green7got a question07:21
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maprerihi, i verified the bug #1035824, can a bug control member some one (a bugcontrol member?) set it to triaged, whishlist, and add the tag needs-packaging?11:36
* penguin42 looks11:37
penguin42bug 103582411:37
mapreriumh.. ubot2 is out :/11:37
mapreri* ubot2 รจ uscito (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)11:37
mapreriops... i'm italian, translate: "ubot2 is quit"11:38
penguin42ah now hang on a sec, I normally avoid needs-packaging, let me just have a look11:38
mapreripenguin42: np11:39
penguin42mapreri: OK, that's going to take a bit of checking up - see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage#Needs_Packaging_Bugs11:40
mapreripenguin42: i already read this page, but to set the importance to wishlist, and the sttus to triaged, i have to be a bugcontrol member, i'm only a bugsquad member :)11:41
penguin42mapreri: OK, so if you've verified all those things, add a comment listing each one of the checks and confirming it's not there; otherwise I'll have to do it :-)11:42
mapreripenguin42: i already checked all those things, but i didn't write a commend on the bug, have i to do it?11:44
maprerithe package needs to be packaged11:44
micahgpenguin42: if it all looks ok, you can write 'setting based on verification by mapreri on IRC'11:45
penguin42micahg: Right, I just thought it best he adds a comment to say that he's checked it all11:46
maprerimicahg: penguin42: have i to write or not?11:46
micahgpenguin42: that's more important for verifying a bug or SRU, these are just wishlists11:47
mapreripenguin42: i'm mapreri also in lp11:51
penguin42ok, thanks11:52
mapreripenguin42: well, but.. where did you find the debian directory? yes, the file is in a position that help te packaging but i cannot find the debian dir...12:05
penguin42mapreri: https://github.com/communi/communi/tree/master/qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan   I think the harmattan stuff is a bit different, but I don't know much about it, but it sure looks like a normalish control/rules setup12:36
mapreripenguin42: oh, you right!12:37
penguin42mapreri: And if you look at the github id of the guy who committed them it's the same as the lp id of the reporter12:38
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mapreripenguin42: yep, i already noted that12:38
maprerismartboyhw: hi :)12:39
ChauncellorHi! bug 915165. I think that this might be Ubuntu's implementation of GTK, not the fault of GTK itself. Should I still file upstream?13:48
Chauncelloroh? Where's ubottu?13:49
smartboyhwBug 91516513:49
penguin42Chauncellor: If you think it's likely ubuntu specific, then don't upstream13:51
Chauncellorpenguin42, do canonical devs monitor GTK+3 (ubuntu)? I'm afraid it will fester into oblivion.13:52
penguin42Chauncellor: Well, it's marked as High and confirmed, and it's got a lot of dupes13:53
Asad2005I am having frequent freez no mouse no KB. Can someone help me troubleshoot13:53
Chauncellorpenguin42, yeah, I just did all that >.>13:53
penguin42Chauncellor: is it only transmission it's showing in?13:54
Chauncellorpenguin42, no, it's also with gnome-screenshot13:54
Asad20053.2.0-29-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 27 17:03:23 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:54
Chauncellorand also other programs here and there13:54
Chauncellorbut those two are pretty much 100%13:54
penguin42Chauncellor: What makes you suspicious it's the Ubuntu gtk? Have you tried with the overlay scrollbars disabled?13:55
Chauncellorpenguin42, I don't think the scrollbars have anything to do with it. Did you take a look at the video?13:56
penguin42Chauncellor: Oh, just watched it - that is annoying13:57
Chauncellorpenguin42, I'll just let it lie for a bit, I imagine someone will come after it13:58
Chauncellorthanks for the help!13:58
penguin42Chauncellor: What makes you think it's ubuntu specific?13:58
Chauncellorpenguin42, I don't believe I could reproduce it in gnome-shell13:58
Chauncellorand doesn't unity have some strange mashup of GTK libs?13:59
ChauncellorI'm unsure about it13:59
ChauncellorI usually manage compiz bugs, not GTK :P13:59
penguin42Chauncellor: I'm not too sure about Unity; but I didn't think there was anything too special with popup menus like that13:59
ChauncellorAsad2005, you should probably hop on over to #ubuntu for support14:00
Chauncellorpenguin42, hm, I guess I could always file an upstream report - worst case scenario it gets closed.14:00
penguin42Chauncellor: Try recreating in a debian vm?14:01
Asad2005i did nobody is giving attention there its too busy a channel i think14:01
Chauncellorpenguin42, woof, I guess that might be the way I have to go14:01
ChauncellorAsad2005, unfortunately, this really isn't the support channel, #ubuntu is. Go ahead and PM me and I'll see what I can do to help14:01
Asad2005dont really know hw to PM i am using irssi14:02
Chauncellorsent you one14:03
Chauncellorjbicha, ......14:53
penguin42micahg: on bug 505857 you added a note that says please leave this private until the retracer is done - that was 2.5 years ago19:14
lifelesspenguin42: is the retracer done?19:15
penguin42lifeless: hmm, yes I think so - it removed that tag 6 months later19:15
micahgpenguin42: heh, it never updated, but it's irrelevant now, so removing the core dump19:16
penguin42looks like it was the xine plugin taking it down, although what it was doing on simple things like gmail I don't know19:16
micahgyeah, that part may or may not be relevant though anymore, Firefox has changed quite a bit19:19
* micahg made it public19:19
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