propmanfwiw on my new install of 12.04 it's laucher rather than classic00:00
BarkingFishlemme switch over and I'll help you00:00
BarkingFishpropman, that's what I'm saying - on my first Kubuntu install, 11.04, it was the classic00:00
asgard20032Because its faster to go in computer tab, than in application->setting00:00
BarkingFishasgard20032, right - right click the muon icon, and select uninstall00:01
asgard20032Well, the icon remain00:01
asgard20032Just not installed00:01
asgard20032Ok, uninstalled00:02
asgard20032no more icon00:02
asgard20032How to put the apper icon ?00:02
BarkingFishok, go to the Computer tab00:03
BarkingFishand in the top search bar, type Apper00:04
asgard20032well, searching it dont add it to computer tab00:06
BarkingFishone moment. I told you I wasn't used to this menu :)00:06
BarkingFishI'll see if the guys in #kde can help me :)00:07
asgard20032But i didnt asked on kde yet00:07
BarkingFishyep, well let's see if #kde can help :)00:09
gabi_hola a todos00:09
gabi_alguien habla español00:10
BarkingFishhola gabi_ :)00:10
BarkingFish!es | gabi_00:10
ubottugabi_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:10
gabi_hola k tal00:11
gabi_es la 1 vez00:12
BarkingFishgabi_, sin "  :)00:14
BarkingFishescriba  /join #ubuntu-es00:14
asgard20032BarkingFish: I already saw some screenshot that had classic menu, but didnt know that it was called classic menu, and how to get it00:15
BarkingFishasgard20032, it's the only menu style I've ever used in KDE - and I've been using KDE since pre 3.X :)00:16
gabi_me estoy liando00:16
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Sentynelanybody know if there's a decent ppa with qt 4.8.2 in for precise, before I go building it myself?01:21
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sentinel699hi everyone01:48
sentinel699spent last 5 hours trying to make my dell xps l502x laptop to work with kubuntu as far as wifi goes but no luck01:48
sentinel699wifi works fine in windows01:48
sentinel699checked compatibility chart and it have l502x listed as working01:49
sentinel699even when i add usb wifi dongle (ralink), it still doesn't work01:49
sentinel699if anyone have some ideas i would appreciate it01:50
coldfirejust try this command  " rfkill unblock wifi"02:05
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zed_I have installed kubuntu 12.04 onto my lapop04:17
zed_thunderbird fails to open html links with firefox04:17
zed_and I've been trying to solve this issue for quite a while now04:18
zed_any time I click a link in thunderbird, nothing happens .. ?04:18
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uberdubwell bye kubuntu05:53
uberdubhad enough of the buggy crap05:53
uberdubdont know why I didnt just run debian years ago05:54
uberdubbuncha fundementalist christian BULLSHIT05:55
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userplease i need to upgrade install rekonq to 1.006:59
userdo you know how_06:59
anqxyrHi. Can someone help me?07:07
anqxyrI am unable to login to kubuntu using the GUI logic screen - after I enter the password the screen goes black and then the login prompt reappears again07:08
anqxyrI was able to login using command line login and starting x server manually, but now there is no sound07:08
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ragerockI messed my Kubuntu desktop09:27
DFrostedWangragerock, Hi09:27
DFrostedWangragerock, How?09:27
Peace-ragerock: nice09:27
ragerockNo toolbars at all09:27
ragerockon the left is a permanent start menu09:27
DFrostedWangragerock, You mean your start menu?09:27
ragerockmy start menu is permanently in the left of the screen rather than called with a button09:28
ragerockright of start are all minimized applications09:28
DFrostedWangYou tried a restart yet?09:28
ragerockand right of that is the tray09:28
Peace-DFrostedWang: logout should be enough09:28
Peace-ragerock: screenshot please09:28
DFrostedWangYeah, screenshot for us.09:29
DFrostedWangYou can post on inky.ws09:29
Peace-DFrostedWang: there is a widget pastebin09:29
ragerockIDK how to do it in K09:29
