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Laneymicahg: you here?10:43
Laneymicahg: you should be able to accept backports yourself now10:43
micahgLaney: ooh, looking10:43
Laneyedit-acl -t admin -S lucid -p micahg query10:44
micahgLaney: do we have any issues with overrides for existing backports?10:46
Laneyi'm not aware of any10:46
cjwatsonmicahg: how do you mean?11:56
micahgcjwatson: I've never done this before and saw the drop downs and was wondering if any manipulation was necessary for non-NEW stuff on approval11:58
cjwatsonGenerally just leave those alone.11:58
micahgyeah, that's what I did11:58
LaneyI think it's recommended to use the 'queue' tool12:00
ogra_cjwatson, are you now also spending your sundays in internet cafes ?12:00
cjwatsonMobile hotspot on my phone.12:01
cjwatsonJust about works.12:01
stgrabercjwatson: your home internet broke again?12:57
cjwatsonstgraber: lasted twelve hours and then fell over14:04
cjwatsonand I'm over the "fair use period" on my mobile broadband so I think it'll be back to coffee shops and libraries next week, as I'm now seriously restricted between 1600 and midnight :-/14:05
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babyfaceutlemming ,   job  quantal-server-ec2-daily are failing in jenkins,
micahganyone mind if I add a PTS link on the transition tracker?21:26
micahghttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1143787/ is the diff I'd like to apply21:44
Laneyi'm not sure it will be rebuilt21:45
Laneyyou should apply it to the new transition tracker21:45
micahgto the configs branch?21:47
Laneyno, the code one21:51
Laneyhowever, mehdi has implemented a proper template system upstream so this will be doable through that when we merge that21:52
micahgshould I wait?21:52
Laneyif you want it deployed soon then you should get it into the new branch and into the ben package in quantal, then backported to precie21:53
Laneythat's what we'll be running soon21:53
micahgwhere's the branch?21:53

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