head_victimEvening all, many here for the meeting?09:54
head_victimCould be a short one then.10:03
kookey50Hi there, I am here for the meeting. It is my first time.10:04
head_victimGood evening kookey50, welcome along10:04
head_victimLooks like it's just us two for now so I'll wait a few minutes in case stragglers pop by.10:05
kookey50No worries.10:05
md_5oh meeting10:10
head_victimEvening md_5, looks like we're a bit light on tonight.10:11
md_5do we even have enough people to start a meeting :|10:12
head_victimThiere is no real minimum10:12
head_victimI'll start it anyway and we can at least look over the agenda, there isn't a lot but it might be useful to some reading the logs.10:13
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head_victim#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/393/detail/10:14
head_victimThe agenda is listed there for anyone who hasn't seen it10:14
jellywarehey jared10:14
head_victimGood evening jellyware, we're only just starting as there's only md_5, kookey50 and yourself here for now.10:14
jellywarecheers buddy10:14
jellywarestarts 8:30pm right?10:15
head_victimI believed it was meant to be 200010:15
md_5Team Meeting: Sun 12/08/2012 @ 2000 AEST (GMT+10)10:15
head_victimNo worries, you're here now, did you want to go over the topic you emailed me earlier?10:15
jellywareubuntu friendly?10:15
jellywarewell folks head over to https://friendly.ubuntu.com/10:16
head_victim#topic Ubuntu Friendly10:16
head_victim#link https://friendly.ubuntu.com/10:16
jellywaregreat program of recommending systems that are friendly to ubuntu10:16
jellywareonce you install there is an easy process of checking your system10:17
head_victimjellyware: I think it's good to let people konw what works. It would also make buying new hardware easier than trawling through generic websites.10:17
jellywareI think this program is not that old10:18
jellywarethere is still a lot of hardware that needs to be checked10:18
head_victimI did see something a while ago like it but I think this particular version is pretty new.10:18
jellywareonce you check your system using the tool provied in 12.04+ you can post your results on the ubuntu friendly webiste10:19
head_victim#link https://friendly.ubuntu.com/participate/10:20
head_victimIt's a nice, easy way to help others in the community. No need to learn how to program, no need to turn up to an event miles away. Just 10 - 15 minutes of effort at home.10:20
md_5as soon as Im donna Im gonna run the test and upload10:23
jellywaresweet md_5 10:23
head_victimWell I guess we can move on to the next topic10:27
head_victim#topic CD Distribution10:27
head_victimI just wanted to bring up the fact that I still have about 100 CDs of Ubuntu 12.04 sitting here to distribute.10:27
head_victimIf anyone has any good ideas on how to use them effectively I'm all ears.10:27
jellywarethe new version drops in a couple of months10:28
head_victimIndeed, but also this is a LTS so it will still be useful10:28
jellywareif you run out of ideas I can send you fundage to send cds to me for distibution on ubuntu.net.au10:29
md_5ooh they improved the system test10:29
jellywareif you run out of ideas10:29
jellywarethink we've lost md_5 10:29
head_victimjellyware: how many do you think you could realistically use?10:29
head_victimJust want to put a number on it10:29
head_victim20, 50, all 100?10:29
jellywarerealistically.  not many10:29
jellywarewe're running at an order every 2-3 days at the moment10:30
jellywareit was much busier when 12.04 first came out10:30
jellywareif I paypalled you, can you send me 20cds?10:31
head_victimWell I've found sending them in packs of 5 the most cost effective, they only charge 1.80 or so for that. As soon as you start putting in 10 or so it skyrockets to 5 or6 bucks a hit.10:31
head_victimmd_5 or kookey50, would either of you have use for some 12.04 official CDs to hand out to friends, colleagues, randoms you meet?10:32
jellywareone day I will get back to my idea of getting them into public libraries10:32
md_5not any more use than making my own10:32
head_victimmd_5: no worries, sometimes official looking ones in proper sleeves get better reception so just thought I"d offer.10:33
jellywarelets distribute them while they are still warm...10:34
kookey50burn my own as well10:36
head_victimI've handed 20 or so out, even got a copy on the lunch pc at work.10:36
jellywareI just asked my flatmate in the kitchen.  he's an it student at macquarie uni10:37
jellywarehis friends could use some10:37
head_victimjellyware: I'll put a bunch in a satchel for you to use as you can10:38
jellywarehead_victim, how much can I sent you via paypal?10:38
head_victimYou're in Sydney these days or still in Melbourne?10:39
head_victim3kg satchels are $11.40 so I'll just put some in that if you like10:40
jellywarejust looking at austpost.  phew.  austpost says ubuntu is "ok" http://peter.id.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Screenshot.png10:42
head_victimIf you email me your address I'll put it in the post10:42
head_victimIf anyone else can think of useful ways of distributing the CDs please let me know and I'll do the same.10:43
jellywarejared, is your gmail your paypal address?10:43
head_victimThe only requirement I would like to put on the CDs is that if you receive them, you write an email or website story about how they're used :)10:43
head_victimjellyware: yeah that's it.10:43
head_victimThanks everyone for attending, not sure why it was such a low turnout but perhaps we could be more proactive next time in announcing it. Sorry I forgot to put it out on the social media circles.10:46
head_victimDid anyone have anything to bring up that wasn't on the agenda?10:46
jellywarethanks for hosting head_victim10:46
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