tgm4883n1md4, in his defense, his nick was exit00:06
bobweaverHello there I asked this in the mythtv-users channel but no one got back to me (yet) so I am going to ask here also13:44
bobweaverHello there I am trying to gather fanart and clearart and well metadata for mythtv . I have a ffmepg script that takes screen shots of the media at points divied by 10.   which I use for a sperate player that needs them. but seems like 1) myth thinks that these screenshots (foo_01.tmb) are movies and floods my video libary and also makes it so that there is no fanart comming from myth what to do ?13:44
bobweaverso like I take ten  720HD pictures of the movie and ten small thumbnails. this is all with ffmpeg on a while loop13:45
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin13:45
bobweaverNow as you can see in this screenshot of my mythweb   it is all funky. There is only one ep of startrek voager (s7e25) but it thinks that there is three of them because there is a metadata file and also a fanart.jpg13:45
Zinn[imagebin.org] Imagebin - A place to slap up your images.13:45
bobweaverthen when I click on that video I get 40413:46
bobweaverlike the avi or a mkv or any video format. meaning if I choose the video from that screen I get a 40413:46
bobweaverbut the videos are 100% there . IDGI13:46
bobweaverThanks for your time13:47
bobweavertoo many O's14:28
bobweaverVideo Question http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWtJJpHAg-k17:26
bobweaverI mean the question that I have services17:26
PatrickDKyou really need to *read the manual*18:17
PatrickDKnormall mythvideo considers ALL files to be playable18:17
PatrickDKand you need to add exceptions, or tell it, only list files that match filters18:17
bobweaverPatrickDK,  where is the manual ?19:19
bobweaveryou are talking about the wiki ?19:20
pcluserGreetings. I recently installed a fresh 12.04 mythbuntu. I got the sound working for mythfrontend ok over coaxial 5.1. I can't hear sound from HL2 game, flashplayer(blue too). Sound is Creative CA0106. Mythtv sound ok, no spdif or analog sound for other apps. Thanks20:12
pcluserOh, in alsamixer in term window, I cranked up and unmuted everything.20:14
pcluserAlso, what file(s) can I back up beforehand to restore mythtv sound if I mess up audio config?20:15

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