DFrostedWangDFrostedWang, These is?09:29
Peace-ragerock: ALT PRINT09:29
Peace-ragerock: or ksnapshot09:29
Peace-ragerock: or ALT F2  type ksnap wait press enter09:30
ragerockdid alt+printscreen, what next?09:31
Peace-add the widget pastebin on the desktop09:31
Peace-and drag and drop the picture from ksnapshot into the widget09:31
ragerocksaved fail.png09:33
Peace-you don0t even to save the picture09:34
ragerockwhere does ksn save by default?09:34
ragerockthose widgets are all goo poo, I'd rather upload on my own09:35
Peace-ragerock: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/08/12/plasma-desktopYc2276.png09:35
Peace-ragerock: i said drag and drop into the widget09:35
Peace-from ksnapshot09:35
DFrostedWangHow long should it take to compile Firefox from source?09:36
Peace-DFrostedWang: the life?09:36
Peace-depends from your cpu09:36
DFrostedWangPeace-, I have 2GHz processor (dual-core) and 2GB RAM and 2GB SWAP09:37
Peace-DFrostedWang: should not take so long09:37
Peace-but i have no idea about it could take09:37
Peace-DFrostedWang: btw you can alwasy download the latest firefox stuffer from the server already compiled09:37
Peace-who cares of firefox compiling ?09:38
DFrostedWangTBH, I am not compiling in Kubuntu, so this may be different. I just wanted a perspective.09:38
DFrostedWangI am running PCBSD and compiling in PortJail09:38
Peace-well this is not a chat to speak about bsd09:38
Peace-its called kubuntu09:38
Peace-infact :D09:38
DFrostedWangI know09:38
ragerocknow this paste widget is to bottom of my start menu09:39
DFrostedWangThat's why I asked about Firefox :D09:39
Peace-ragerock: ok you are not so much fast on get the things i guess you can upload in some servers09:39
Peace-ragerock: google host image09:39
Peace-and put your picture there09:39
ragerockdone via drag-drop09:40
Peace-ragerock: good09:40
ragerocksee what my desktop is? It's broken to hell09:40
Peace-ragerock: now , pidof plasma-netbook09:41
Peace-ragerock: type that on konsole09:41
ragerockwell, this is a live session09:41
DFrostedWangragerock, Looks funny lol09:41
Peace-ragerock: btw it's not broken09:41
Peace-ragerock: its seems or the netbook version09:42
Peace-or the another kind of activity09:42
ragerockit's Kubuntu "extended dvd" just booted into live09:42
ragerockand I somehow messed it09:42
Peace-ragerock: i guess you messed it09:43
DFrostedWangragerock, You do realize that if it's Live, a reboot can fix that, right?09:43
Peace-ragerock: go in ~/.kde09:43
Peace-ragerock: rename that folder09:43
Peace-logout and login09:43
Peace-DFrostedWang: asd09:44
DFrostedWang"mv ~/.kde ~/.kde.backup"09:44
DFrostedWangThen backup09:44
DFrostedWangThen logout09:44
DFrostedWangI mean09:44
ragerockJust a lone pastebin in the middle. Guess I grasped it now.09:45
ragerockI should've pinned those pieces to a bar09:45
ragerocknot into a newspaper09:46
ragerockGuess I'm too stupid for Kubuntu09:49
ragerockthat layout was the worst one thinkable09:49
DFrostedWangThat's good09:50
ragerockwhat's so laughable about a messed desktop like that?09:53
ragerockaww, this is too messy. Task manager on bottom, tray on top, start menu in the middle of the screen09:56
DFrostedWangWTF have you done to it now?09:57
Peace-DFrostedWang: trolling ?10:11
DFrostedWangPeace-, what makes you say that?10:11
Peace-i guess him is trolling10:11
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mydogsnameisrudymorning sashok11:48
DFrostedWangManaged to get Firefox compiled :D11:52
sashokесть кто с украины?11:53
bazhang!ru | sashok11:53
ubottusashok: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:53
DFrostedWang???? ??? ? ????????11:53
DFrostedWangWhy can't I see any of that?11:53
DFrostedWangIt just haz little square boxes11:53
DFrostedWangUsually I can see russian11:53
bazhangwhich client DFrostedWang11:54
DFrostedWangI just compiled it myself, tho. Maybe I left a flag off11:54
bazhanginstall the appropriate language packs then11:54
skfinI'm using irssi, UTF-8 as default with transliteration enabled and I can see it11:54
