upalipsuthank you00:06
upalipsui'll try terminal install00:06
upalipsusoftware sorces?00:12
upalipsuis this the ubuntu software center?00:12
upalipsuwait, i got this00:14
upalipsuok, i'm having some trouble installing this00:16
holsteinupalipsu: what?00:16
upalipsui have to add ppa:clicompanion-devs/clicompanion-nightlies to my system's Software Sources00:17
holsteinupalipsu: you add the ppa source.. then you update the package list, and install00:17
holsteinupalipsu: where are you in the process?00:17
upalipsui have the terminal open00:17
holsteinupalipsu: cool... what have you done?00:18
upalipsusudo -apt-add-repository00:18
upalipsusudo add-apt-repository00:18
holsteinand? errors?00:19
upalipsuand replace the rest with the ppa location00:19
holsteinupalipsu: in the terminal, you can use tab to auto-complete00:20
holsteinthen, you know the command you are trying to run will do something00:20
holsteinotherwise, you can typo for a long time00:20
upalipsutab, alright00:20
upalipsulooks like a nice list of places00:20
upalipsuso i can use any of those?00:21
holsteinupalipsu: you can literally copy and paste the commands from that link stlsaint gave you00:21
upalipsudo i want the deb or the deb-src?00:21
holsteinsudo add-apt-repository ppa:clicompanion-devs/clicompanion-nightlies00:21
holsteinsudo apt-get update00:21
holsteinsudo apt-get install clicompanion00:21
holsteinupalipsu: you want to just run that command00:21
upalipsualright, thank you00:22
holsteinupalipsu: the first one adds the source... with the clicompanion in it00:23
holsteinupalipsu: the 2nd updates your list.. and the 3rd installs it00:23
upalipsui've tried the command 3 times and it says cannot access PPA, please check your internet connection00:25
holsteinupalipsu: are you online?00:25
upalipsui got it00:26
upalipsunot sure what was up with that00:26
upalipsualright, in business00:27
holsteinwell, i find it helpful to go ahead and assume its my own fault00:27
upalipsuclicompation up00:27
upalipsuno no00:27
holsteinno no?00:28
upalipsuit was my fault00:28
holsteincool :)00:28
upalipsualright, got the CLI open00:28
upalipsuI'm a level 1 beginner btw, one class in c++ with some hello world00:28
upalipsuso the cli companion is a way to store long lists of code?00:29
upalipsuoh i see, it's a terminal stand-in00:30
upalipsudesigned to be more user friendly00:31
upalipsuterminal with notes00:34
stlsaintupalipsu: really meant to aid in remember logn commands and storing commands you come across00:35
stlsaintfor beginners to command interface00:35
upalipsuis it possible to add comments in the terminal for description?00:36
upalipsulike the // in C++?00:36
upalipsui see it's in the add feature00:40
upalipsugot a good question00:52
upalipsuso I saw that weather indicator's sunset/sunrise times were WAY off00:52
upalipsuI did a search and found that it's an issue of using a ppa00:53
upalipsuso i tested out my sudo apt-get-repository and apt-get update / apt-get install .. ect00:53
upalipsuand it ran very nicely00:53
upalipsuhowever the times are still incorrect00:53
stlsaint /whois upalipsu00:58
upalipsuupalipsu means wishing to learn01:00
upalipsu /whois upalipsu01:03
philballewBest tool to make a custom Ubuntu iso?02:54
philballewfound it!03:05
upalipsuwould you reccommend installing KDE desktop on ubuntu for beginners?03:15
Unit193If the beginner wanted KDE, I'd say Kubuntu.03:17
upalipsuthank you03:37
upalipsunow, from what i read it seems Kubuntu is linux with a skin that's easier to navigate03:38
philballewupalipsu, well It's ubuntu with a different desktop shell/environment then the default one Ubuntu ships with. So it's all the parts of Ubuntu that are not graphical and they add their own desktop on top.03:44
philballewupalipsu, you know what I mean?03:48
upalipsuphilballew, i'm beginning to understand. It's ubuntu with more of the unseen come to light03:54
upalipsuphilballew, when you install it on your computer, is it like switching html themes? all the data is kept the same but with a different layout?03:56
philballewupalipsu, Its like ubuntu with a different desktop environment and different application.03:57
upalipsuphilballew, thank you :)03:58
Vampyok guys.. ive followed the postfix setup on ubuntu community, and i get 2 error on postfix reload.2 warning for unused params on for security option in tls and tls cert file04:03
