list. Did leafpad still open though despite the error message?15:58
martinphoneyes mips191115:58
aquixit's normal to get that message when opening a program in the terminal using sudo.   do like The_Cog said and open it with hitting   ALT + F2   for the run dialog then the command....   gksu leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list15:59
mips1911Ok, now in the first instance you opened your sources.list with leafpad go Edit->Select All followed by Edit->Copy15:59
martinphonedone mips191116:00
martinphoneshould I assume paste in the second instance?16:01
mips1911Ok, now go to the other instance of leafpad you opened with sudo leafpad (the contents is blank) and go Edit->Paste16:01
martinphonedone mips191116:01
mips1911Next go File->Save As and browse to /etc/apt and select your sources.list file and save it, if asked to overwrite say yes.16:02
Marzatawow US girl16:04
mips1911martinphone, come right with saving it?16:05
martinphonemany thanks with this step by step instructions mips1911 , synaptic workas again16:05
martinphonenow, can anyone suggest how to correctly add deb http://www.bunkus.org/ubuntu/precise/ ./16:06
martinphonedeb-src http://www.bunkus.org/ubuntu/precise/ ./  to my sources? that started the problem16:06
mips1911martinphone, cool. I dunno what it is with gksu <editor name> but on the odd occasion it seems to bork files for me. Visually there is no difference between a working and non-working file so I can only assume there are some hidden characters in there that renders it corrupt16:07
mips1911martinphone, backup your now working sources.list and manually add it with sudo leafpad or add it from synaptic.16:08
The_Cogmips1911: Beware editors that convert tabs to spaces. I've messed up system files occasionally that way.16:08
someone235hi, how do i minimize transmission to system tray?16:09
mips1911The_Cog, that could be a possibility but I don;t recall using tab when editing my sources list.16:09
drcEdit>Preferences>Desktop>Show Transmission icon in the notification area16:09
drcsomeone235: ^^16:10
someone235ok 10x16:11
aquixmartinphone follow this guide   http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-install-mkvtoolnix-matroska-tools-in-ubuntu-linux16:12
aquixmartinphone I'm assuming you have xubuntu 12.04 or 11,1016:12
martinphoneshould I have stated my OS first? yes, 12.0416:13
aquixmartinphone  then just follow the guide :)16:13
mips1911no, you dont have to restart.16:13
aquixmartinphone  no nevermind, wrong version in the guide16:14
martinphoneim quite reluctant to follow it anyways, official site https://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/downloads.html#ubuntu says that same thing, and that created the problem16:15
martinphoneand in my ppa list I dont see any line ending with / ./16:16
aquixmartinphone  the guide works but you have to change the version from   oneiric to precise   like it say here   http://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/downloads.html16:18
martinphonethanks for all the help, I dont know what I did do wrong, but now it seems I have added this repo16:27
mips1911all's well that ends well16:27
Arpad2Network Manager randomly recognizes the mobile broadband modem, and randomly connects to the network. is this a bug?16:38
drcsomeone235: ^^17:27
drcopps :(17:27
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tech1im using an xfconf-query command to set the desktop wallpaper with the paramater /screen0/monitor0, if i want to set the second monitor would it be screen0/monitor1?  and from the terminal is there a command that can show what monitors xfconf has deteced?18:42
dmpjkdlink dlw g122 rev b wireless nic not working for me. im starting to think it is partly broken or there is some firmware problem. it seemed liked it would work ok just five minutes ago.18:44
dmpjkbut now it wont even show up in lsusb18:44
dmpjkit works well when i use it in my laptop18:45
dmpjkbut then i can stick it in usb2.0 rather than usb1.0 , so no surprise18:45
dmpjkwell it used to work, seems to be dead now18:46
dmpjkalive again18:47
dmpjkperhaps the device really needs an usb2 rather than usb118:57
dmpjkhi skippersboss , would you like to be my remote network tech support? im having trouble with a wireless usb ni19:00
dmpjkhi skippersboss , would you like to be my remote network tech support? im having trouble with a wireless usb nic19:00
dmpjkit appears to work well with usb2, but i have to use it with a computer that only has usb119:01
dmpjkyour cup of tea?19:01
GoodbyeEarle ai galera19:12
GoodbyeEarlhey you guys, i've been facing a problem with xfwm4, it doesnt start with the system19:17
GoodbyeEarlis there any way fix it?19:17
TheSheepGoodbyeEarl: depedns on how you broke it19:17
Sysirm -rf ~/.cache/sessions usually works19:18
GoodbyeEarli dont event know19:18
GoodbyeEarli just know that it doesnt work anymore19:19
GoodbyeEarli have to open the terminal and type xfwm419:19
GoodbyeEarlcould you explain that?19:19
Sysihaving error in session saving is quite common, session being open apps, including window manager19:20
GoodbyeEarlhow to solve it? how to make that the xfwm4 always run in the system's opening19:21
Sysisessions are stored in that file, rm to remove -r needed for folders and -f to not ask questions19:21
GoodbyeEarloh, ok, sorry i didn't understand19:22
Sysipaste rm -rf ~/.cache/sessions to terminal and it should work19:23
Sysiafter pressing enter19:25
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Mathsterkis the "hibernate" functioning broken?22:24
Mathsterkthanks :)22:28
Mathsterk<-- got a really slow connection :P22:28
Mathsterkthat worked :)22:32
tech1under xfce how do you disable sleep mode /monitor standby(black)..... before the screensaver would just come on but then i rebooted and now it goes to standby after inactivity instead.. i cant find anything on power manager(general) and the on ac tab it says put monitor to sleep never23:12

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