skfinDFrostedWang: Are you sure that your font has those letters?11:55
bazhangDFrostedWang, there is zero reason to compile xchat or firefox in Kubuntu11:55
DFrostedWangI am using PCBSD, running in PortJail.11:55
DFrostedWangBut it should be the same11:55
bazhangDFrostedWang, and the connection to Kubuntu support is what?11:56
DFrostedWangSomebody here said something in Russian and I couldn't read it.11:56
bazhangDFrostedWang, this is Kubuntu support. try one of the chat channels for chit chat11:57
DFrostedWangI am in several chat channels.11:57
DFrostedWangI don't want chit chat11:57
IdleOneDFrostedWang: http://xchat.org/encoding/ set it to UTF-811:57
DFrostedWangIdleOne, Thanx11:57
IdleOneDFrostedWang: also #xchat for xchat specific questions please11:58
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WalzmynI've got 2 monitors (AMD vid card). At boot up, it puts the log-in dialog on the wrong monitor. Where do I need to go to fix that, the driver or kdm?12:04
BluesKajHey all12:22
mydogsnameisrudymorning BluesKaj12:23
BluesKaj'Morning mydogsnameisrudy12:29
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douglwhat do you suppose I need to do to correct this problem with my printing config? http://imagebin.org/22420114:49
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einseenaihello, guys, is it possible to set different wallpapers for each desktop in KDE?16:10
DFrostedWangOr at least, it should be.16:11
DFrostedWangIt is in Gnome and Enlightenment and LXDE, etc.16:11
einseenailol, never seen it in gnome.16:12
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fabriziowhat a nerd channel is this??17:52
mishkinDear all, I would like to ask if there is anyway to add hard disk as RAM, I have a pretty old laptop and I would like to use virtualbox for some virtualization and I need just 256MB18:16
shadeslayermishkin: swap18:17
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info18:17
shadeslayermishkin: on another note, KDE doesn't take alot of memory, I've run KDE on a 256 MB system where KDE took about a 100 megs18:19
shadeslayerofcourse, I had to disable nepomuk and akonadi18:19
mishkinshadeslayer and ubottu thanks I will take a look but conceptually I don't get it at all, I mean does virtualbox realize that swap was increased and it looks like mor RAM?18:19
shadeslayeroh wait, you said virtualbox, I should read more carefully18:19
Tm_Tmishkin: general warning: swap is used for non-active parts of data stored on RAM, in order to be able to use it, it has to be on RAM18:20
Tm_T...and hard disk is waaaay slower than RAM, thus making even more painful to use swap18:20
shadeslayerunless you have a SSD18:20
Tm_Tit's still waaay slower and makes things painful18:20
Walzmynmishkin: why are you trying to run VB on an old laptop?18:21
shadeslayersure, but swap on a SSD >>> swap on a HDD18:21
mishkinTm_T: Yeah sure it does I mean I can imagine, just remembering long time ago I did something for fake RAM in order to use and Oracle eXi but I can not remember now18:21
Walzmynswap on an SSD will kill the lifespan of an SSD18:21
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shadeslayertrue that18:21
mishkinAnyway I will take a look to swap docs .. shit I was googling arround and I can nor rembmer or find out the way I did few years ago18:23
mishkinWalzmyn: Is just for some testings but I deinetly I  need more RAM18:24
WalzmynVB takes a lot of resources18:24
mishkinsorry I wanted to day definitely18:25
mishkinWalzmyn: what do you suggest instead? Kvm ?18:25
Walzmynyou said old laptop, is this your primary machine?18:30
mishkinWalzmyn: Yes it is...18:30
Walzmynmishkin: OK. Just when ya said it was an old one, I was thinking you also had a newer machine. I was going to say just use the old lappy native for your tests18:31
uglyoldbobim having a problem, mythtv-backend wont automatically startup19:11
uglyoldbobwhat things should i check for?19:11
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uglyoldboboh wait, dmesg says mythtv-backedn respawning too fast19:13