Vampythe output of restart to postfix is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/1142348 if someone could look to see where my error might be i'd apprecaite it04:06
phillwVampy: that post is not a lot of help, it states the shutdown was okay, and the start was.04:09
Vampyphillw, ok what do you need to help04:10
phillwVampy: the errors.... (05:01:38) Vampy: ok guys.. ive followed the postfix setup on ubuntu community, and i get 2 error on postfix reload.2 warning for unused params on for security option in tls and tls cert file04:10
phillwit is those errors that must be reported.04:11
Vampyfirst error reads : warning etc/postfix/main.cf : unused parameter smptd_sasl_secutiry+options=noanonymous04:12
Vampy+ = _04:12
Vampywow ya.. i misspelled a ton there..04:14
phillwVampy: My reccomemdation is to raise a bug report. But you will have to provide all the details. If you do not provide them, it will be marked as 'incomplete'.04:15
Vampyso im understanding correctly, youre sayin that i need to file a bug report becuase there's no others with this same problem and ubuntu can look it over and see what problems made exist04:17
phillwVampy: yes. There is always a first person to report a bug. What is at question is it a standard ubuntu application that 'we' look after, or are you following a set of instructions that are not ubuntu based.04:19
Vampyhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix using this guide as suggested by stlsaint04:20
phillwVampy: in that case, as it a community doc, file a bug. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities#Bugs04:21
Vampywill do thanks phillw04:21
phillwVampy: we rely on you good people to let us know about them.04:22
philballewfiling a bug is always a good thing04:29
phillwphilballew: as we both know, a good bug report is one of best methods of improvement.04:30
phillwbtw, hi philballew, long time no chat :)04:32
philballewagreed. Its better to sort out duplicates then not get any bug reports ever. Its always nice to help out with bugs to! It's nice to see your on here again. Everything doing well?04:33
phillwphilballew: I'm tied up with several things, between the complete overhaul of QA web-site, new Qa testing stuff coming in, what Lubuntu is at along with looking after the VM's for various F/OSS projects... I'm doing well.04:36
philballewLubuntu doing good these days phillw ?04:37
phillwphilballew: I don't suppose you have a couple of devs (coders) toy can pull out of the 'rabbits hat'?04:37
phillwlubuntu is doing well, we seem to have, by default, to be the last place for ppc arch.04:38
phillwIt also seems for some stupid reason that lubuntu also holds the one person who that can do amd64+mac testing.... surely fior04:39
phillwfor God, there are others with that kit?04:40
philballewphillw, I wish. I run lubuntu on my ppc. As well as 3 other comps. What kinda dev work you looking for?04:45
phillwphilballew: I'm also admin for SII, they are at the stage to release a beta for SpeechControl, but they do not have enough people to deal with bugs and fi04:56
phillwfixing them04:56
phillwA classic statement of "chicken and egg"04:57
phillwppc seems to be covered, it is amd64+mac I struggle for. for the generic QA testing, SII is an F/OSS project that I care about/04:59
philballewIm to much of a crappy programer to help05:01
philballewbut im taking classes currently.05:01
phillwphilballew: you may be able to help in bug triaging?05:02
philballewWhats that involve?05:02
phillwexactly that..05:03
philballewIs this lubuntu or ubuntu bugs?05:06
phillwphilballew: for all bugs05:07
philballewah, yeah. I should help with that. i am really bad at programing though05:07
phillwphilballew: get involved with QA .. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam05:10
philballewhello ashickur-noor09:40
Vampyhey just curious on this, is it possible to after intial setup to config/install/setup a server thru ssh with no problems?17:25
Sidewinder1Vampy, I've never done it; not even close but I don't see why not. If you get no responses here, perhaps try in #ubuntu or, I thing there is a #server channel as well.17:28
Vampysidewrinder1 : ok thanks, i'm workin on a pxe install server, and the keyboard and location of the "server" are a bit out of place, so i thought if SSH would work, then i'd do it that way17:29
Vampyand by doing it with SSH i can C&P commands much easier :D17:30
VampySidewrinder1 i use a router for DHCP and want to know if i need to setup the pxe install with DHCP or how i would work around that.17:37
