ESphynxYay :) it built!00:22
ESphynxOk so my Oneiric build failed :|02:14
ESphynxmost likely because of the messed up symlink :|02:15
ESphynxfor ffi.h02:15
ESphynxwhen I build manually, I have to do a: sudo ln -s /usr/include/i686-linux-gnu/ffi.h /usr/include/ ; sudo ln -s /usr/include/i686-linux-gnu/ffitarget.h /usr/include/02:16
ESphynxor /usr/include/i386-linux-gnu/ I guess ?02:17
ESphynxHow should I go about addressing that issue? (That's when cross-building for 32 bit on 64 bit oneiric)02:17
ESphynxI have lib32ffi-dev [amd64] in the debian/control file, but I'm guessing that the ffi package messed up and put under i686-linux-gnu instead of i386 ...02:18
jtaylorwhy do you need to cross build on oneiric?02:18
ESphynxwell, on precise I just do the i386 build02:19
ESphynxand I guess 64 bit systems can still pull it02:19
ESphynxbut on oneiric, it worked until I added this libffi...02:19
ESphynxSo since I could do it, I did it.02:19
ESphynxit's nice to know it can successfully be built on a 64 bit system.02:19
ESphynxas users on oneiric 64 bit might want to build it from source.02:20
jtaylorthey can in a 32 bit chroot02:20
ESphynxthey can also in a 64 bit system02:20
ESphynxnot chroot.02:20
ESphynxchroot is overrated.02:20
ESphynxis there a way for me to add this missing include symlink?02:20
ESphynxsetting up a chroot is an unnecessary burden for my users... and something that might carry them away from my software :P02:21
jtaylorwhy does it not compile on 64  bit?02:21
ESphynxjtaylor: no 64 bit support yet :)02:22
ESphynxSupport is planned but will take a lot of dev time :P02:22
ESphynxall I need is to create that proper ffi.h symlink :P02:22
ESphynxheck, I could just add an -isystem to my makefiles.02:23
ESphynxto  /usr/include/i686-linux-gnu/02:23
jtaylorthe symlink is there in oneiric02:23
jtaylorwrong include path is easily worked around with CPPFLAGS02:24
ESphynxjtaylor: the symlink from where to where have you got?02:34
jtaylor.so to .so.X02:34
ESphynxjtaylor: no i'm talking about the ffi.h02:34
jtaylorits in lib3202:34
jtaylorthe headers are in i68602:35
ESphynxright... and that's not in the path02:35
jtaylorthen add it02:35
ESphynxthey should be in i386-linux-gnu, should they not?02:35
jtayloryes and they are in precise02:35
jtaylorpre precise it is not multiarched02:35
jtayloronly the old biarch02:36
ESphynxthey are in precise eh? It's strange cuz yesterday someone had that same problem on Mint 13... and before someone on Precise...02:36
jtaylor(which is probably defined as i686)02:36
ESphynxso I'll just go ahead and tweak the makefiles02:36
ESphynx(my makefiles don't use CFLAGS from outside :P)02:36
jtaylorthats a bug02:36
ESphynxis it? ;)02:37
ESphynxI hate outside factors messing up a build :P02:37
ESphynxbesides I can defend it on the fact of not being C ;)02:37
jtaylorCFLAGS is compiler flags02:38
jtaylorCPPFLAGS is preprocessor flags02:38
ESphynxi'm not familiar with CPPFLAGS tbh ;) first time I hear it02:38
ESphynxis that a standard configure thing? where does it come from?02:38
jtaylorits a autotools thing02:39
ESphynxk... well I'm not using autotools...02:39
ESphynxam I bound to accept CPPFLAGS? ;)02:39
ESphynxah :)02:39
ESphynxhehe thanks for all the help jtaylor! appreciate it :)02:39
ESphynxi'll get dinner ready and then fix my preprocessor flags :P02:40
ESphynxis there still hope to make it into Quantal? :)02:40
jtaylorfeature freeze is aug 2302:40
ESphynxugg that is soon.02:40
jtaylorbut you still need to find reviewers which is hard02:40
jtaylorso its tight02:40
ESphynxare you a reviewer? ;)02:40
jtaylorif I find the time02:41
jtaylorwhats the package about?02:41
ESphynxIt's the Ecere SDK... a cross platform SDK with GUI toolkit, network library, 2D/3D graphics engine, compiler for the eC language02:41
ESphynxwe've been hoping to get into Ubuntu for quite a while...02:41
ESphynx(note GCC 4.7 fails on the build... trying to fix that tonight :P)02:42
ESphynxI would really appreciate help to get this in :)02:43
ESphynxwhatever I can do!02:43
micahgwell, there's always backports if you miss feature freeze03:01
ESphynxmicahg: Do Backports till make it into the official release?04:32
micahgESphynx: backports is enabled by default, so people can see it, it's not officially part of the release though (and can't be on any of the main images)04:33
ESphynxoh :( i'd really like to be part of the release though :(04:34
ESphynxwe've been trying hard @ it since Karmic Koala :(04:34
