pleia2just need blogosphere done now07:07
pleia2oh, and "in other news"07:07
pleia2all other summaries copied over :)07:07
JoseeAntonioRpleia2: I think I may be able to be here on Monday :)07:14
pleia2JoseeAntonioR: great, I'll give you a ping midday to see if you're around (I have an appointment early in the morning, but should be back around noon or so my time)07:16
* pleia2 sleep &07:16
JoseeAntonioRpleia2: midday your time I'll be at school, I usually arrive home 2pm your time07:19
JoseeAntonioRif I'm not here by then, I won't be able to make it07:19
pleia2JoseeAntonioR: ok, I'll probably hold off until 3 my time just in case ;)07:20
pleia2ok for real now sleepies07:21
JoseeAntonioRnight :)07:21
not_found:'( since Google changed Docs to Google Drive I have no access to it @ work... thus a golden opportunity to work on the news letter is slipping away from me... this sucks on many levels16:16
pleia2not_found: clicking on http://bit.ly/vDkJyf doesn't work?16:16
pleia2it's a public document, shouldn't require google login or anything16:17
not_foundpleia2: it is the work firewall... blocking online storage and in this case I get a tunneling error... it won't allow access :/16:17
pleia2ah :\16:17
not_foundgoing to be a long 1o hours at work now16:18
not_foundso sorry for not assisting this week...16:18
pleia2no worries16:19
pleia2one of the Ubuntu Manual people is doing a call for instructors so will be sending his announcement to ubuntu-news-team, I won't be around today so if someone else wants to put it on fridge that'd be great16:24
pleia2(unless he posts it in the next 90 minutes or so :)16:24
pleia2also, comments on fridge are a bit out of control, I think I'm the only one looking at them, and I haven't done a good job16:28
Unit193I could look and read them, but couldn't help. :P16:49
pleia2yeah, we never really came up with a policy for what we should accept/reject16:50
pleia2still get a fair number of "unity is stupid and so are ubuntu users!" posts16:51
holsteinlol.. i still think some of that is constructive16:51
pleia2which I don't know is strictly in keeping with the CoC, and they post it randomly on unrelated posts16:51
holsteinit is an opinion, and might be news in some cases16:52
pleia2if they were being constructive I'd probably approve them :)16:52
holsteinsome of it is just over the top, and reactionary16:52
not_foundwhat comments on fridge are you talking about?16:53
holsteinstill, i think open and honest is the best policy.. if it fits, run it i say.. folks will know "the truth"16:53
pleia2not_found: fridge comments16:53
pleia2holstein: that's sort of what I do, but then I look and say "uh, I don't know, I'll look at this later/hope someone else does"16:53
pleia2not_found: fridge.ubuntu.com :)16:53
not_foundah ok... so the comments are moderated?16:54
holsteinpleia2: its a challenge.. but i know you are up to it! :)16:54
pleia2holstein: haha, I think I need help :)16:54
not_foundpleia2: ah ok... thanks :)16:54
Unit193pleia2: Mental?16:54
* not_found knows all to well about the tight rope having to walk it daily on the forum...16:55
pleia2Comments: 44 Pending16:55
pleia2also don't know what to do about pingbacks, some are just spam16:55
pleia2but like, aggregate-everything-on-planet-by-default spam16:55
* pleia2 looks at where we're at with summaries17:02
pleia2done :D17:03
* pleia2 tidy up and copy to wiki17:03
not_foundoh wow... that is cool... nice and early17:04
pleia2Unit193: Go-Go-Gadget linkchecker! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue27817:57
pleia2and it's ready for editoral review :)17:57
Unit193Bit early!  Was eating. :D18:20
* pleia2 off for the day!18:20
Unit193No detected broken link18:21

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