Sidewinder1Vampy, That's way, way beyond my abilities, sorry. I'm sure those in #ubuntu would be more than willing to assist you.17:39
Sidewinder1I'm lucky if I can type.. ;-)17:39
VampySidewinder1, not a prob, thanks for at least tryin, and i totally understand the typing, i get more typoes here in IRC then in CLI17:40
Vampyits a shame that stlsaint isnt around.. they have been very helpful while i'm learning and gettin things setup for servers..17:41
Sidewinder1Vampy, It's kinda' funny; I started IRC long, long ago; primarily to sharpen my typing.. Am still failing miserably. :-(17:41
VampySidewinder1, lol, yea you would think that IRC would help improve typing skills, and more the longer you are on it. but some of US just have that gene that doesnt allow for good typing17:42
Sidewinder1I just don't have the patience to practice 'touch-typing'.17:43
Vampyare you referin to using a virtual keyboard or any keyboard?17:44
Vampywow, finally made it past grub install.. wow that too way to long17:46
Sidewinder1Just a regular, run-o-the-mill keyboard. What I mean is that I must look at the bloody thing.. :(17:47
Sidewinder1Other wise ot looks like this: jifo urivf17:47
Vampyoh you mean sightless typing.. lookin at the screen instead of the keyboard17:47
Sidewinder1And, don't forget, if you've got plenty of time, http://ubuntuforums.org/ is a great resource; lotsa good folks there.17:50
Vampyside is a router considered a dhcp server ?17:50
Sidewinder1In a way, sorta', I guess as it does deal with domain to IP conversions..17:52
Sidewinder1I think mine is configured to point at my ISP's DNS Servers, I think..17:53
Vampyok, cause i'm tryin to setup a PXE server and wasnt sure if i need to install the DHCP to that server or use the router as dhcp. as i know i need to have the pxelinux.0 and next-server statements17:54
Sidewinder1I don't know, sorry. :-(17:57
Vampylookin for server junkies is the setup on Ubuntu Community for PXE install for 9.10 the same process on 12.04LTS?18:40
holsteinVampy: i would refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer ..though i cant say i have first hand experience18:50
Vampyholstein, which is what im lookin at the article states 9.10 karmi18:55
pointextahello - need help with exaile & exfalso19:07
holsteinVampy: nothing there looks like anything i wouldnt try with 12.04, but i dont know enough to comment educatedly... you tried the server channel? what are you ultimately trying to accomplish?19:23
Sidewinder1holstein, Yes, I suggested #server to Vampy, earlier today. It can be somewhat 'sparse', in there, I know.20:03
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Guest2261Hello guys i gota ask can i put grub on usb flash then when i boot from usb it boots linux and without usb it boot windows(clasical bootloader not grub)20:09
geirhaShort answer: yes20:10
geirhaLong answer: Someone else'll have to do that one, because I'm going to bed20:10
Guest2261OK i know how to do this i just wanted to know will it work if grub and ubuntu aren't on same drive.20:12
geirhaYes, grub has no problem with that.20:18
Guest2261OK. Thanks so much...20:23
Vampyholstein, Sidewinder1 im not a linux expert so i tend to stay out of #server as they seem to expect u to know aot more20:38
Sidewinder1Vampy, I think that you'll find that 'most' are very understanding and helpful as they realize, we all had to start somewhere. Those that treat you in a disrespectful manner, if reported, will be chastised; that's a guarantee!20:52
histoVampy: should be the same setup20:52
Vampyhisto, between 11.10 and 12.04?20:53
histoVampy: the instructions on that page are for 10.04 but it's the same basic idea tftp etc...20:53
Vampyok thanks20:53
histoVampy: is there a reason you want to do a pxe install?20:53
Vampyhisto : i'm doing a pxe boot install server.. that way i dont have to hunt for cds or iso images20:54
histoVampy: yeah, I just usually use a thumb drive with the mini.iso and do a net install20:55
histoVampy: Have never setup a PXE server myself but the process looks pretty straight forward.20:55
Vampyhisto, 2 of my towers dont have the BIOS option for usb boot20:55
histoVampy: are you sure they can PXE boot?20:56
Vampyhisto, most i've asked bout a pxe install server is very straightforward and simple.20:56
Vampyhisto, yes sir. buth have pxe in the bios20:56
