daurnimatorI'm trying to run es2gears on my beagleboard; and it segfaults11:54
daurnimator(soft float)11:54
ogra_armel (soft float) isnt really maintained anymore, but you could indeed file a bug11:55
daurnimatorluckily the one piece of software left I depend on released a hard float version a couple of days ago :)11:55
daurnimatorso maybe I can move to hf11:55
ogra_you should ... though there is no hf pvbr driver for omap3 in the archive yet11:56
daurnimatorstill.... pvr?11:56
ogra_(not sure if we'll ever get it)11:56
ogra_yes, that was a typo (thus the * correction later)11:56
daurnimatorI know. but I still don't know what pvr means11:56
ogra_the gles driver11:57
daurnimatorthat sounds bad11:57
daurnimatormy problem atm is that scaling my Qt application; X uses 40% CPU11:57
ogra_well, complain to TI11:57
ogra_we can only release what they give out and we havent recieverd a hf driver binary from them yet11:58
daurnimatorogra_: the sgx binaries I see mentioned here aren't all you need? http://www.elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu#SGX_Video_Acceleration11:58
daurnimator"Thanks to TI for the special armhf binaries!!! --RobertCNelson 19:48, 17 July 2012 (UTC)"11:58
ogra_ah, yeah, thats the one11:59
daurnimatorthough I'm not exactly sure about the instructions... I have to compile my own kernel to use those drivers??/12:04
daurnimatorogra_: do you know who I could talk to about my problem on armel though?15:04
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