micahgESphynx: I don't think it makes a difference unless you're trying to get it on an image04:34
ESphynxyes I'd like to be on the CD :P04:34
micahgESphynx: which CD?04:34
ESphynxhmm... the 1 CD ideally :P04:34
ESphynxor DVD :P04:34
micahgUbuntu doesn't have that like Debian04:35
ESphynxwhere do dev apps go?04:35
ESphynxhmm, I have an Ubuntu CD here04:35
ESphynx9.04 I think ?04:35
micahgno, I mean Ubuntu doesn't have the whole archive on media04:35
ESphynxright, but it's got some stuff, right? :)04:35
micahgto get something on an image, there has to be a request for it, the primary images (flavors included) are all tight on space except maybe Ubuntu Studio04:36
ESphynxI'll settle for Ubuntu Studio I guess ;)04:36
ESphynxbut anyway, I'd really like to make it to feature freeze :P04:37
ESphynxbut jtaylor ran away :P04:37
ESphynxmicahg are you a potential reviewer as well? :)04:37
micahgESphynx: yeah, but just FWIW, I don't see this being included on any media, it's fine for the archive though (in theory, I've done no review)04:38
ESphynxmicahg: hey, I can dream ;)04:39
ESphynxI'll start with being on the archive ;)04:39
ESphynxSeriously, eC is an amazing programming language.04:39
ESphynxwith less popularity than it deserves :P04:40
ESphynxAnd so is the Ecere GUI/toolkit ;)04:40
micahgI'm not sure any of the flavors ship an IDE at all04:40
ESphynxhmm, I'm sure they do?04:40
ESphynxKDevelop etc.04:40
ESphynxPython support?04:40
ESphynxI'm sure the distros come with Python support?04:40
micahgI don't think that's on any media though04:40
ESphynxin terms of space, the SDK is tiny...04:41
ESphynxwe're talking < 10mb04:41
micahgwe have many in the archive, just none on shipped media04:41
ESphynxK.... I sure would have thought some IDEs shipped with it!04:41
ESphynxWould you potentially have time to do a review? :)04:42
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smartboyhwgreen7: You here?10:19
smartboyhwDid you ask them?10:20
green7I'm asking10:20
green7need some help in beginning development.10:20
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green7can anyone help me in starting development?10:49
micahgthis happens to be one of the few times during the week when very few people are around10:52
green7well, can you help me?10:53
micahgI'm very close to going to sleep, but what do you mean by development (Ubuntu, Ubuntu App, general)?10:54
iulianTo start with, have a look at the links from the topic.10:54
iulianSpecifically, the contributing one.10:54
green7Well, the Ubuntu wiki has so much links!10:55
iulianThat's a good thing, isn't it?10:55
green7Nope! It's very confusing!10:55
green7When I'm close to reading half the page, it directs me to take a look a t some other page.10:56
iuliangreen7: Well, then read that page and come back.10:57
green7OK. I want to fix the bugs and probably write some patches. What should I read? The MOTU wiki?10:58
iulianThere's way too much stuff going on to just have one single page. And thus, we've structured it as much as we could.10:58
iuliangreen7: Yes. That'd be a good place to start.10:58
green7All right.10:58
iulianIf you have any questions, feel free to ask them here and we shall try to point you in the right direction.11:00
green7okay, thanks11:00
green7hello again12:15
green7got a question12:15
green7join #ubuntu-devel12:19
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green7got a question13:46
smartboyhwgreen7: Clearly it is still me here13:47
green7so I've read the MOTU wiki13:47
green7and I'm ready for packaging13:47
green7The question is that there are many requests for packaging, and some of them already have their ppa, so what's the point of packaging?13:48
smartboyhwDon't ask me, ask the others13:48
green7I'm asking everyone13:48
smartboyhwThey are not awake:)13:48
smartboyhwgreen7: Also it's Sunday13:49
green7do you know what's the difference between the packager and the maintainer?13:51
smartboyhwgreen7: I am only good at testing13:51
green7I cannot debuild a code14:47
green7I need some help in debuilding a package15:29
smartboyhwgreen7: This is Sunday!!!!15:30
green7not a single person works on sunday?15:31
ESphynxI do :)15:40
ESphynxI have to rewrite my code generator to work with GCC 4.7 though :P15:41
codemaniacsmartboyhw: a lot of people work on Sundays for the community . :)15:48
smartboyhwOh, do they15:48
codemaniacas weekdays are full of work on work .15:48
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