freeroutehi, I just installed 12.04 and I noticed that switching desktops doesn't work anymore with AltGr+Ctrl+Arrows, can anyone else reproduce this?00:29
kanliotfreeroute control+alt + left,right arrows work01:07
Duke_What is the command to copy all files from A folder to B folder in console?02:35
kanlioti mean cp02:41
kanliotcp -r A B02:45
kanliotno wait it cp -t B A/*02:46
Duke_thnx :)02:49
XaaaaDCiao a tutti :)10:22
XaaaaDHi there... Need some help with Lubuntu10:22
XaaaaDI have upgraded to 12.04 but my sound was now disappeared... What to do now?10:23
micheghi, where is lubuntu menu configuration file?12:56
holsteinmicheg: http://wiki.lxde.org/en/Main_Menu work for you?13:11
holsteini dont have it running in front of me, or look13:11
holsteinor i would look*13:12
michegthx i'm lookin13:14
michegi have create an entry in /usr/share/applications/sublime.desktop13:30
michegand reload panel with lxpanelctl restart13:30
michegbut i do not see13:30
holsteinthe panel is not generating that is it?... i would probably log out and back in to be sure... did you see the structure of your menu there?13:31
michegyes i see all, except "development"13:31
michegi have removed gnumeric.desktop for trying and no gnumeric in menu so reload work ;-)13:32
michegbut i try to logoff13:32
holsteini would doublecheck what you added then.. sounds like you are in the right place13:32
holsteinits not showing up? or its not working?13:37
holsteinhttp://sourceforge.net/projects/lxmed/ is suggested13:38
michegnot show13:38
michegi have tryed and on lxmed is showed ;-)13:38
holsteinthen, i would compare what lxmed adds and what you add... maybe you can see what the issue is13:39
michegsure, done some text13:39
michegmaybe need relog, when i have finished a compile i try. but it is not important have it on menu13:40
michegbut if it shows is better ;-)13:40
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smileWho is LStranger? :)17:59
smilebye :)18:30
MobilHi. Does lubuntu 11.10 support USB 3.0?20:24
bioterrorMobil, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4zLH22Jz6I probably20:25
Mobilbioterror, alright because I'm having a weird issue...I'm trying to transfer a 10GB file from a usb3.0 box to a usb3.0 external. I know on usb 2.0 the drive does ~33MB/sec transfer rate, but when I start the file transfer on lubuntu, the timer says over 1 hour to completion. got any ideas as to why?20:33
bioterroris another filesystem NTFS?20:35
Mobilbioterror, what's even more weird is that I can transfer from lubuntu through samba to my windows box which has the drive at 33MB/sec20:35
Mobilbioterror, yes20:35
bioterrorthat's mostly the problem20:36
Mobilthe filesystem that the file is on is xfs, the external is ntfs20:36
zleapMobil, i get the same issue between usb devices usually between an external hdd and a usb flash disk20:36
bioterrorNTFS-3G is slow20:37
Mobilbioterror, well not really, because when I transfer from lubuntu to windows through network I get ~100MB/sec transfer20:38
Mobilwell, windows partition is ntfs, or did you mean the external ntfs is slow?20:39
bioterrorI mean: NTFS-3G is slow20:39
Mobiloh I see20:40
Mobilso the best solution is changing the external to a different filesystem?20:42
bioterroris your cpu usage 100%?20:42
zleapbioterror, good point i may have a look at that next time its doing a transfer20:42
Mobilwell my lubuntu cpu is an atom, so I'm assuming that it is20:42
Mobilbioterror, ill double check to make sure20:43
Mobilbioterror, I'm using ~50-60% of the cpu20:50
bioterrorthat should be normal, I gues20:50
michegsomeone used turpial twitter client? it dos not remember my pin20:51
Mobilbioterror, yea I think so, and for an amd 350 at 1.6GHz, I wouldn't expect much anyways if copying to ntfs is cpu dependent20:52
bioterrorMobil, does it make difference if you use commandline instead of graphical tools?-)20:52
Mobilbioterror, let me check :)20:52
bioterror(wish I had USB3.0 stick, or machines supporting it ;)20:52
bioterroractually, my HTPC has usb 3.0 :-)20:53
Mobilbioterror, this box was supposed to be my HTPC (with xbmc)20:53
Mobilbioterror, but it's also my NAS box too :D20:54
bioterrorI have AT5IONT-I20:54
Mobilbioterror, I have the asus e35m1-m pro I think.. it's a cpu/mobo combo for 100 bucks20:55
bioterrornot bad20:55
bioterrorI'm waiting my raspberry pi to replace that asus20:56
Mobilhas sata 3 and usb 3..But I guess I should have looked into ntfs-3g20:56
bioterrorI dont use NTFS at all, except on this laptop with w720:56
Mobilfor me, transfering files between computers on the network is great, it's just that my main pc (win7) is 5 years old and doesn't have sata3.0, so I went and bought this external drive for files on the go.20:58
michegand another questin, i use gpointing-device-settings for turning off tap on my touchpad but when i restart i lose my setting20:59
Mobilbioterror, I honestly thought it was a problem with the drive lubuntu is running on (It's a 10 yearold samsung 80GB drive) :)20:59
bioterrormicheg, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides#Disable_tap_to_click20:59
Mobilbioterror, wow it's actually much faster if I just do a cp command21:05
bioterrorMobil, haha21:05
bioterrorpcmanfm is the bottle neck then21:06
bioterrorMobil, you can use rsync for example to get the write speeds21:06
Mobilbioterror, how do you do that with cp command?21:06
Mobilbioterror, btw cp is only using 7% cpu21:07
Mobil6GB file done in ~ 3 minutes...that's something like 60MB/second..much better21:08
bioterrorthat's quite acceptable speed21:12
zleapMobil, nice21:12
michegbioterror thz21:18
bioterrortwo satisfied customers, quite good night! ;D21:18
Mobilbioterror, haha21:18
michegi do not have /.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart21:19
michegcan create?21:19
bioterrornano ~/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart21:19
bioterror@synclient MaxTapTime=021:20
michegnot need & at end?21:20
michegok thx21:20
michegi buckmark the faq21:21
bioterroryeah, it's quite good21:21
michegi came from slack. ;-)21:22
michegi bit different21:22
michega bit different21:22
bioterrornot that21:23
michegsorry for my english21:23
bioterrorslack just drags behind a lot in development21:23
bioterrorlast time I checked, they still had this "HAL"21:23
michega bit too old21:23
michegnow have new software and lubuntu is really fast21:24
michegbut i do not like some gtk3 deps21:24
bioterroroh, SalixOS has Mate21:24
Mobilbioterror, thanks a lot bioterror for your help. good day!21:27

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