tomreynwe have a package in Ubuntu called megaglest (and megaglest-data/-dbg). now i'm wondering where reports on crashes on Ubuntu go and how we can get access to those?00:56
tomreynalso your /topic seems to be cut off00:59
penguin42tomreyn: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/megaglest  should be the bugs if there were any01:00
tomreynpenguin42: does this include crashes? my understanding is that they are handled differently since 12.0401:01
tomreyni.e. users will no longer end up on launchpad when reporting them01:02
penguin42ah, I think I know what you're talking about, but I've not seen where that goes01:02
tomreynthere is supposed to be some "crashdb" somewhere01:02
penguin42yeh not sure where01:03
penguin42tomreyn: http://askubuntu.com/questions/140379/how-can-i-track-a-bug-that-caused-a-crash-and-was-reported-via-apport-whoopsie01:04
penguin42a lot of the links there seem to be broken, not sure if it's just a perms issue01:07
tomreynso the crash reports are centrally collected and there are (very limited) publically accessible statistics based on them01:14
tomreynand then there is a link to (supposedly) detailed crash reports. Where the average mortal get's an "Either you have not been granted access to this resource or your entitlement has timed out. Please try again."01:15
penguin42tomreyn: Looks like it, I'm not sure if that's supposed to work or not01:16
penguin42tomreyn: Those links have lots of /'s in them - I wonder if that's not intended01:16
tomreyni guess that could have become a nice system. after spending more time on developing it, and finishing developing it /before/ rolling it out.01:16
penguin42tomreyn: I guess maybe it already provides a good indication if there are lots of crashes of the same type suddenly occuring01:17
penguin42tomreyn: I guess someone can get to the detail01:17
tomreynand at the same time the hooks it uses prevent the user from gathering crash dumps the way the application developer may like them.01:18
penguin42I assume there is a way to stop that01:18
tomreynprobably, but default matter.01:18
tomreynanyway, we don't know enough, let's see if someone who knows something about this scarcely documented system is able to provide more insight.01:19
penguin42nod - I suspect all the docs are there somewhere if we knew where to look01:20
* penguin42 must make a note to ensure that's disabled on his work machines01:23
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green7Need some help!10:15
ogra_green7, for support try #ubuntu10:17
green7Well, someone redirected me here10:18
smartboyhwogra_, he meant support on developing, help him to start on his way to development10:18
ogra_then probably #ubuntu-app-devel or #ubuntu-motu10:18
green7all right.10:18
green7seems like they're busy!10:29
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ubottucjwatson, jdong, pitti, skaet, ScottK, kees, Daviey, pgraner: reporting regression in a stable release update; investigate severity, start an incident report, perhaps have the package blacklisted from the archive10:32
shnatselbug #103538410:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1035384 in linux (Ubuntu) "kernel panics on boot if ulatencyd is installed" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103538410:33
shnatselulatencyd is a daemon that organizes processes in cgroups, sets nice and ionice per cgroups and processes, etc10:33
smartboyhw_awayshnatsel: Help green710:33
micahgsmartboyhw_away: no, he's reporting a regression10:34
smartboyhw_awayOK, so someone please help green7, he wants to develop for ubuntu10:34
shnatselthe latest kernel in -updates panics on boot if ulatencyd is installed; this has never happened before in the ~6 months I'm using ulatencyd10:34
shnatselthe panic seems to be confirmed on a wide range of systems, seems to happen on every boot but I don10:35
shnatselI don't have all the details because I'm on a vacation with an older kernel, sorry\10:35
shnatselpeople in #elementary-dev can explain the problem in more detail10:36
shnatselelementary ships ulatencyd by default so all systems suddenky got bricked :)10:36
ogra_micahg, though ifind it doubtful to call out an IRC regession alert fo a universe package on a sunday10:47
micahgogra_: the regression is possibly in the kernel, it's just manifesting itself with a universe package installed10:48
ogra_sure but really not a super duper emergency that required to remove or blacklist a package from the archive10:49
micahgogra_: I would think that depends on what the root cause is10:49
ogra_(since you can easily avoid it by removing dais universe package)10:49
micahgyeah, I guess if that's the only symptom ATM, it's probably not worth pulling10:51
* ogra_ glares at his dyslexic fingers 10:52
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SectorX8Hi there. I may be interested in contribution and membership.14:51
smartboyhwSectorX8: What membership? Contribute BEFORE membership14:52
SectorX8But... My field doesn't seems to mentioned in the contribution site.14:52
SectorX8smartboyhw: I know. I'm not asking for it.14:53
SectorX8I'm just telling you that I'm interested.14:53
SectorX8So... My field is security. Such as pentesting, cloud security, forensics etc. How can I contribute with this?14:55
SectorX8The topic is not mentioned here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu14:56
cjwatson#ubuntu-security and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam might be able to help.14:56
SectorX8Thanks. I'll be moving to next channel.14:56
SectorX8Have a nice day.14:56
cjwatsonI wouldn't worry overly much about whether all the is are dotted and ts crossed on the contributions page.  If you do good work on security it will be fairly obvious.14:56
cjwatsonHave fun.14:57
SectorX8Thanks again. I'll. =)14:57
cjwatson(I don't know how active -security is outside typical working hours, mind.)14:57
SectorX8OK good to know.14:58
SectorX8Typical security specialists btw. I'm active in digital forensics lab at a university. My mate in the lab, a Ph D is quite much night gibbing. And we're working way too much. Like politicans. Just to mention.15:00
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hallyninfinity: hey - do you happen to know if there's an ubuntu image i can run (newer than maverick) on efika mx smarttop?  would it use the same procedure i followed a year ago on that fujitsu arm netbook?22:29
infinityhallyn: Genesi never got around to getting us a current kernel, so we never did images for newer releases.22:33
infinityhallyn: But you could always take one of their old images/kernels, and do a sketchy debootstrap / static shell / pivot root reinstall from their old maverick/armel to a precise/armhf.22:34
infinityhallyn: You'd just be stuck with their ancient kernel. :/22:34
hallyninfinity: that's a shame22:34
hallyni wonder if i can find a kernel delta to port to build my own22:34
infinityhallyn: Yeah, I spent two release cycles asking them for a kernel we could ship in the archive, and gave up.22:34
hallynwould i need to do anything more than back up /boot and /lib/modules; update; copy content back; update-initramfs and grub-update?22:36
hallynwell i suppose the kernel .debs shouldn't depend on anything else old22:36
infinitygrub? :P22:36
infinityIn theory, just jiggering the kenrel around from old root to new root would make it all work.  I should probably do so with my smarttop before I give you advice on bricking yours, though.22:37
infinityYou'd end up losing any of their binary codecs, X drivers, etc, but I suspect that's not a big deal for your use-case?22:37
hallynhaha.  right :)  (no grub)22:38
infinityActually, wait, their image was lacking binary X acceleration fanciness anyway, if I recall.  So, that situation wouldn't regress any.22:38
hallyninfinity: yeah, this will be headless.  i'd like wireless to work (though not required)< that's about it22:38
hallynanyway i sent an email to the guy who'd said "thank you for your purchase' last year asking about updates.  assume i'll hear nothing...22:41
hallyninterestingly the 2.6.31 kernel in their git tree does have recent updates22:45
hallynheh, last commit in its ipc/ dir is by me.  two years ago.  sucks.22:46
hallynshucks i meant22:46
hallynalright asked one of their kernel devs about their github tree.  will hope for the best.22:51
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MikeulusHello all. What exactly does "unity --replace" do?23:40
MikeulusI have built unity 6.0, and am interested in switching back and forth between the system's version of unity and the one I have built.23:41

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