histoVampy: trying to find you some better docs if you have issues20:58
Vampyhisto, i've used MS servers and have a good undestanding of them, but the flexibilty isnt there, linux however seem to be very flexible and rapidly growing so i thought i would learn some basic server setups20:59
histoVampy: what distro are you using on the pxe server?20:59
Vampyhisto ubuntu20:59
stlsaintVampy: welcome back21:00
Vampystlsaint, thanks man, you too21:00
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
* stlsaint never leaves so never a welcome back ;)21:01
Vampystlsaint, it appears that the postconf issues i was dealing with may be a bug, so i'm going to sumbit it and see what happens.21:01
stlsaintah ok21:01
Vampyif nothing else.. i can step back to 11.10 for email server until something comes about21:02
Vampybut in the mist of it all i decided that i was gonna setuip a pxe boot install server so that i dont have to hunt down cds....21:03
Vampyoddly the 2 towers i have will boot pxe but not usb21:04
stlsaintthat sucks, least yours boot. I have a server currently that i cant even get into. No graphics and i cant even tell if it starts up cause a ip doesnt; get pulled smh21:05
stlsaintlater folks21:05
=== Vampy is now known as Vamps-AFK
histoVamps-AFK: pxe boot was out way before usb booting etc...21:11
jaydeehello all, need help with a raid5 setup that was transferred from old ubuntu server to a new one. can't mount with mount /dev/md0.  I have made it work once earlier by using a mount command that included a partition but I cannot remember the syntax of the command.  help please22:05
jaydeeraid is active but now mounted.  I also tried mounting in webmin but was not able to22:20
jaydee*not mounted22:20
jaydeeaanyone have any ideas please?22:23
ubot2Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto22:25
bioterrorwhat does your cat /proc/mdstat say?22:28
jaydeemdadm --assemble --scan returns that a device is listed twice in the conf file.  which conf and where to edit/remove the duplicates?22:29
bioterroryou're the who created the raid?-)22:29
jaydeeyes. it was created in an older version of ubuntu. the server version was no longer supported.  I re-installed with 12.04. I attempted to remount the raid but it wouldn't recognize. I got it to work once before using a command that identified a partition.  (mount /dev/mdo/***something else**) but I did not update the fstab.  I rebooted recently and can;t remember how to make it work22:33
jaydee.  shame on me:(22:33
jaydee@ bioterror: cat /proc/mdstat says -22:35
jaydeePersonalities : [linear] [multipath] [raid0] [raid1] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [raid10]22:36
jaydeemd0 : active raid5 sdc[0] sdd[1]22:36
jaydee      976762496 blocks level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [2/2] [UU]22:36
jaydeeunused devices: <none>22:36
bioterrorsounds like your raid5 has only two drives?22:36
bioterroradd the third drive to your array?22:36
jaydee@ bioterror - ?22:39
bioterrorraid5 is made of 3 drives22:40
jaydee@ bioterror - sorry, misunderstood. there are 3. sdc, sdd, sdb122:42
jaydeeall are visible under fdisk -122:43
jaydeeand all 3 show System Linux raid autodetect22:43
seeitbelieveitHi, I am trying to unlock a harddrive from my dead laptop and have tried using hdparm but it has not worked so far. Does anyone else have any experience with this?22:44
bioterrorseeitbelieveit, you mean you have encrypted home?22:50
seeitbelieveitno, old laptop hard drive, bios password has it locked (from bios on old laptop), hdparm commands do not seem to want to get through to it22:52
jaydee@bioterror - GOT IT!!  mounted /dev/md0p1.  need to make sure it is permanent this time.  Only 2 drives in array though... strange?22:54
bioterroryes, quite strage22:59
bioterrorMon01:36 <jaydee> Personalities : [linear] [multipath] [raid0] [raid1] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [raid10]22:59
bioterrorMon01:36 <jaydee> md0 : active raid5 sdc[0] sdd[1]22:59
jaydeethank you for the help. jogged my memory but not sure how to address only 2 drives. thoughts?23:04
bioterrorare you sure the one is not broken?23:06
jaydeei will have to check inside the server. it has been shelved for a couple of years. will have to inspect23:08
bioterrorsome times drives fails23:09
bioterrorI know, I've replaced them for my living ;)23:09
jaydeewill check it out. thanks again!23:14

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