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ubottudavide97: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:45
mah454I upgrade KDE to 4.9 with repository linked in Kubuntu.org19:59
mah454after upgrade kwin crashed ... !20:00
mah454How can debug this ?20:00
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diniwed1Is there such a thing as an expert install..?20:37
dougldiniwed1, what do you mean?20:38
diniwed1dougl: debian-derived systems usually provide an expert mode (often non-graphical) where you can tweak just about anything. I did not find one when I installed kubuntu 12.0420:44
dougldiniwed1, I found I could tweak mine intalling from text mode - custom parts,mounts with and without formating20:45
douglif that helps?20:45
douglright down to individual package selection altho I did not look at it20:46
diniwed1dougl: odd.. must have missed it somehow..20:47
douglis there forsure... did a install text yesterday20:49
diniwed1dougl: is it a 'hidden20:50
diniwed1' option in the installer's main menu..?20:51
douglwas a grub boot option20:51
douglI thot20:51
douglgui does not work on my box until the nvidia drivers are installed20:52
douglI have to kinda coax an install but is good when I am done20:52
BluesKajwell, PC-BSD is a total washout on my hardware ...installed it successfully after 3 tries , then it freezes during the load after login , nothing much has changed in 7 yrs :P20:55
mydogsnameisrudyheh frustrated yet?20:56
BluesKajhad a spare partition that I thought might be fun to fool around with BSD in ,but it still has a long way to go20:57
mydogsnameisrudyya fun to try but takes to much of my time to do that20:57
BluesKajit's one of those distros that likes to take over the whole disk20:57
mydogsnameisrudyhmmm kind of like windows i guess20:58
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BluesKaji have windows 7 working fine on a partition on this drive20:59
mydogsnameisrudyya  i have it on this laptop why i dont know never use it , next time i install its gone i think20:59
mydogsnameisrudy12.10 running good for you BluesKaj?21:00
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BluesKajmydogsnameisrudy, yeah just fine now ..had a few total freezes , but it sems fine the last 2 days21:02
BluesKajwife was asking about netflix , so I might keep w7 for a while , maybe we'll subscribe this winter21:04
mydogsnameisrudyya i cant use it with this dish21:04
mydogsnameisrudyway to slow21:04
BluesKajright ...bummer21:04
NailyouhHEAY GUYS21:05
mydogsnameisrudyi get 2 cd a week way more then i need21:05
Nailyouhuouh caps21:05
mydogsnameisrudyNailyouh:  HIGH ;)21:05
Nailyouh:D high21:05
Nailyouhi likr ur dog i think21:06
Nailyouhwith such a beautiful name21:06
mydogsnameisrudyhe is a good dog21:06
Nailyouhi can imagine21:06
mydogsnameisrudyred bone coon hound21:06
BluesKajdunno if if a lot of movies will really appeal to us tho ..seems geared towards younger ppl , there was alotta junk there when we tried the trial a while back21:06
mydogsnameisrudyya i agree BluesKaj21:07
Nailyouhi use kubuntu on a netbook is it normal that it is sooo slooow?21:07
Nailyouhits damn slow :(21:07
mydogsnameisrudyeverything is slow Nailyouh21:07
Nailyouhyea my brain 2 atm D:21:08
Nailyouhi hv to try xubuntu i think :P21:08
mydogsnameisrudyhmm no idea on a netbook   ,, sorry21:08
Nailyouhno ill try nso21:08
Nailyouhsee you laater21:08
BluesKajI heard google was going to setup chrome/chromium to run netflix within it's browser so that most OSs would work with it , but I haven't heard anything for over a yr about that21:09
BluesKajmydognameisrudy, are you going to try 12.10 anytime soon ?21:21
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pedahzurglxinfo is telling me that direct rending is enabled (this is an nVidia card), but desktop effects is telling that it can't enable some effects because they "require OpenGL."  This is Kubuntu 12.04.  .xession_errors tells me, for example: kwin(2879) KWin::EffectsHandlerImpl::loadEffect: EffectsHandler::loadEffect : Effect  "kwin4_effect_blur"  is not supported22:32
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