ESphynxOH! :) awesome! it build :)00:21
ESphynxThis is encouraging :) Now I just have to figure out why GCC 4.7 crashes my executables *again* :P00:22
ESphynxWhat does "Build for superseded Source" mean?01:09
ESphynxhttps://code.launchpad.net/~jerstlouis/+recipe/ecere-dev-natty -- For Natty it said that , but the exact same source worked fine for Lucid?01:10
wgrantESphynx: It means that it automatically cancelled the build because there was already a newer one pending.01:34
wgrantESphynx: (or because you deleted the source package before the builds started)01:34
wgrantIn this case it's because the daily recipe built a newer version01:35
wgrantYou probably shouldn't have the daily and dev recipes building into the same series in the same PPA, as they'll overwrite each other01:35
ESphynxwgrant: oh they will?02:12
ESphynxby 'series', you mean the Ubuntu version?02:12
ESphynxcan't I call them 'dev' or something?02:13
ESphynxI moved them to a different PPA :)05:31
Hobbseewgrant: you around?06:38
wgrantHobbsee: Hi07:34
Hobbseewgrant: don't worry, managed to get some help from StevenK on what I was looking for07:36
ori-lhey, any idea why a package will get stuck in "pending publication" state?08:30
fAz4Launchpad.net is not accessible from iran, does anyone knows if canonical follows any US sanctions12:50
fAz4 just wanted to make sure if it's due to sanctions or just a technical issue.12:50
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